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Here you can download the game “Beholder” on your PC without registration and for free. To download the official version of the game on the computer is very simple, you can do this by clicking the button Download Game. You can get the key to the game “Beholder” after starting the game by clicking the button Remove the time limit.

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Developer: Warm Lamp Games
Publisher: Alawar Entertainment
Edition: Standard
Release Date:
Publication Date:
Languages: English, Русский
Genre: Strategy Games

Carl Stein, a small cog in a huge and all-seeing state machine, got appointed to the post of a manager of an apartment building. Together with his family, he settles in an apartment given to them and takes up his duties: to settle the tenants, to collect residence fee from them, to repair breakdowns and to identify unreliable anti-state elements among these tenants.

That’s how this incredible story begins, and, depending on your actions, it can end at any time: you and your family can be killed, arrested, they can die because of lack of medicines or be destroyed for deliberate disobedience to the authorities. The world of Carl Stein is a permanent choice: to be honest or to be a traitor, to be an informer or a concealer, to support the revolution or fight it. Everything you do will affect the further story of the character and his family, and the end of this game depends only on you.

Upon an order of a government you will have to spy on tenants, to dig up dirt and write reports on them. You can take the initiative: to plant prohibited items on the tenants, to blackmail them or arrange secret searches. For each completed task you will be awarded by the state with money and reputation points, which you can use to purchase a new spy equipment. You will need money for more complicated tasks: depending on which course of conduct you have chosen for the character, you will need funds either for immigration, for bribes, or for maintaining the existing system.

A special feature of the game is a huge number of options for the development of events. Every action you’ve ever made influences the development of the plot, every decision of yours changes the world around you, every word can turn out to be fatal. Whom you will become at the end of the game depends on you, but remember that freedom of will in this world is punished in the most brutal way!

Beholder — the choice is yours...

  • In this gloomy totalitarian future all people’s lives belong to the State!
  • Your post is the manager of an apartment building!
  • Your job is to eavesdrop and peep!
  • Your duty is to report on unreliable citizens!
  • Will you stand the test of power?
  • And what if you have to choose between your debt and family?
  • Will you be able to report on a person who can save your loved ones?
  • All choices have consequences, so stay among those who could make the right choice!
OS: Windows XP or later
Processor: 2 GHz processor
Memory: 2 Gb RAM
Graphics: GPU with at least 512 Mb of VRAM
Directx: Version 9.0 or later
Storage: 2 Gb available space
Interface Language: English
File Size: ~486 Mb

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#32 Linden Гости
Яблоки как оружие массового возмездия или почему так важно дружить с управдомом.

Beholder – это одна из тех игр, которая уже через несколько часов поломает все ваши ожидания и планы, создавая из раза в раз кризисные ситуации, к которым вы никогда не будете готовы. Где провал в одном второстепенном квесте способен напрямую аукнуться на финале и многочисленных концовках, а вы даже не поймете того, что вами было сделано не так. Не купили заранее предмет, не поставили камеру в нужную квартиру или решили тыкнуть в диалоге не на ту строку, то получите и распишитесь. Именно тут, наверное, и кроется основной элемент, способный как увлечь, так и заставить удалить игру преждевременно.

Вам попросту необходимо знать, что нужно делать, в какой последовательности и все это с учетом таймеров, своевременным заселением жильцов и их же выселением, через рапорты или квесты.

Во время первого прохождения все эти эмоционально-финансовые горки проезжать интересно, так как вам неизвестны подводные камни и их весело встречать на своем и без того сложном пути. Однако, Beholder всеми силами пытается заявить о репетативности геймплея, когда его можно пройти на целую кучу разных концовок, в двух режимах, комбинируя различные методы в каждом новом прохождении и вся эта огромная куча всевозможных вариаций попросту не работает. Рваться на части нужно только ради местного хеппи-энда, когда выживает вся семья. Для этого, опять же, нужен определенный алгоритм в первые 2-3 часа, без выполнения которого кто-нибудь точно умрет. Если у вас есть понимание местных процессов, то после преодоления этого периода игра не сможет предоставить вам каких-либо челленджей такого же уровня сложности. Здесь нет случайных событий или вариативности. Нет ничего за рамками лабиринта, где перед игроком заранее разложили сыр и мышеловки, и ему остается не только избежать последних, но и своевременно сожрать правильный кусок сыра.

Beholder – это такой мрачный день сурка, где вместо Билла Мюррея вам дадут поиграть за винтик тоталитарной машины, наблюдая за тем, как его из раза в раз заставляют биться с ветряными мельницами обстоятельств. Играть в это интересно, местами даже сложно. Истории почти всех персонажей написаны хорошо, как и возможность повлиять на них.

Отличная игра на одно, ну максимум на два прохождения, которая очень быстро сможет разочаровать всякого, кто задержится в ней подольше.
#31 cowar Гости
I really enjoyed the vibe of this game. From the start you feel the pressure of the state on your shoulders. Choosing between your family needs and the needs of state and your tenants has been though, on my first play through I'm sad to say I failed everybody involved. But that's what makes it so fun, every choice you do matters! Replaying it is as fun as it was the first time. I highly recommend this game to everybody, the story is interesting, the game play mechanics are simple but keep you engaged and it is not too long so it is perfect for people who do not have time to play long games.
#30 kit Гости
Beholder is an awesome game! I played through this game twice. Highly recommended!
#29 The General Гости
Disturbing and creepy image of a disturbing and creepy reality. Despite that, it can actually be "fun" at times to play. There's even some humor. But mostly it's a look into the world in a way only a videogame can accomplish.

If you want to "finish" this game on the normal difficulty get ready for a few retries. Balancing everything is basically impossible and that's the intent. There is an easier mode though if you choose.
#28 BoldTomato Гости
Do you like spying on your neighbors? Do you enjoy making notes about the personal lives of people you hardly know? Do you have a bad case of "sticky fingers?" Well go get some professional help then, or just play Beholder! The art is pretty nice, very reminiscent of Limbo. The core gameplay of spying on people has this odd almost voyeuristic fun about it, and it makes good use of the mechanics. Writing is pretty alright, dialogue is usually a fun read. Sound design is top notch, the atmosphere it creates helps sell the setting. Would recommend.
#27 Azat1k3 Гости
Beholder is a quest with a linear course of the main events, but their impact on the life of the main character can be completely different depending on how to react to them. You can do your direct duties — set up security cameras in apartments and spy on residents through the keyhole, search their personal belongings while no one is home, and then write reports and reports to the ministry.
#26 Neo Гости
A great game to play for being a Peeping Tom, quite the strategy to play but I did enjoy playing this which is a bit shocking on my part since I don't really enjoy big strategic games especially when it involves an in game time. I really love the artwork style and love listening to the music, it has a nostalgic tone to it.

- The whole concept of a Totalitarian State and grim dystopian future
- Artwork, Graphics and Soundtrack which I have to admit are the best features
- Open features, it's strategic game so it offers you multiple ways to get to the same outcome
- Challenging - great for any gamer who needs one
- Multiple playthroughs - decided whether to be loyal, rebel or just indifferent. The choice is yours
- Many endings - keeps you busy
- Dialogue options - this is something I love in a game because you can become better aquainted with all the character you come across

- Control Options, when needed to pause the game there are no quick buttons press, instead you have to use the mouse to keep clicking the button. There aren't any controls options in the setting besides the usual WSDA which is quite a shame.
- I found the doors to be quite hard to open, you have to angle the camera in a certain way to open - not good if you're in hurry to get out or in
- Don't like the bus outside - it really distracted me when I was playing, it doesn't even feel like a second had passed before it's back to either drop off or pick up.
- The game is treated like a dollhouse, this would have had a lot more potential if you could explore more, would also make it a lot more challenging than it already is
- You still thrown into the game - even though you are given a small run down I still felt like I thrown in when I was given my first task
#25 Klog Гости
I could see how people like this game its very well made but the concept is, you are a state snitch. Its very sad and all of my worst nightmares about what the leftists are voting for and not even knowing it. I find it painful to rat out people and watch them get carted off and killed. It a very sad video-game. Very well made but its not fun.
#24 psychomouse Гости
Beholder is a great consequence-based game. You align with the powers that be, or else face the consequences as you serve out your appointed employ as a landlord with privileges to spy on your tenants. Maintaining good relations with the tenants while subverting their privacy is paramount as you struggle to keep your family afloat.
#23 makel Гости
Pretty good action and gameplay. Would like more random AI actions in order for it to be more realistic. Lot of potential after a bit of polishing...