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Travel Cuisine 2: Sweet Life

Time Management

Travel Cuisine 2: Sweet Life. Collector's Edition
414 2 3.9

Matthew and Tammy own a prosperous restaurant. Although their wishes have come true, they still have a fresh trip and adventure ahead of them. To accomplish a new mission – to master the craft of confectioners and discover how to prepare the greatest cupcakes in the world – the heroes will not stand by and will embark on a new voyage throughout the globe.

Travel Cuisine

Time Management

Travel Cuisine. Collector's Edition
846 3 2.7

Tammy and Matthew have always dreamt of owning their own restaurant, but without enough experience or capital, how can they make it come true? The upcoming culinary tournament may be just the solution to their problem! Now is your chance to help our heroes navigate the risks and overcome the obstacles to culinary excellence in this clever gourmet masterpiece!