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New Card Games for PC

Try your hand at a variety of card games. The Card genre includes dozens of Solitaire variations – such as Spider, FreeCell, and Klondike – as well as Poker-style games. Try any game for free!
Card Game → Solitaire After Hours
Solitaire After Hours
415 3.9

New! It’s time to go home! After a tough day in the office, all you want to do is to play your classic solitaire game! Enjoy the calm atmosphere of coming home in Solitaire After Hours!

Card Game → Enchanted Memories: A Freecell Journey
Enchanted Memories: A Freecell Journey
444 3.1

New! A classic solitaire game, with a bittersweet story to go along with it. Remember what kind of friendships you had back in the old days? Have a trip down memory lane while playing this classic solitaire game.

Card Game → Nordic Storm Solitaire
Nordic Storm Solitaire
350 3.9

New! Help Elof lead his people into a journey to a land promised by the God Feyr. A land under dispute by the Jotun Idyl, archi-rival of the ancient Gods. Play through the levels as the story unveils in a hand of cards.

Card Game → Strike Solitaire
Strike Solitaire
2 664 4.4

Free! Hit a Strike – complete 120 unique packs in this new solitaire! A dozen packs with 10 levels each – care to risk it and complete them all? Unique setting for solitaire games in bowling hotels. Two levels of difficulty for those who like to indulge themselves to the full. Numerous bonuses available for purchases in the in-game store. Over 4 hours of gameplay and 24 trophies.

Card Game → Soccer Cup Solitaire
Soccer Cup Solitaire
5 364 2 4.1

Shoot for a win when you play Soccer Cup Solitaire! Chain together card combos to increase your score. Use Wild Cards and Bonus Cards to press your advantage. And square off against Brazil, England, Spain and the USA!

Card Game → Princess Solitaire
Princess Solitaire
658 3.2

New original story-driven solitaire adventure game. Save the Kingdom of Marderburg from the wicked witch’s spells by playing magic solitaire.

Card Game → Dreamland Solitaire: Dark Prophecy
Dreamland Solitaire: Dark Prophecy. Collector's Edition
1 348 7 4.4

Enter a world of magic in a stunning new solitaire adventure! Guide a kindhearted fairy, a noble knight and a powerful wizard as they pursue the evil witch, Jill, who intends to destroy the knight's realm and enslave its people.

Card Game → Solitaire Mystery: Four Seasons
Solitaire Mystery: Four Seasons
726 4.3

Time has stopped in the City of Magic Cards. This curse is a punishment imposed by wise Mother Nature for the greed and avarice of the city inhabitants. You are the only one who can save the magic land! Try tons of different solitaire layouts, solve dozens of unique puzzles and make the Magic City clock work again!

Card Game → Solitaire Mystery: Stolen Power
Solitaire Mystery: Stolen Power
1 251 2 4.3

The oldest and most powerful deck of cards in the world has been stolen from the Museum of Ancient History. These mysterious cards are so powerful that they can withstand the world’s most evil forces. But only on one condition: not a single card can be missing from the deck.

Card Game → Dreamland Solitaire: Dragon's Fury
Dreamland Solitaire: Dragon's Fury
1 627 4 4.4

When a dragon's fire lights up the night sky and burns a lowly village to the ground, only one fairy can set things right. You must take the role of this enchanting creature as she completes quests in her search of why this tragedy occurred.

Card Game → Dreamland Solitaire
Dreamland Solitaire
2 995 5 4.4

Escape to a world of wonder as you enjoy a magical twist on classic Solitaire! Clear cleverly designed puzzle boards and uncover a gorgeous fantasy realm on your journey of relaxation and fun!

Card Game → Mystic Journey: Tri Peaks Solitaire
Mystic Journey: Tri Peaks Solitaire
1 806 4.4

Mystic Journey: Tri Peaks Solitaire is a captivating solitaire adventure game that requires strategic thinking and attention to detail. Set off on a captivating journey as Mary, an airplane pilot who wakes up on a mystic island after a mysterious crash. Discover the island's secrets and get back home while solving fun and challenging solitaire puzzles. To complete each level, gather all cards from the table by picking a card one rank lower or higher than the one from your deck.