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Egyptoid: Curse of Pharaoh
While exploring old ruins in an ancient city, you suddenly see a mysterious door. As an explorer, you must go in! Once inside, you're trapped and the only way out is a dazzling labyrinth, filled with stones and obstacles.
Smash Frenzy 4
1 029
Aliens have entered our dimension and kidnapped thousands of men and women! So strap into your starship, transport your secret

New Arcanoid Games

Arkanoid is still awesome, as this collection of hot brick busters proves! Using a bat and a paddle, slide along the bottom of the screen to keep the ball in play, and smash your way through everything from simple arrangements of blocks to stunning 3D animated scenes. Your jaw will drop as you face a T-Rex on a rampage, demolish a working computer, or dive underwater to collect sunken treasure. Bonuses make these games easier to win and more fun to play! Try any game for free!

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