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Match 3 Game → DragonScales 6: Love and Redemption

Match 3 Games

DragonScales 6: Love and Redemption
262 3

The Dark Empress is awaiting Zarya and her allies, anxious to destroy them all! Zarya's adventure unfolds! This time she might even find love... but she'll have to dissipate the darkness of a troubled heart.

Match 3 Game → Clear It 7

Match 3 Games

Clear It 7
272 4.3

ClearIt 7 brings all-new levels and Match-3 gameplay to the popular ClearIt series. Play levels and earn as many points as you can to free innocent canines from their cages.

Match 3 Game → Clear It 4

Match 3 Games

Clear It 4
665 4

ClearIt 4 offers unlimited Match-3 fun! Four simple directions: up, down, left, and right are all you need to play. Line up your shot and blast away all the balls on the field until there's none remaining.

Match 3 Game → Season Marbles: Summer

Match 3 Games

Season Marbles: Summer
711 3.7

Every day is summer in this relaxing Match-3 game! Season Marbles – Summer brings the comfort of summer to a relaxing Match-3 game. Embrace the summer sun with cool challenges and create your own unique solutions. Chill music and colorful graphics bring both Match-2 and Match-3 game modes to life! Kick back and relax all year round with Season Marbles – Summer.

Match 3 Game → Clear It 3

Match 3 Games

Clear It 3
658 4.1

Pass 205 levels to finish the game. There is a picture made of boxes at the center of the field. At the field edges – up, down, right and left – are located the boxes to shoot with. Select any box from the row closest to the field and clock on it. It will move along straight line until it bumps into another box or the field edge. If, after that, the boxes of the same color appear next to each other, they will disappear. Shoot to make all the boxes on the field disappear.

Match 3 Game → 4Blox

Match 3 Games

563 3.2

4Blox is a tough and addicting puzzle game in which you must put identical tiles in 2x2 rows or more after blocks of random tiles rain down.

Match 3 Game → Green Valley – Fun on the Farm

Match 3 Games

Green Valley – Fun on the Farm
7 403 3.7

Free! Little Beetle Bug has inherited a farm, but the supposed cottage turns out to be more of a rundown shack. But no worries, you can turn things around with a little determination. So roll up your sleeves and bring in the harvest playing the most agricultural puzzle game of all times!

Match 3 Game → The Snow Fable: Mystery of the Flame

Match 3 Games

The Snow Fable: Mystery of the Flame. Collector's Edition
1 081 4.2

Embark on a match-three adventure of breathtaking magic and boundless imagination! When an enchanted flame begins to fade, a Girl embarks on a quest to save her fiery friend. But with each step forward, she draws closer to an encounter with a dark force she could not have conceived!

Match 3 Game → DragonScales 7: A Heart of Dark Flames

Match 3 Games

DragonScales 7: A Heart of Dark Flames
480 2.4

Darkness lies hidden in some hearts, a darkness that only awaits the propitious opportunity to reveal itself and devour everything. Brace yourself for a heroic adventure full of epic challenges, use your wits to defeat cunning enemies over a series of tricky match-3 levels.

Match 3 Game → 10th Corpse

Match 3 Games

10th Corpse
517 3.6

A large and bright game that includes multiple levels of various complexity… You need to move the monsters from the right from one row to another and also collect combinations of three identical monsters at the end of the line. Then you will proceed to the next level.

Match 3 Game → Owl Rescue

Match 3 Games

Owl Rescue
646 3.4

A school for post owls is situated in one charming forest. For years the owls have properly delivered correspondence all over the world. The Keeper of the school and his companion, the dog Bella, are very proud of their pupils. One evening Keeper and Bella fall asleep, and when they wake up they only see empty cages — all the owls disappeared. Alarm! Millions of people may not receive their letters! But our characters do not get despaired, they set off in search…

Match 3 Game → Flying Fish Quest

Match 3 Games

Flying Fish Quest
486 4.4

One morning a pretty fish Dolly discovered that the surface of the water is covered with something, so it grew much darker. Dolly with her friend sea horse Tim start their investigation. What happened and who is guilty? Let’s help our heroes!