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Here you can download the game “Hamlet” on your PC without registration and for free. To download the official version of the game on the computer is very simple, you can do this by clicking the button Download Game. The key to the game “Hamlet” is not required, the game is completely free (no time limit), just download it, install and play.

Edition: Standard
Publication Date:
Genre: Free Action Games

To play or not to play? That's a good question! And the answer is yes! Otherwise, you'll miss the hilarity that ensues when a man from the future accidentally hits Hamlet with his time machine and must set out in his place to rescue Ophelia!

Packed with tricky puzzles, gut-busting humor and unrestrained creativity, Hamlet is a cure for boredom and a workout for your brain. By the time you save Ophelia and defeat the evil King Claudius, you'll feel like you've earned an adventure gaming badge of honor!

Solve a variety of cunning point-and-click puzzles and advance from one sidesplitting scene to the next as you defeat bosses and overcome mental obstacles. The story will have you in stitches and the fresh challenges will captivate you from beginning to end!

  • In the best traditions of classic adventure games
  • The first indie game in the world based on William Shakespeare's Hamlet
  • Original logic puzzles. No inventory
  • Boss battles
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#8 ronki Гости
Cute little game. Very atmospheric and enjoyable.
#7 Kelly T Гости
Fun but not challenging. It's definitely targeted more towards pre-teen kids but i need something so do while in self-isolation!
#6 Gifflar Гости
The story is absolutely intriguing and the puzzles are super fun. It's not often I find a point-and-click style game this well made.
#5 Leon Гости
Its more of a kids story than an adult's adventure game. Puzzles super easy, story short and childish.
#4 James Гости
I really liked everything: both the graphics and the plot, I advise you to play
#3 Melissa Gury Гости
The kids and I had a blast with this tight little game. We laughed ourselves silly and that's worth it's weight in gold.
#2 John Wagner Гости
Love it I heard hamlet story it is very adventure and saspence
#1 Ellie G. Гости
The graphics are cute and the game itself is quite fun. But too short. Also, some of the puzzles don't make much sense.