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Do Not Feed the Monkeys
A digital voyeur simulator where you watch strangers through surveillance cameras. Invade their privacy and witness their most intimate moments, but don’t interact with the subjects — anything could happen if you dare feed the monkeys!
Dreamland Solitaire: Dark Prophecy + Collector's …
Enter a world of magic in a stunning new solitaire adventure! Guide a kindhearted fairy, a noble knight and a powerful wizard as …
Where are My Pipes?
Beaver versus water supply — reverse the chaos caused by the furry troublemaker! You'll have to work hard, all the pipes are …
Greedy Bunnies
1 523
Easter is coming and millions of kids all over the world are braced for the egg hunt. Help the cute bunnies to collect the eggs and surmount all the hurdles. Otherwise the holiday will be spoiled and desperate children won’t get their chocolate eggs!
Legendary Mosaics: the Dwarf and the Terrible Cat
Something was off in the Enchanted Forest this morning…the sun didn’t shine, the birds didn’t sing, the flowers didn’t blossom and the familiar invigorating air of the magical forest felt stale instead. The local Dwarf, who spent his days working in the forest stumbled upon a scroll lying around in …
Danko and the mystery of the jungle
“Danko and the mystery of the jungle” is an adventure in which the main character of Danko must save his friends and collect treasures in old ruins in the wild jungle. On your way you will meet dangerous animals and robots. Robots guard crystals and an alien complex, it is undesirable to meet with …
Travel Mosaics 12: Majestic London
The Walker family is setting off on an exciting journey to England’s capital. This is one of their dream destinations, so join …
Doodle God: 8-bit Mania
Every element & reaction have been beautifully redrawn with this amazing 8-bit skin to original Doodle God. If you love …
Doodle Mafia
Over 500 puzzles to solve and items to create as you play the role of Crime Boss or Cop. You decide how you want to play as you play through multiple hard-nosed storylines and play modes.
Solitaire Mystery: Four Seasons
Time has stopped in the City of Magic Cards. This curse is a punishment imposed by wise Mother Nature for the greed and avarice of the city inhabitants. You are the only one who can save the magic land! Try tons of different solitaire layouts, solve dozens of unique puzzles and make the Magic City …
Solitaire Mystery: Stolen Power
The oldest and most powerful deck of cards in the world has been stolen from the Museum of Ancient History. These mysterious cards are so powerful that they can withstand the world’s most evil forces. But only on one condition: not a single card can be missing from the deck.
Shopping Clutter 4: A Perfect Thanksgiving
Help the Walker family find in the clutter everything they need to prepare their living room for a perfect Thanksgiving Day!
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