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Noir Chronicles: City of Crime. Collector's Edition

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Here you can download the game “Noir Chronicles: City of Crime” on your PC without registration and for free. To download the official version of the game on the computer is very simple, you can do this by clicking the button Download Game. You can get the key to the game “Noir Chronicles: City of Crime” after starting the game by clicking the button Remove the time limit.

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Developer: Brave Giant LTD
Publisher: Artifex Mundi
Edition: Collector's
Publication Date:
Genre: Hidden Object Games

Brave Giant Studio proudly presents a new hidden object adventure Noir Chronicles: City of Crime!

You are Alfred Fox, a private detective who is going to prevent the consequences of an old love affair. You will have to trust your gut and use all possible investigation techniques to unravel a tangle of intrigue as well as to escape deadly consequences.

Your adventure starts with a phone call from your ex-girlfriend Barbara Le Purr, who got into trouble, and now you are going to meet her and find out all details. You never imagined that this call would trigger the most complicated investigation in your career. Your past relationships will become a source of questions to be answered. What caused all Barbara’s troubles — a femme fatal beauty or the journalist’s curiosity? Will you be able to solve puzzles and discover all ugly secrets of the sin city? Let’s see if you’ve got enough determination to get to the bottom of this case — go and play the Noir Chronicles: City of Crime!

  • A detective adventure full of twists and turns
  • Search every nook and cranny to discover the truth
  • Delve into a mysterious world inspired by film noir
  • Discover the secret of the alluring femme fatale
  • Interview witnesses and collect evidence
  • Only here in Collector's Edition: an exclusive bonus chapter with a new storyline, additional puzzles and mini-games with hidden objects, conceptual art, soundtracks and wallpapers — just for you!

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#4 phoenix Гости
I have played through so many bad or repetetive hidden object adventure games lately that this game was a breath of fresh air. The previous entry in the series, Persian Nights: Sands of Wonder was an adventure game spin on the prince of persia series, but had a very unique feel to it to all the other artifex mundi games, and buried within it was a deep chunk of lore.

This game expands upon the lore of the fantasy world named Persia, this time around talking about how magician's lose their power once every 26 years during the double full moon, and that's how they started creating all of the magical constructs, so that they wouldn't be powerless during a double full moon.

It the deepest lore I've found for a hidden object game, and actually seems to be a fully fleshed out fantasy world. I didn't feel like any of the situations in the game were shoehorned in, and the narrative of the game flowed naturally. A lot of these hidden object games have nonsensical plots or plots that go nowhere, bland boring worlds, or forgettable characters, but this game has both a solid plot, interesting world, and memorable characters. The bonus chapter for this game is actually a team up of one of the side characters of this game with my favorite side character from the first game, the djinn Mina.

This game also had fun mechanics, unique from other Artifex Mundi games. Returning from the first game, is the ability to switch temporarily to one of your companions perspectives to solve some puzzles. This was used a LOT in the first game, but not as much in this one. The other mechanic is your elemental pets. You have to find sources to 'feed' the pet, so that you can use the pet to solve other puzzles. They're adorable little critters and it was a nice addition that had me constantly trying to keep the pets fed and happy so I could solve puzzles. It had me thinking outside the normal Artifex Mundi box for a bit.

Highly recommend this game and its predecessor.

The game also hints that they are going to make a third, but it was 2 years between the first two games and 3 years since this one, so I'm not sure they will revisit the series or not.
#3 x8x Гости
These "real" faces are just awful and break immersion - who authorized that?
Voice acting is terrible.
Puzzles are absurd (you have torch and burning candle but you can't light a torch without... ethanol) and many mini-games are just dumb and poorly executed.
Story is plain dumb (guy kills woman but knocks you down three times instead of killing | policeman puts you in cell with broken mirror! and tells you to escape and gives you evidence (matches)... OMG... and it's just a tip of stupidity you find in this game.
My little goddaughter can think of better stories...
Playing this game makes my brain hurt so badly...
It's officially the dumbest HOG I've ever played.
Not worth even for free.
#2 cstewart Гости
It's ok..... just keep an eye out for the hidden items.
#1 Gabrielle Гости
I really enjoyed the game, enjoyed the mix of match 3 and hidden objects, but in all honesty I like match 3 better, the hidden objects were cluttered, and for example i was looking for spin,?, right, ended up being a safety pin when I hit the hint button, on several occasions.Hope you make more like that but just match 3.I got through playing a game all match 3 called Murder in moon light, it was good, had actual human like character's talking, check it out.It was awesome, will be looking for your games, I can't stand those cartoonish looking character games, Thanks for the good game play, wish you the best.