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Paranormal Stories
Esther, a seasoned Paranormal Investigator, developed the ability to recall the events of a crime just by being at the location. Her abilities will be put to the test when her police friend Jack asks her to take the lead on several unsolved paranormal cases with no evidence to go on! Will her …
Inbetween Land
The city's mundane rhythm is suddenly disrupted by the emergence of a flying island high in the sky. Though the island initially …
Faircroft's Antiques: Treasures of Treffenburg. …
Join Antiquities expert Mia Faircroft as she uncovers the secrets of the Treffenburg Crown Jewels in this exciting Hidden Object …
Christmas Carol
Christmas Carol is crammed full of gorgeous hidden object scenes and superb mini-puzzles, wrapped into a great storyline based on the famous Charles Dickens novel. When your children vanish on Christmas eve whilst you work… can the ghosts of the past help you find them… and yourself…?
Jane Lucky
Feel yourself in the role of archaeologist Jane caught in a maelstrom unexpected, dangerous and fantastic events. Travel the globe in this exciting Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!
Tiny Tales: Heart of the Forest + Collector's Edition
When Max is called home by his mother he never thought that it would be the longest journey he would have to make. After a desperate search for money to save his childhood home, he finds his way into the story which will prove to be more challenging than he imagined. In a land plagued by drought …
Unexpected Journey
Get caught up in a spiralling whirlpool of unpredictable events. Go on a dangerous cruise and you will be rewarded with a truly …
Persian Nights 2: The Moonlight Veil. Collector's …
Welcome to the fascinating, exotic world of Persian tales and legends. Tame mythical creatures, experiment with magical amulets, …
Legendary Tales: Stolen Life. Collector's Edition
Amazing adventure game by FIVE-BN GAMES. Explore a fascinating world to save a werewolf's life and bring justice to the land ruled by cruel witches. New adventures, puzzles and dozens of hidden objects are waiting for you!
Travel to England
After a visit to France, the Hudson family was headed home! But it turned out that they'll have to fly home from London. So why not take this opportunity to enjoy the historic sights of England? No flight needed, just a ride through the Chunnel under the English Channel!
Travel to France
1 901
Your parents have decided to continue their journey through Europe and visit magnificent France. Wouldn't you want to see the sights of France? Discover its beauty, it's fascinating history, world-famous cuisine and refined French charm.
The Far Kingdoms: Hidden Magic
Adventure awaits you! Choose your avatar and travel far and wide across the kingdom to solve hidden object puzzles. Seek and find hidden objects in beautiful scenes around the royal village and castle. Meet interesting characters that will help you solve the royal mystery.
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Hidden Object Games — Download and play

In Hidden Object Games, the player searches the game screen for carefully concealed items. These captivating adventures give players an opportunity to exercise their skills of observation, solve challenging puzzles and enjoy a captivating story. Try any game for free!

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