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Storm Tale
Embark on an epic adventure through medieval times. Help Annabelle and Erik build and safeguard a new medieval village. Storm Tale is a match 3 game with 100 stunning levels.
Secrets of Magic 3: Happy Halloween
Finally, Victoria finished her education at the School of Magic and she can proudly call herself a professional witch! Now she …
Queen's Garden: Halloween
It's halloween time and the Queen decided to celebrate! Help the Queen and the loyal assistant Jack to decorate the garden in …
Secrets of Magic 2: Witches and Wizards
After learning the fine art of magic and becoming a true witch, Victoria is ready to go after Agnes and set her parents free. Grab your magic wand and be prepared to fight the ultimate evil!
Queen's Garden 2
Smell the roses in Queen's Garden 2! The princess is now a queen… and her assistant needs help creating a garden fit for royalty. Play over 130 match 3 levels, collect coins, earn special jewels, purchase plants and design the greatest garden in the kingdom.
Tower of God
Tower of God is a match-3 game with fun mechanics and enjoyable gameplay. Legends say that the one who succeeds in climbing the tower of God will be granted a wish. Will you be the one to succeed?
Quadrium 3
Help the dwellers of this tree return to their home in this new addition to the Quadrium series.
Rune Stones Quest 2
Help the squad of dwarves rebuild the ancient city, restore mines, clear the lands and create new rune stones to protect the …
Sweet Wild West
Help Molly recreate her grandfather’s perfect pie! Explore vast levels, collect resources and meet people who will help you through this Sweet Wild West match-3 adventure.
Farm Life
Farm Life is a match-three story that revolves around Claire Barnes’ struggles to restore and inherit her aunt’s farm, after her passing. You will have to rebuild, regrow and reclaim the lands and the buildings that were lost to the passage of time. Each level will bring you one step closer towards …
Heroes Of Hellas Origins: Part One
1 236
Join with the gods of Greek legend to bring peace to an ancient world that's on the brink of war! Your quest will take you on a matching journey packed with hours of addictive fun!
Paris Jewelry Shop
Audrey decided to buy an old jewelry shop. Let’s help her to renovate it. Paris Jewelry Shop is a Match 3 adventure filled with beauty and romantic potential.
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