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Incredible Dracula: Ocean's Call

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Here you can download the game “Incredible Dracula: Ocean's Call” on your PC without registration and for free. To download the official version of the game on the computer is very simple, you can do this by clicking the button Download Game. You can get the key to the game “Incredible Dracula: Ocean's Call” after starting the game by clicking the button Remove the time limit.

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Edition: Standard
Publication Date:
Genre: Time Management Games
Franchise: Incredible Dracula

A giant creature of unknown origin has broken free of its icy prison and sparked chaos around the world! As the ancient beast wades through the world's oceans with a hoard of aquatic creatures following in its wake, people are asking who can stop it and how.

Only the infamous Count Dracula stands between the creature and what seems to be the imminent destruction of the world. Join the count as he embarks on a journey that will bring him face-to-face with old friends and new foes — including a host of bizarre marine creatures that would stop him in his tracks.

Before the epic conclusion of the story, you'll travel through icy worlds and fiery realms to discover the true nature of the creature and complete an extraordinary quest unlike any you have experienced. Along the way, you'll race against the clock to overcome obstacles, gather what you need to press forward and complete captivating side missions.

  • Exciting adventures, an unusual, but interesting work await you — what could be better?
  • Game modes for casual, relaxed and skilled players
  • Craft items, cast spells and make potions
  • Collect trophies: click master, skillful strategist, predatory shark and many other achievements
  • Unique humor, colorful graphics and funny dialogs

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#4 RT Гости
Incredible Dracula: Ocean’s Call is one of Alawars time management games and one of the most entertaining and most challenging.

Each level starts with some lore, story. While you can’t expect some deep story, sometimes it feels childish, it is still nice to see that the story flowing and something always happens as you progress through levels. This is not true for most of the other time management series, but as I already experienced this is what happens on other Incredible Dracula titles too.

This genre is for casual players and intended to play just to have some fun without real challenges. Incredible Dracula Ocean’s Call changes on that too. First of all, as an achievement hunter I was already forced to play the game on a difficulty which is not Relaxed. It might sound annoying, playing a casual game under time pressure but it made the game already more entertaining. You could ask why I did not play other franchises like Hermes, Rescue Team on difficulties with time pressure? Well, I tried some levels on those too, but the given time was generous so it did not feel different than playing on Relaxed. It is totally different on this title.

Incredible Dracula: Ocean’s Call offers a more challenging gameplay. Most of the time it is very challenging to stay within the 3 star time limit, and require much more attention than similar genre games. Usually in time management games if you can use resources or items for anything then you are just free to do that. Not in this one! If you use them stupidly, upgrade your building too early then you might run out of resources before reaching some other resources. You might have 3 enemies which could be killed with one potion, but you have only one. You need to realize that if you select the wrong one then you won’t have access to more potions to kill the other 2, which then force you to restart the whole map. While playing under a time pressure it is actually easy to misuse items and resource:-) If that is not enough, you can still keep purchasing materials from merchants, even if you don’t need them anymore so wasted resources for buying extra items will force you to restart the level. Yes, unlike other casual time management games, this one is not a no brainer.

If we are talking about items already then it is important to mention that this time management game introduced a more complex crafting system too. You could craft various items and once the recipe is unlocked you could craft it also on maps where it is not required. One more good opportunity to fail a level and restart it:-)

This time management game is probably the best you could purchase from this publisher. (other Incredible Dracula game I played wasn't up to the challenge of this) Usually the games from this genre are very casual, you could watch some TV series while playing the game and most of them feels like just a no brainer clicker game. On other hands, in this one you need to pre-plan and an active focused gameplay is required.

Hey, I am an achievement hunter!
Perfection time: ~8h+. As you can’t play the game on relaxed difficulty to get your perfect game you will face some time pressure. Finishing all levels for 3 stars is not that easy, which makes it harder to get this game to 100% achievements than other Alawar franchises, like Hermes, Golden Rails or Rescue Team.
#3 IDOC Гости
A nice addition to the “Incredible Dracula” saga. Not as challenging as previous games in the series but still entertaining. Definitely recommended for those who enjoy TM games where you have to gather resources to achieve the goal.
#2 reddancer Гости
After being imprisoned for thousands of years, a huge creature breaks free from its icy prison, only Count Dracula stands between it and possible world chaos!

You play as Count Dracula and find yourself on the left-hand side of the World Map at the beginning of a pathway. This path winds its way around the various regions of Dracula’s kingdom. Along the length of the pathway are the game’s levels, a total of fifty levels. You start on the first level which is indicated by Dracula standing on a green plate with three stars underneath. The others are currently locked which are shown as having a padlock on the plates. These will unlock as you complete the previous level allowing you to make your way around the region.

You will need plenty of resources to complete the many tasks on each level. To help you with this you can repair rundown buildings, these buildings can then give you a steady influx of resources. The buildings are Sawmill (Logs), BloodDonald’s (Food), Pharmacy (Elixir), Crystal Mine (Power Crystals) and Fire Tower (Fireballs). You will also be able to craft certain items to help you get passed some of the creatures or obstacles which will be in your way. These will become available to you as you progress through the game. You will also find items like amulets which can give you a boost of speed for your zombie servants or instant resources at the Sawmill etcetera.

Incredible Dracula Ocean's Call is enjoyable to play, it looks and sounds good. I like the storyline of each level and main story. I do like to play these types of games just to relax a bit instead of poppin’ heads off all the time. It’s a game for everyone, it’s not hard to play but it can be challenging if you want to go for all three stars in casual and hard mode. Worth giving a bash if you like these types of games. Thumbs Up!

Pros; fun and enjoyable game, humorous storyline, has achievements.
#1 baskingshark Гости
Fun and easy time management/clicker game. Easy to 100% achievements.