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Queen's Quest 3: The End of Dawn. Collector's Edition

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Here you can download the game “Queen's Quest 3: The End of Dawn” on your PC without registration and for free. To download the official version of the game on the computer is very simple, you can do this by clicking the button Download Game. You can get the key to the game “Queen's Quest 3: The End of Dawn” after starting the game by clicking the button Remove the time limit.

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Developer: Brave Giant LTD
Publisher: Artifex Mundi
Edition: Collector's
Release Date:
Publication Date:
Languages: English, Русский
Genre: Hidden Object Games
Franchise: Queen's Quest

The End of Dawn is the third part of the incredible Queen’s Quest series, where the player will travel to the fairy kingdom again.

Eliana has always been a child of mystery. Found on the doorstep of the prestigious Zora Academy of Alchemy, she became a very promising young student by the age of 16. In order to complete her training, she is being sent on a dangerous mission to retrieve a powerful artifact. During this quest, she will meet many kinds of danger, solve a variety of riddles, explore a vast kingdom, and relive the tragic history of her childhood.

Follow Eliana on her mission to save her hometown and help her to save the people she loves. Tackle the evil forces behind a deadly betrayal and prove yourself to be a true alchemist in Queen's Quest 3: The End of Dawn.

  • A fantastic adventure with an engaging plot set in a magical realm
  • 50 beautifully hand drawn location to traverse
  • 26 hidden object scenes that will keep your mind busy
  • 44 mini-games with interesting twists to test your mettle

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#3 Tacitus Гости
An OK hidden object game. I found some of the voice acting a bit annoying and I wish the person who ends up betraying you was just a bit less obvious. The hidden object parts were actually a bit harder than usual for this sort of game. I don't think the little light in the corner indicating collectables was always accurate; but then again I might have missed something.
#2 auraexplorer Гости
Downloaded the third part as I've been enjoying working my way through the Queen's Quest series. However, of the games so far, Queen's Quest 3: The End of Dawn was not the one I wanted to play through twice in attempt to get all the achievements. The story bugs me, like, my bad for trying to do the right thing and you cannot trust the way any of the characters are portrayed. Also, the puzzles that accompany the background story telling are repetitive and annoying. That being said, it is otherwise a good game and the remaining mini games and hidden object scenes include a variety of puzzles. Am I glad I played it? Yes.
#1 AgletGreen Гости
I enjoy the Queen's Quest series, but it's not for everyone. It has lots of Hidden-Object Scenes, and lots and lots of puzzles. A few are easy, most are enjoyable and some are head-scratching. There was one Lights-Out puzzle in a 3x4 grid that I somehow solved by random button-clicking. Some of the puzzles were clever in a fun way.

What makes this game not for everybody is that there are a maddening number of collectibles. Something like 42 shields, 16 hats and about as many ghosts.

Also, if you're English-speaking and proud of that fact, you will find some of the translations to be a bit ridiculous. But that is a staple of the genre, as it seems many HOGs are made in East Europe or West Russia and places like that.

This game has nothing to do with the other Queens Quest game I played beyond that they both exist in high-fantasy worlds, the places that are filled with humans, elves, dwarves, orcs, minotaurs and Murlocks. As these are rather generic worlds I'm not sure it's the same fantasy world or not; there are no common characters between the games.

One nice feature of this game is that there is no back-tracking. You are given a set of 3 or 4 rooms at a time, and you are pretty much stuck there until you solve everything. There is no going back to previous rooms. (I suppose if you miss a collectible, you have to do a 2nd play-through.... )

So, if you enjoy Hidden-Object scenes, lots and lots of puzzles, and a plot that exists just to get you from one set of rooms to another, then this is your game.

Since the plot is ridiculous, I will comment on it: you don't play the heroine. You actually play the first four chapters being the villain, causing a total mess of things, and then in the last chapter the evil dragon discards you as useless, so you kill him and his main assistant. You blame them for fooling you, and all the good people take you back and life goes on.

Anyway, there were good HOG scenes, with lots of variety in them. Some were standard, some were like FROG scenes, some were 'find 12 of x' and some where 'find the thing that you see a silhouette of.' So a thumbs-up for that.