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Demon Hunter 5: Ascendance

Hidden Object

Demon Hunter 5: Ascendance. Collector's Edition
2 309 7 4.4

When Hector, Demon Hunter for hire, agreed to save a lost tourist from the haunted Museum of Mysticism and Monstrosity, he never imagined that it could all be a clever hoax staged just for him. Hector will need all his cleverness and intuition to find the truth in this double mystery. Are demons real or was it all about the money? Find out by playing Demon Hunter V: Ascendance!

Demon Hunter 4: Riddles of Light

Hidden Object

Demon Hunter 4: Riddles of Light. Collector's Edition
2 773 5 4.2

Young demon hunter, Lila, is the only person who can wield the mighty Gauntlet of Horus and confront the darkness emerging from ancient Egypt! Young demon hunter, Lila, finds herself traveling way back to ancient Egypt to wield the Gauntlet of Horus in order to stop Seth, the ancient deity, and the tide of darkness he's rising.

Demon Hunter 3: Revelation

Hidden Object

Demon Hunter 3: Revelation. Collector's Edition
2 841 2 4.2

Five years have passed since you defeated the archdemon Ragnar and foiled his plans to destroy the world — and still you have no idea why you have been chosen for this task. But now the demons are on the rise again and if you want to take them on once more, you must face the dark corners of your own past...