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Modern Tales: Age of Invention + Collector's Edition

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Here you can download the game “Modern Tales: Age of Invention” on your PC without registration and for free. To download the official version of the game on the computer is very simple, you can do this by clicking the button Download Game. You can get the key to the game “Modern Tales: Age of Invention” after starting the game by clicking the button Remove the time limit.

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During the 20th Century Paris world expo someone kidnaps the invited scientists under mysterious circumstances. The daughter of one of the victims — Emily Patterson — follows a known philanthropist, whom she suspects of being part of the conspiracy.

The search for her father will mark the beginning of an extraordinary adventure that leads her from Europe to frigid Siberia. Emily will meet the brilliant people of the era like Coco Chanel, Albert Einstein and Ferdinand Porsche. They will save her from trouble more than once, but will also frequently need her assistance.

Who is behind the kidnapping of the scientists? Will Emily find her father, overcome the obstacles and manage to solve the sophisticated puzzles and minigames? Embark on a fantastic adventure in the era of modern inventions, unravel the sinister plot and save the world from a scheming madman!

  • 30 fantastic locations from Switzerland to Siberia
  • Test yourself in 14 puzzles and HO scenes
  • Visit picturesque Paris at the turn of the century
  • Enjoy exclusive wallpaper, screensavers, music and more
  • Never get lost with the strategy guide
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#6 Jagkamal Гости 3 October 2019, 22:13
I have played 'Hidden Object' games before. But this game is not only full of beautiful graphics. And wonderful game play. Its educational, and full of surpises of people and wares we use each day. It worth more than gold. To you gamers... Please download this game. In fact the HOG's are challenging and Fun!
#5 user Гости 27 September 2019, 21:13
First off, I love the game. Everything worked flawlessly and it was a great storyline. Thank you for doing a game that doesn't have anything to do with demons, the occult and things like that! I will not play those. The downside is that I feel kind of cheated. This game was more expensive than any other Artifex Mundi game, or any other comparable game but it is much shorter. I would not spend this much on an AM game again. Fool me once...
#4 Linda Гости 14 September 2019, 20:33
Another great game! Great story line, included so many historically important people everyone fom albert Einstein to Coco Chenelle, the story line was great, the game kept you intrigued whole way through, sometimes was kind of hard to know what you were suppose to do next and used hint button bit more frequently in certain parts of game but overall just loved it...
#3 scottnme Гости 10 September 2019, 20:07
Quick but fun game with a good story line
Elaine Walls
#2 Elaine Walls Гости 21 August 2019, 03:02
A nice, lengthy game from Artifex Mundi. I did not find all the atom symbols because they were tiny and sometimes in dark places. This did not really detract from game play.
#1 brigy Гости 18 July 2019, 01:51
i like this game this is so beatiful game i recommend super

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