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New Match 3 Games for PC

Swap pieces and make row matches on colorful puzzle boards. The Match 3 genre includes a wide variety of Match 3 games, many featuring unique power-ups and abilities. Try any game for free!
Match 3 Game → Bird's Town

Match 3 Games

Bird's Town
3 689 5 3.8

New! Evil cats are hypnotizing birds and luring them into traps. Finally one brave bird is fighting back. Help him save his pals before they march to their doom. With bright, color graphics, upbeat music and hilarious comic book interludes, Bird's Town will entertain the entire family.

Match 3 Game → Heroes of Hellas

Match 3 Games

Heroes of Hellas
2 961 4

New! Free! Someone has stolen the scepter with which Zeus controls Heaven and Earth. In Heroes of Hellas, you'll travel through Ancient Greece to find the thief and return the scepter to its rightful owner. Try this visually stunning matching game today.

Match 3 Game → Rolling Idols

Match 3 Games

Rolling Idols
4 850 4

New! Get ready to plunge into sparkling bright colors and a mysterious Mayan world! You'll meet nature elements of six different colors, each with its unique charismatic character and skills. Use the speed of your thought and reaction to complete entertaining Match 3 tasks!

Match 3 Game → Old Clockmaker's Riddle

Match 3 Games

Old Clockmaker's Riddle
1 556 3.3

Embark on a fascinating adventure in a world of magic through an ancient and beautiful town in Old Clockmaker’s Riddle. The town has fallen to a curse and is running backwards in time. Break the town’s curse by solving exciting puzzles and using bonuses to free the town’s clock tower, returning the town to its former beauty and splendor in this fun Match 3 puzzle game!

Match 3 Game → Imperial Island 2: The Search for New Land

Match 3 Games

Imperial Island 2: The Search for New Land
1 684 2.8

In the new game “Imperial Island 2: The Search for New Land” you will go for a long and complicated journey by ship to search for the missing Prince Caleb – son of Emperor Omadana. You have to go a long dangerous journey by sea, dense wild jungle and mysterious caves. Dangerous pirates, dragons and sea creatures will meet on your way. Overcome all obstacles and find Caleb!

Match 3 Game → Claws and Feathers

Match 3 Games

Claws and Feathers
5 278 4

A flock of birds is out for revenge after a gang of cats steals their eggs! Match clusters of birds to clear a path to the hatchlings and reclaim what belongs to your finely feathered friends. With dozens of challenging levels, colorful graphics, and a storyline that will have you squawking with laughter, Claws and Feathers will provide hours matching fun!

Match 3 Game → Frozen Kingdom

Match 3 Games

Frozen Kingdom
3 894 3

Restore sunshine and warmth to the fairy realm in this marvelous matching endeavor! Enjoy 140 levels of match-three excitement, playing variations such as Swap, Chain and Collapse. Can you save the Frozen Kingdom?

Match 3 Game → Fairy Land: The Magical Machine

Match 3 Games

Fairy Land: The Magical Machine
4 741 3.3

Not long ago, Fairy Land was a lush and lavish paradise, abundant with magic, fairies, dragons, elves and fantastically mystical creatures beyond your wildest dreams. But something has gone horribly wrong, and all the magic disappeared from this land. Collect rare elements, build an enchanted machine and bring the magic in Fairy Land: The Magical Machine!

Match 3 Game → Call of Atlantis: Treasures of Poseidon

Match 3 Games

Call of Atlantis: Treasures of Poseidon
2 647 3.5

The legendary adventure is back! The power of Poseidon's treasures beckons you to return to Atlantis once again. It now falls to you to find and collect all the lost treasures! Set out on an exciting new quest in this spectacular mix of match-3 and hidden object adventure.

Match 3 Game → Tales of the Orient: The Rising Sun

Match 3 Games

Tales of the Orient: The Rising Sun
1 433 3.3

Travel to Edo Japan period and help Satsu and Miyamoto in this epic adventure. Prove your skills in the Challenge mode with limited moves. Journey through beautiful scenery, relaxing music and the thrilling process of building an ancient Japanese village in this engaging Match 3 game.

Match 3 Game → Travel Riddles: Trip to India

Match 3 Games

Travel Riddles: Trip to India
1 653 3.4

India welcomes you with its riddles, ancient wisdom, exquisite aromas, spicery and lost treasures. Collect more than 70 artifacts on the awesome puzzle match-3 levels and use incredible powerups to set the highest score. You will visit Taj Mahal, enjoy perfect beaches of Goa, explore ancient cities.

Match 3 Game → Runefall

Match 3 Games

3 543 2.9

Explore the beautiful kingdom of Silverdale in this innovative new Match-3 adventure that pairs the classic matching mechanic with discovery, item collection, and even quests! Traverse huge environments, collect resources, overcome obstacles, solve puzzles and upgrade the quaint village of Rivermoor.