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Robin Hood 3: Hail to the King! + Collector's Edition
Join Robin Hood and his band of merry companions on a thrilling quest to return King Richard to the throne! From its comical campaign to its hilarious bonus chapter, players will love guiding the legendary hero as he saves Nottingham from its tenacious villain!
12 Labours of Hercules XI: Painted Adventure. …
Join Hercules and Emma on their amazing quest through Ancient Greece. Meet gods and heroes, reach Olympus and prepare for the …
12 Labours of Hercules X: Greed for Speed + …
The newest time-management strategy game from JetDogs! Think strategically, solve numerous puzzles, manage resources and travel …
New Yankee 10: Under the Genie's Thumb + Collector's Edition
1 304
A genie in a lamp demands a pair of time-tripping heroes make his wishes come true in this all-new adventure starring the mighty Sir John and the magical Lady Mary!
Merchants of the Caribbean + Collector's Edition
Stake your claim in the New World in a swashbuckling adventure for every age! Sailors, cannons and boundless courage are at your disposal, so place all hands on deck as you set out for excitement and success! Are you prepared for the journey that lies ahead?
Faraway planets. Collector's Edition
1 592
Finn Henson has dreamed of flying in a huge spaceship since he was a child. Finally, Finn receives an appointment to the nearest spaceport and the coveted position of engineer. The reality is quite different though. He faces a grouchy captain, a boring biologist and a tiny spaceship. Nevertheless, …
Golden Rails: Small Town Story + Collector's …
1 301
The Old West meets the New Frontier as you build a railroad that stretches across America and fight to put a trigger-happy bandit …
Farm Frenzy Refreshed + Collector's Edition
3 400
Slip into a pair of overalls and give us your best “Yee haw!” Enjoy all the thrills of running your own animal farm without …
Magic Farm 3: The Ice Danger
2 140
Magic Farm 3: Ice Danger is a farming simulator game, with a simple-RPG system and quests. Take care of your farms and customize them as you see fit. Explore the magic world, solve quests, meet people and trade for the rare goods.
Summer Rush
You are a FBI agent and will be working undercover. It will be your job as an owner of the beach. Your goal is to do everything to catch a criminal. You are awaited by interesting tasks, colourful levels and mini games.
Claire's Cruisin' Café + Collector's Edition
2 817
Set off on a cross-country journey to feed the famished masses from your gourmet food truck! Packed with lively characters and addictive gameplay, Claire's Cruisin' Cafe will satisfying your craving for fun even as it leaves you hungry for more!
Rescue Team: Planet Savers + Collector's Edition
1 884
When global warming unleashes a rash of natural disasters, the Rescue Team swoops in to save the victims! With a few easy clicks, the player races against the clock to deploy helicopters to hilltops to rescue stranded tourists, send rescue dogs into churning waters to save people from drowning, and …
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New Time Management Games

Manage time and money as you race to complete goals within a limited amount of time. Run a restaurant, manage your own business, work at the zoo or help out at the hospital. The possibilities are limitless. Try any game for free!

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