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Lost Lands: Redemption

Hidden Object

Lost Lands: Redemption. Collector's Edition
1 404 4.2

After working so diligently to maintain order in the Lost Lands, Susan finds herself returning home when a dangerous relic is discovered on Earth! However, because of the time difference between the two worlds, Susan was away much longer than she anticipated, and her son Jim has grown very angry with her.

Lost Lands: Mistakes of the Past

Hidden Object

Lost Lands: Mistakes of the Past. Collector's Edition
3 167 4 4.4

Time! How infinitely long and how fleeting it is… And how dangerous it becomes when you try to turn it back! Can you save the future? Find out in this exciting hidden-object puzzle adventure game.

Lost Lands: The Wanderer

Hidden Object

Lost Lands: The Wanderer. Collector's Edition
3 162 2 4.4

Susan the Warmaide is back in the Lost Lands! A ghost ship, an evil overlord, an island full of mysteries, and more awaits on her journey into the unknown. Enjoy first-class Hidden Object fun in the brand-new installment of the brilliant Lost Lands series!

Lost Lands: Ice Spell

Hidden Object

Lost Lands: Ice Spell. Collector's Edition
4 011 3 4.3

Snow, Ice and the deadly wind blowing from the Frozen Mountains! These are the Lost Lands Susan never seen before and only her flaming heart could withstand the misfortune.