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New Puzzle Games for PC

Do you fall to pieces over jigsaw puzzles? Then you'll love this collection of puzzles games! That's right – your favorite childhood pastime is now available on your PC. Assemble animals, pictures of exotic locations and more. Be patient and solve puzzles as hard or as easy as you want them to be. Try any game for free!
Puzzle Game → Solitaire After Hours

Card Games

Solitaire After Hours
415 3.9

New! It’s time to go home! After a tough day in the office, all you want to do is to play your classic solitaire game! Enjoy the calm atmosphere of coming home in Solitaire After Hours!

Puzzle Game → Shopping Clutter 17: Detective Agency

Puzzle Games

Shopping Clutter 17: Detective Agency
305 3.9

New! Animalville has always been a quiet, peaceful town. The worst crime that had ever taken place here was illegal parking. But one night, everything changed… A terrible crime had been committed. The brand new, beautiful, shiny bicycle the Walkers’d given little Hare for his birthday had been stolen!

Puzzle Game → Double Click Saga

Puzzle Games

Double Click Saga
536 4

New! A long ago, the kingdom Clickland was peaceful and quietly. But later the legendary dragon attacked to kingdom. Chaos and despair reigned. And only a hero can save people from the great disaster…

Puzzle Game → Shopping Clutter 15: Around the Campfire

Puzzle Games

Shopping Clutter 15: Around the Campfire
313 4.1

Spring in Animalville is amazing! Nature revives and blossoms; and no one wants to stay at home when the weather is so nice and warm. Especially the Walkers! So they decided to go camping! The perfect place to make a camp is already found but the family needs a lot of things to set it up.

Puzzle Game → Travel Mosaics 16: Glorious Budapest

Puzzle Games

Travel Mosaics 16: Glorious Budapest
381 4.3

The Walkers invite you on a tour along the historic streets of Budapest! Enjoy breathtaking views of the Danube River while exploring the city’s majestic architecture. This animal family will be your guide as you solve puzzles and learn fun facts about the area’s most famous landmarks!

Puzzle Game → Sheep's Quest

Puzzle Games

Sheep's Quest
9 172 1 4.6

Free! Play Sheep's Quest, the game critics are calling “Sheer fun!” Okay, we made that up, but you'll still love this stimulating brainteaser in which you guide a herd of sheep through seven game worlds in an effort to collect enough coins to rebuild their once magnificent farm. Steering the adorable animals around enemies and obstacles to the riches they need is as simple as placing arrows on the ground pointing the way. Featuring colorful graphics and delightful audio, Sheep's Quest is sure to

Puzzle Game → Shopping Clutter 14: Winter Garden

Puzzle Games

Shopping Clutter 14: Winter Garden
295 3.1

The Walkers were happily deciding how to spend one wonderful winter morning. But all the plans were broken when a worried Mr. Rat showed up at their front door. He said that his wife felt bad, and all the family immediately went to see poor sweet Auntie Sheep. She was depressed and spent the last few days in bed because she couldn’t do what she loves best, i.e. to grow plants in the garden.

Puzzle Game → Enchanted Memories: A Freecell Journey

Card Games

Enchanted Memories: A Freecell Journey
444 3.1

A classic solitaire game, with a bittersweet story to go along with it. Remember what kind of friendships you had back in the old days? Have a trip down memory lane while playing this classic solitaire game.

Puzzle Game → Nordic Storm Solitaire

Card Games

Nordic Storm Solitaire
350 3.9

Help Elof lead his people into a journey to a land promised by the God Feyr. A land under dispute by the Jotun Idyl, archi-rival of the ancient Gods. Play through the levels as the story unveils in a hand of cards.

Puzzle Game → Shopping Clutter 11: Magical Garden

Puzzle Games

Shopping Clutter 11: Magical Garden
565 3.2

Animalville School principal Uncle Turkey decided he wanted to encourage the children’s talents. He had the bright idea of arranging a playground near the school for holding classes, in art, reading, music and natural science, all in a fairy-tale park atmosphere that would be perfect for primary school students.

Puzzle Game → Doodle God: Alchemy Jam

Puzzle Games

Doodle God: Alchemy Jam
792 3.8

Short experimental puzzle game, based on Doodle God alchemy mechanics. Mix and match elements as you create thousands of combinations that result in your world growing from simple bacteria to one filled with animals, tools, weapons and entire civilizations. Unleash your inner god with Doodle God™!

Puzzle Game → Strike Solitaire

Card Games

Strike Solitaire
2 664 4.4

Free! Hit a Strike – complete 120 unique packs in this new solitaire! A dozen packs with 10 levels each – care to risk it and complete them all? Unique setting for solitaire games in bowling hotels. Two levels of difficulty for those who like to indulge themselves to the full. Numerous bonuses available for purchases in the in-game store. Over 4 hours of gameplay and 24 trophies.