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Developer: Artifex Mund

Publisher: Artifex Mundi

Edition: Standard, Collector's

Languages: English, Русский

Genre: Games, Hidden Object

My Brother Rabbit + Collector's Edition

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Here you can download the game “My Brother Rabbit” on your PC without registration and for free. To download the official version of the game on the computer is very simple, you can do this by clicking the button Download Game. You can get the key to the game “My Brother Rabbit” after starting the game by clicking the button Remove the time limit.

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A little girl got seriously ill. Doctors are clueless, parents are at a loss, and only the elder brother is not going to be discouraged and give up. He invents a magical world for his dear sister and he intends to help the girl return to her normal life in the real world by means of his own efforts and the efforts of fictional characters.

Children's imagination knows no bounds! The boy turns into his sister’s favorite toy — a long-eared rabbit — and takes the girl, who has turned now into a weak little flower, to the world of his fantasies and amazing inventions. Help Brother Rabbit walk along this difficult path with all its obstacles and ordeals.

You will have to find a lot of useful objects, face complex challenges and tackle dozens of crafty puzzles in colorful locations littered with some strange machinery, giant pears and big-eyed mushrooms. Try to pick tricky locks, restore images and get brave kids back to the real world in a healthy state and happy mood.

  • An adventure set in a surreal world that mixes reality with a child’s imagination
  • An emotional story of love and courage
  • Tons of environmental puzzles, mini-games and hidden objects
  • Fantastic graphics mixing real, surreal and abstract
  • Music by renowned composer, digital artbook, wallpapers and cutscenes
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#41 scaredycat Гости 20 February 2021, 00:13
The graphics are gorgeous and the story is amazing! I love this game so much! :) Its such a relaxing game and it doesn't get boring when played multiple times. 5/5 Would recommend.
#40 Awu Гости 5 February 2021, 18:24
A search style decryption game, with cartoon style, to rabbit on behalf of his brother for his sick sister set foot on the healing experience or adventure, the game does not prompt, and other A club game mode is different, interested players recommend to try, or very good.
#39 kykex Гости 4 February 2021, 02:23
Cute little game overall. It's nothing incredible but it's enjoyable thanks to good graphics, a clear "story" (even though it's more of a situation than a real story really), and a linear progression that let you "follow the flow" without thinking much, which is relaxing.
The cons to me are: puzzles are too simple, it's not for puzzle enthusiasts, the target is more beginners and intermediates puzzles players. And also the game is very short, not even 6 hours of gameplay, even with full achievements. The story doesn't get deep enough to get us emotional.
In conclusion: It's a good game if, and only if, you get it at (at least!) 50% off, because 7$ full price is waaay too much.
Vector Recoil
#38 Vector Recoil Гости 13 January 2021, 02:52
I expected a fun little game, but ended up with a perfect gem, a blend of relaxing puzzles and a pretty deep, touching story. Not too easy, not too hard with lovely artwork and style. Just the right length too.
#37 frogalo Гости 2 January 2021, 19:08
A short and sweet point-and-click that has creative puzzles, a charming aesthetic, and a well-thought-out theme. My wife and I enjoyed playing it together, but I think it would be good to play with kids, too, despite the heavy subject matter. The soundtrack is lovely.
TS Warrior
#36 TS Warrior Гости 26 December 2020, 20:04
What a fun little game. My Brother Rabbit is a very family friendly hidden object/puzzle game. My 6 year old niece and I spent a lovely afternoon playing this. Sad for her, I had so much fun, I finished it without her!
#35 lucy Гости 19 December 2020, 22:28
I was unsure what to think of this but my goodness what a great game! Such a different style of game from Artifex Mundi and I have played nearly all of their games across different platforms. I loved this! The story was so emotionally amazing and addictive to follow and the puzzles ranged from easy to difficult so it remained a challenge. I would have loved for it to be longer so I could have played it more and am hoping that Artifex Mundi release another game similar to this play style as it was such a refreshing welcome to play! Strongly recommend to anyone who loves puzzle games and immersive story lines.
#34 Pure Гости 1 December 2020, 21:09
Lovely! I can't find anything negative here. The "hidden object puzzle" mix was very enjoyable. The story's also not sad, and all in all it was time well spent. You'll get 5 chapters to play through, when you've finished the game you get to select them, in case you want to replay any.
#33 Varoc Гости 30 November 2020, 23:16
It's a lovely little game, quite easy (could be played by children, too, I think), but entertaining enough if you just want to relax after work or something like that. The gameplay consists mainly of looking for objects hidden throughout the levels and solving little puzzles. Nothing too challenging but with a really pretty art style and creative puzzle design.
#32 nana777 Гости 18 November 2020, 20:50
My Brother Rabbit breaks the mold of the typical Artifex Mundi hidden object adventure games and offers something more closely related to The Tiny Bang Story. Instead of being provided a hidden object scene, each scenery you encounter has hidden objects. You cannot pick them up until you have a need for them. Once you find a puzzle for where you will need to find these objects, an icon of the object you need and the number you need to find pops up on the top right side of your screen and throughout all of the locations available to you, you search for those objects.

Another break from the typical style of their games is the storyline and the way it was told. The story is told without any words at all. However, it is the story of a young girl in a family who is ill and taken to the hospital. The rabbit is her doll. The game you play is what is happening in her and her brother's imagination to make her break out of the hurt and slump that she is in. The cinematics between levels are very well hand drawn and keep a simple, yet intriguing purpose to why you are playing the game.

The graphics are different too. More crisp, more colorful, and definitely more whimsical. This is inside the young girl's imagination and it shows as the graphics are fun. Each scene offers a variety of imaginative locations such as the melted clock, the floating islands, or the bike that can fly like a plane. The music is very good too. It doesn't bother at all and is actually very decent.

Overall, this is the most highly recommended Artifex Mundi game I can offer yet. While this one broke from the general tradition of their games, it stands out as being more fun, more challenging, more pleasing aesthetically, and quite charming and memorable. Definitely pick this one up if you get the chance, as I'm wondering why it took me so long to finally get to this game.
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