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Adam Wolfe

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Here you can download the game “Adam Wolfe” on your PC without registration and for free. To download the official version of the game on the computer is very simple, you can do this by clicking the button Download Game. You can get the key to the game “Adam Wolfe” after starting the game by clicking the button Remove the time limit.

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A series of fires break out across the city. The police are unable to establish their cause, but they claim that after each fire some people go missing. Help the detective on supernatural matters investigate these occurrences, seize the criminal and reveal the truth.

Adam Wolfe, who has recently lost his beloved sister, is a specialist in such cases. He keeps having the same dream every night: Adam is trying to hold his sister’s hand, but she’s slipping away from him. You have to go to the scene, gather useful items and valuable pieces of evidence. By arranging them in the correct sequence, you can restore a chain of ongoing events. And believe me, there are lots of events!

If you need assistance in finding items, check out the hint. Besides you shouldn’t forget to look into the map. It will tell you where you are at the moment and where to go next. In special cases, use a revolver and magic watch allowing you to step back in time in a few seconds. Just be careful: not everybody is too keen on seeing you in the burning city.

Become the Detective. Become Wolfe. Good luck!

  • 53 unique locations
  • Spectacular graphics
  • Breathtaking storyline
  • Unique case-solving mechanics
  • Ingenious puzzles
  • Four tricky stories!
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#12 dmitrijsatanic Гости 26 December 2020, 19:26
I must to admit - this is pretty cool game. Of course it has its cons, but they are not important. Main hero has charisma, story is decent, music is not disturbing, puzzles are not difficult. Everything is fine... except one thing - game hasn't ending. Well, actually it has... but it looks more like open ending. And it is really annoyed me.
#11 User Гости 22 December 2020, 03:40
Excellent game for the price point. I enjoyed the story, artwork, and ending and it feels very genuine and unique. A fine pick up and a great puzzle game.
#10 ciabaros Гости 21 December 2020, 03:30
Amazing adventure game, even if you're not a big fan of hidden objects.. it has a very limited HOG sequences, and otherwise, lots of story, good grammar, great voice acting, and interesting progression.
#9 bcsia Гости 2 December 2020, 23:48
- Love the 2D movie scene and interactive during story telling, so i never feel boring within the games.
- Different type of puzzle, not limit to hidden object.
- Simple ending and i wish there is more graphic and explanation.. (GIVE ME SEASON 2!!)
- There is no explanation before puzzle start, need to try and error to figure out how to solve (luckily it is not too complex)
#8 donzi Гости 29 November 2020, 22:28
Amazing! We need more of this kind of game for PC. Wonderful graphics, music & storyline that it makes you feel like your in the story. So realistic! Hope more games like this are coming soon!
#7 catnip Гости 19 November 2020, 03:32
This is the best hidden object game I've played, I can't think of a single which that comes close to Adam Wolfe. Engaging story, modern times instead of overused semi-medieval magic world, very good audiovisuals and puzzles which while not difficult are quite interesting.
#6 Frogfather Гости 30 October 2020, 23:09
Adventure games don't do suspense. You may be in a life or death struggle but you can be pretty sure that even if that little timer on the screen reaches zero nothing much will happen. Taking that and other limitations of the genre into account Adam Wolfe is an enjoyable enough set of four games with a linked narrative. The story's decent and while none of the puzzles is particularly challenging or original they have some relevance to the story. There are some hidden object scenes but thankfully not too many.
#5 fatalisor Гости 19 September 2020, 03:53
Une intrigue prenante et intéressante, de nos jours il y aurai juste quatre chapitres donc la découpe du jeu en épisodes est un peu particulière, rien de compliqué dans ce titre.
#4 Kiric Гости 12 September 2020, 04:37
Adam Wolfe was a pretty interesting ride that was above average for a hidden object/puzzle game. The plot was pretty decent with each of the four chapters having different stories to solve as a supernatural detective which all tied in nicely together in the last chapter. The artwork is stunning and voice acting is amazing too. There was a nice variety of puzzles to solve and a few of them I quite liked. None were particularly challenging though!

Having said that, I always opt to attempt to do these games without any hints or clues and that left me completely clueless at times as to what I was supposed to be doing. Some of the actions require very specific locations to click on and even a millimeter off caused a failed action. This can be highly frustrating as at times I guessed exactly what to do but thought I was wrong; leading to me looking around further and attempting to find a different solution until desperation forced me to repeat my steps another time. By the last chapter I wanted to rip my hair out.

I felt a bit cheated by the ending of this game too. There was all that build up and then a very anti-climatic ending which endeavoured to be a cliffhanger. It left me sat behind my monitor thinking "Seriously?!" That's never a good thing in my opinion. It just left a sour taste in my mouth - so to speak.

During the first half of the game, I enjoyed myself and really thought I'd recommend this game but the second half made me change my mind sadly; That ending being a huge part of my decision! Just not for me I guess!
#3 blakjack Гости 16 August 2020, 22:23
Most 'hidden object' games I've tried are corny as hell, this one is no exception but it is at least on the lesser end of the scale, and the production quality is high. This type of game is certainly not for everyone but if you like them or were to try one, this one is a good choice.
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