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Demon Hunter 4: Riddles of Light. Collector's Edition
1 200
Young demon hunter, Lila, is the only person who can wield the mighty Gauntlet of Horus and confront the darkness emerging from ancient Egypt! Young demon hunter, Lila, finds herself traveling way back to ancient Egypt to wield the Gauntlet of Horus in order to stop Seth, the ancient deity, and the
Hidden Investigation 2: Homicide
Step into the shoes of Agent Sarah, world famous police detective, and solve yet another mysterious crime. Little did she know
Hidden Investigation: Who did it?
Agent Sarah, famous police detective, is called by the Chief of Police to solve yet another unsolvable crime. Little did she know
Queen's Quest 2: Stories of Forgotten Past. Collector's Edition
When the king asks a famous shapeshifter alchemist to look into the murder of his most trusted Agent and friend the last thing she expected was to discover an intricate network of criminals working from the shadows to bring chaos into the land.
Demon Hunter 3: Revelation. Collector's Edition
1 447
Five years have passed since you defeated the archdemon Ragnar and foiled his plans to destroy the world — and still you have no idea why you have been chosen for this task. But now the demons are on the rise again and if you want to take them on once more, you must face the dark corners of your
The Myth Seekers 2: The Sunken City + Collector's Edition
A strange artifact has been excavated on the coast of Brittany — and now the agents of the Myth Seekers are in grave danger. Amelia has to act fast to protect modern-day Paris. What other mysteries lurk deep within the Sunken City?
My Brother Rabbit. Collector's Edition
My Brother Rabbit is a beautifully drawn adventure set in a surreal world that mixes reality with a child’s imagination. A young
Uncharted Tides: Port Royal. Collector's Edition
1 324
Dead men tell no tales! And tales about an infamous ship — The Cursed Rose — probably cost renowned sailor Mason Owens his life.
Yuletide Legends 3: Who framed Santa Claus + Collector's Edition
When Brigitte Woolf, famous Yuletide detective, is hired to clear Santa's name after the police imprisoned him, she never imagined how complex Christmas spirit truly is and how difficult is to sustained it from corruption.
Path of Sin: Greed + Collector's Edition
It was supposed to be a simple suicide case — a quick inspection and lots of boring paperwork. But the more you delve into this secluded island and the twisted family relations of the owners, the more complicated and unclear this case becomes.
Skyland: Heart of the Mountain + Collector's Edition
The crew of aircraft Nightingale was sent to investigate a penal colony settlement in the clouds. While investigating the horrible conditions of the inmates, they find themselves uncovering a plot that threatens the entire world! Can you uncover what's behind the conspiracy in time?
The Legacy: The Tree of Might + Collector's Edition
Research into the causes of the mysterious epidemic will have rather unpredictable consequences... Find hidden items and objects necessary to end the disease once and for all in The Legacy: The Tree of Might.
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In Hidden Object Games, the player searches the game screen for carefully concealed items. These captivating adventures give players an opportunity to exercise their skills of observation, solve challenging puzzles and enjoy a captivating story. Try any game for free!

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