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Gardens Inc. 2: The Road to Fame

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Here you can download the game “Gardens Inc. 2: The Road to Fame” on your PC without registration and for free. To download the official version of the game on the computer is very simple, you can do this by clicking the button Download Game. You can get the key to the game “Gardens Inc. 2: The Road to Fame” after starting the game by clicking the button Remove the time limit.
Edition: Standard
Publication Date:
Genre: Time Management Games

Our long-time friends Jill and Mike founded a gardening company in Sunnyvale. Their diligence, talent and integrity gave them visibility and made well-known in quick time. But now our friends are facing a new challenge — participation in a national tournament organized by a millionaire Lady Bloom! The winner will be honored to work with her on international lucrative contracts. So the couple should give a good account of themselves and win the top prize.

Lady Bloom, the queen of landscape design, has already prepared challenging tasks for Jill and Mike and you can help them cope with these tasks. You have to care for gardens and flower-beds, keeping them in good order and re-decorating them with different plants. And as soon as first coins will be in your money box, you will be able to renovate the interior of your office to attract new customers. And when you get contracts for keeping gardens of Hollywood stars and show-business legends, making mistakes will become absolutely unacceptable!

Mow the grass and clean up all rubbish in the gardens of film actors and directors, restore the fountains and pools in the cottages of your idols and create scenery of incomparable beauty for future hit movies. And if you want your work to be progressing, run through all levels for gold and get useful bonuses. In short, you have every chance to impress Hollywood by means of your skills and prove to the world that money is not always the answer to everything!

Just be careful, as the road to fame is full of obstacles! Competitors have already launched a hunt for you and they will try to prevent your dream come true in every possible way.

  • 50 dynamic & varying levels
  • Create beautiful gardens to your liking or try to guess your customer’s desires
  • Countless achievements
  • High replayability
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#3 Krazedlion Гости 8 октября 2020, 03:06
Gardens Inc. 2: The Road to Fame is a fun time/resource management game. It's pretty similair to the first Gardens Inc. game, you collect various resources, remove obstacles, repair things, build buildings, plant and water flowers. It has nice graphics, okay music and it functions well. If you're a fan of the genre it's a definite must buy!
#2 Ivien Гости 12 сентября 2020, 00:15
Nice time management game with decent story and nice decorating bonus. It's great for short play times and people who have little time and want to play something a bit at the time.
Game is not too hard, it get's a bit harder in last 10 levels, but for most of it reaching gold time doesn't require much effort, especially if you are experienced in this type of games. Story is skipable if you don't care about it. Levels have a lot of different dinamics, so it never get's boring, and they take between 3 and 8 min to complete on average. Only big downside is low and limited resolution.
#1 Liselchen Гости 10 сентября 2020, 19:15
I really had a whole lot of fun with this game! Can only recommend it to everyone who's a fan of this genre. I played a lot of these games by now and this one still stands out as one of the games I enjoyed the most.

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