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Here you can download the game “Kensho” on your PC without registration and for free. To download the official version of the game on the computer is very simple, you can do this by clicking the button Download Game. You can get the key to the game “Kensho” after starting the game by clicking the button Remove the time limit.

Click Play below to watch the trailer!

Edition: Standard
Publication Date:
Genre: Puzzle Games

You will have an unforgettable journey in a surreal world where nature, space and time are closely intertwined. The doors in a mysterious room lead to unexplored and beautiful worlds. All you have to do is to complete levels collecting pieces of the keys to these doors.

If you want to get all magic keys, you have to make a row of three tiles of the same color, moving them right and left, up and down on the playing field. A feature of the Kensho puzzle is that the tiles move all at once. If there are stone tiles on the field, they always stay still. These tiles cannot be broken and their purpose is to hinder other tiles — use these stone blocks to your advantage. Pay attention to the hint on the left — a tile of this color will be the next to appear on the playing field.

Match tiles and overcome challenges in this addictive puzzle with rich visual effects that unfolds a narrative through breathtaking places including lush jungles and stormy seas. 11 original songs accompany you on this adventure, replete with violin, piano, harmonica, accordion and more.

  • Fun tile-sliding puzzle mechanics
  • 9 challenging obstacles to overcome
  • Explore beautifully-varied worlds and environments
  • Experience an award-winning soundtrack and unique art style
You can play all of our games for free for a trial period of 60 minutes. To make sure the game runs on your computer or notebook, download and start it. We especially recommend netbook users do this because not all of our games run correctly on the non-standard resolution screens. All of the games on are safe to use!
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#10 georgian Гости 9 October 2020, 22:14
Kensho is a tile sliding match 3 puzzle game with a beautiful graphics and a great soundtrack. This game looks unique in presentation, design and colors.
Obey the Fist
#9 Obey the Fist Гости 15 September 2020, 22:02
This is an ultra simple, minimalist match-3 tile sliding game where you slide tiles around in different directions (the allowed direction can change after each slide). It looks and feels like a tablet port, the game has fixed resolution and no graphics options to change. It's the kind of thing you play on mobile for free, so I can't recommend anyone pays $6 to play this on PC.
#8 tonka Гости 12 June 2020, 00:10
Its a great way to pass the time but i like the fact it gets harder to play early in the game.
Ben McGinty
#7 Ben McGinty Гости 13 December 2019, 22:08
Gets boring real quick. Nice graphics though.
#6 Bastanaft Гости 20 November 2019, 21:46
The visuals between levels are absolutely fantastical. Magic! Not my kinda game though.
Kirsten Johnson
#5 Kirsten Johnson Гости 20 November 2019, 07:25
Beautiful graphics and audio. Unfortunately, the puzzles were boring, randomized, and generally felt like a slog to get through.
Horace Au
#4 Horace Au Гости 15 November 2019, 08:58
No challenge, or punishment for failure. Thus no excitement for reward. I can just do the same algorithmic pattern over and over again, and I will go on to the next level. Yes it's a puzzle, but if there arentt costs to losing, or costs in collecting "keys" when I brute force a pattern, then it becomes less of a puzzle and just a grinding game. It makes it boring. But I guess the upside- is it's therapeutic and relaxing. The game is like Tetris without losing. More of a therapy app than a game.
#3 zip Гости 30 October 2019, 06:38
I cannot say more. Its great. You must play this game.
#2 rusty Гости 20 September 2019, 20:56
The game is lovely and the voice acting is actually good!
#1 Greene Гости 16 September 2019, 22:42
Love the music and puzzles. It is not as challenging as some but very fun to play!

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