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Snark Busters: All Revved Up!

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Here you can download the game “Snark Busters: All Revved Up!” on your PC without registration and for free. To download the official version of the game on the computer is very simple, you can do this by clicking the button Download Game. You can get the key to the game “Snark Busters: All Revved Up!” after starting the game by clicking the button Remove the time limit.
Edition: Standard
Publication Date:
Genre: Hidden Object Games
Franchise: Snark Busters

The Snark is back, and as elusive as ever, in Snark Busters: All Revved Up! The all-new adventure tells the incredible story of Jack Blair, a world famous racecar driver who puts his career on hold to catch the Snark. Join Jack as he jumps between the real world and the inverted realms inside of mirrors in an attempt to catch his quarry.

The search for the enigmatic creature continues in Snark Busters: All Revved Up, the fantastic follow-up to the hit game. Solve dozens of whimsical puzzles to open the doors that lead to a bizarre fair, a steam punk airship, and a dinosaur museum; explore worlds of exquisite detail; and keep your eyes peeled for hundreds of cleverly hidden objects.

As you charm a snake, stop an airship from crashing, and feed a T-Rex, Jack will entertain you with his humorous quips, the story about his missing grandfather will tug at your heart, and his race to catch the Snark will keep you on the edge of your seat. Packed with mini-games, animated cinematics, and clickable surprises, Snark Busters offers a ride you'll never forget!

You can play all of our games for free for a trial period of 60 minutes. To make sure the game runs on your computer or notebook, download and start it. We especially recommend netbook users do this because not all of our games run correctly on the non-standard resolution screens. All of the games on are safe to use!
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#2 lady Гости 8 November 2020, 22:17
Snark Busters: All Revved Up
This was a fragmented hidden object game with the fragments hidden in the adventure play scenes (as opposed to separate pop-up hidden object scenes)
Great: adventure play, hidden fragment play
Good: artwork/graphics
Fair: atmosphere, mini-puzzles
Average: music/sounds, one difficulty mode, locked toolbar
Poor: no mini-map, very short, small click box
Final words: story was basically silly, narcissistic man goes on a walkabout to find a mythological creature... and this time it was fun! The graphics were a lot clearer and cleaner, the transfer between the levels was integrated into the game play and the music/sounds a lot less intrusive/annoying.
#1 ladyg Гости 8 November 2020, 12:28
This game is quite enjoyable. It is suited for everyone from the novice to the expert. The mini games are engaging and easy to navigate.

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