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New Puzzle Games for PC

Do you fall to pieces over jigsaw puzzles? Then you'll love this collection of puzzles games! That's right – your favorite childhood pastime is now available on your PC. Assemble animals, pictures of exotic locations and more. Be patient and solve puzzles as hard or as easy as you want them to be. Try any game for free!
Puzzle Game → “Mahjongus: Mystery of Fortescue

Mahjong Games

Mahjongus: Mystery of Fortescue
336 4.1

New! Mahjongus: Mystery of Fortescue invites you into a world of enigmatic challenges and arcane secrets. Engage in traditional mahjong matches intertwined with hidden object levels to slowly peel back the layers of this deep mystery. Each tile you match and item you find brings you closer to understanding the true nature of the sinister forces at play.

Puzzle Game → Doodle God Universe

Puzzle Games

Doodle God Universe
631 4.3

New! You have four basic elements, an empty planet and plenty of time. Not that these are alone are enough to create the Universe. You will also have to use your intelligence and imagination as you combine air, water, fire and earth to create hundreds of new elements to make your planet come alive!

Puzzle Game → World Riddles: Seven Wonders

Puzzle Games

World Riddles: Seven Wonders
749 1 3.9

New! Visit the Seven Wonders of the World as you journey to ancient civilizations in World Riddles: Seven Wonders, a fun Puzzle game! Learn the history of the Seven Wonders of the World, as you take on perplexing puzzles and manic minigames. Explore the most stunning structures and monuments ever created and dive into an ancient world!

Puzzle Game → Mahjong: Wolf's Stories

Mahjong Games

Mahjong: Wolf's Stories
2 452 3 3.8

Match tiles in the finest Mahjong tradition as you set off on a forest quest to find a missing wolf cub. With its charming story, exquisite hand-drawn artwork, and captivating gameplay, Mahjong: Wolf's Stories will entertain you for hours on end!

Puzzle Game → Slingshot Puzzle

Puzzle Games

Slingshot Puzzle
2 695 5 3.6

Welcome to the ultimate arcade puzzle challenge! Featuring eye-popping 2D graphics, simple point-and-click gameplay, and dozens of addictive levels across seven chapters, Slingshot Puzzle offers hours of satisfying fun!

Puzzle Game → The microbie story

Puzzle Games

The microbie story
2 554 1 4.5

The evil Barbadoom microbe has infected all of Professor Gra-Duate's microbes except Gloria. Help Gloria take back the professor's lab in super-exciting turn-based battles! Prepare for an outbreak of fun while playing this infectious game!

Puzzle Game → Shopping Clutter 20: Christmas Cruise

Puzzle Games

Shopping Clutter 20: Christmas Cruise
950 1 4.2

Just in time for the holidays, the lovable Walker family has been gifted a luxury Christmas cruise and has invited you to join them on this whimsical journey across the sea! Join them and show your puzzle-solving skill as they celebrate holidays in breathtaking cities across the globe! Climb aboard for fun!

Puzzle Game → Joining Hands

Puzzle Games

Joining Hands
2 445 6 3.4

Join the Peablins on their quest to find all their siblings and cousins in the innovative puzzle game, Joining Hands! The Peablins are curious little creatures who share the age-old belief: hold hands with your friends and the Bogeyman won't take you. As you enter the Whispering Woods, help them all hold hands to get through safely. Meet up with new kinds of Peablins and remember, leave no hand behind!

Puzzle Game → Danko: Treasure Map

Puzzle Games

Danko: Treasure Map
2 775 3 3.4

“Danko treasure map” is an adventure in which the main character of Danko must save his friends and collect treasures in old ruins. In game 3 different zones, each zone has its own traps, secrets and inhabitants!

Puzzle Game → Shopping Clutter 19: Black Friday

Puzzle Games

Shopping Clutter 19: Black Friday
569 3.6

Black Friday is just around the corner, and the stores of Animalville are gearing up for their biggest sales of the year! After a few exhausting months, the Walker family is ready to relax and do some shopping. The only problem is that every store is a disorganized mess!

Puzzle Game → Solitaire After Hours

Card Games

Solitaire After Hours
430 3.9

It’s time to go home! After a tough day in the office, all you want to do is to play your classic solitaire game! Enjoy the calm atmosphere of coming home in Solitaire After Hours!

Puzzle Game → Shopping Clutter 17: Detective Agency

Puzzle Games

Shopping Clutter 17: Detective Agency
310 3.9

Animalville has always been a quiet, peaceful town. The worst crime that had ever taken place here was illegal parking. But one night, everything changed… A terrible crime had been committed. The brand new, beautiful, shiny bicycle the Walkers’d given little Hare for his birthday had been stolen!