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Delicious – Emily's New Beginning. Platinum Edition

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Here you can download the game “Delicious – Emily's New Beginning” on your PC without registration and for free. To download the official version of the game on the computer is very simple, you can do this by clicking the button Download Game. You can get the key to the game “Delicious – Emily's New Beginning” after starting the game by clicking the button Remove the time limit.

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Developer: Blue Giraffe, GameHouse
Publisher: GameHouse
Edition: Collector's
Release Year:
Publication Date:
Languages: English, Русский
Genre: Time Management Games

Play Delicious – Emily's New Beginning and welcome a beautiful new member of the Delicious family! After living on a pink cloud for over a year Emily decides to reopen Emily's Place. However, with a baby to take care of, it proves to be different and quite challenging. Can you help Emily combine running her restaurant with being a good mom? Enjoy Delicious – Emily's New Beginning now!

  • Help Emily overcome daily challenges in this heartwarming cooking game
  • Enjoy full family bliss with 60 levels in 6 different locations
  • Fulfill all 20 achievements and add 18 memorable moments to the baby's book
  • Discover 4 fun-filled levels in the first restaurant for free
OS: Windows 7 or later
Processor: 1.6 GHz or better
Memory: 1 Gb RAM
Graphics: GPU with at least 512 Mb of VRAM
DirectX: Version 9.0 or later
Storage: 750 Mb available space
Interface Language: English
File Size: ~335 Mb

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#4 Gerald Гости
I enjoy story based games that include time management elements.
#3 olikpooh Гости
I played Emily: True Love and Emily: Wonder Wedding more than 8 years ago. This is a good, nostalgic, time-management game. The gameplay is still as smooth and intuitive as before. The shop items seemed harder to understand though, there are some items I couldn't guess (or see) their purposes.
#2 Amieone Гости
I've been playing the Emily "Delicious" games ever since the first one came out on PC! I really enjoyed the new variety of foods and especially the "Forecasts" - creating a menu based on different types of clientele that would be coming into the restaurant. Nice fresh take on a "Delicious" game! I didn't enjoy having to constantly catch that baby... got very tiresome especially for a person who isn't very fond of small humans to begin with and wouldn't automatically dismiss Paige's annoying antics as "cute". Drained some of my fun out of this particular installment of the series.
#1 VixenFluff Гости
Fun game like all other Delicious games, no new machanics, only new story