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Claire's Cruisin' Café. Collector's Edition

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Here you can download the game “Claire's Cruisin' Café” on your PC without registration and for free. To download the official version of the game on the computer is very simple, you can do this by clicking the button Download Game. You can get the key to the game “Claire's Cruisin' Café” after starting the game by clicking the button Remove the time limit.

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Alawar and Yustas Game Studio present Claire's Cruisin' Café culinary quest, where you will have to help Claire achieve her dream and become a real chef. To that end Claire and her friends set off on a journey in a food truck, having different adventures on their way. There are new cafes, unknown recipes and the acme of skill to be reached, rivalry and competition of chefs ahead of you. And love as well!

You will have to complete tasks of cooking various dishes and serving guests in colorful locations. The faster you work, the more generous tip you get, which can be spent on upgrading your cafe! In addition, you'll have to reply to blog comments, take pics of your guests, order ingredients (usually drinks) when they’re running out, and even search for a cute ferret.

Packed with lively characters, addictive gameplay and tons of bonus materials, Claire's Cruisin' Cafe will satisfying your craving for fun even as it leaves you hungry for more!

  • Over 50 well-designed levels
  • 3 difficulty modes, 5 heroes and 20 rewards
  • Only this Collector’s Edition offers you extra levels, character descriptions, and other downloadable content!
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#8 BerryNGames Гости 4 November 2020, 23:50
I was hesitant at first because it give me a Delicious Emily clone type vibe. However after playing it, it does had its own charm. The graphics is really pretty, I love it very much. Gameplay is good, I like the two person serving together feature, it still need some work but good still. However, there is some part that I feel like too bland, the cutscene at every level, the story is still decent but the way it present is boring, it just give speech bubble to tell the story without animation, it feel boring after few level. Most of challenge is repetitive and not challenging enough. Overall I still like the game, it's a beautiful game. I looking forward to the sequel with more improvement.
#7 KnuffybaerGER Посетители 3 November 2020, 19:43
Claire's Cruisin 'Cafe is a simulation / time management game developed by Yustas Games Studio.

Gameplay / Story
Your brother and Claire have a great idea together to start their own restaurant. Your role is to play Claire, an aspiring super cook, and serve your customers a variety of haute cuisine from your souped-up food truck. As you help Claire and her crew keep up with the demand, you'll complete tasks that range from preparing dishes to taking photos of happy guests. The faster you work and the happier your customers are, the bigger your tip.

Between each fast-paced level, spend your earnings on upgrades for your restaurants and follow a humorous story of Claire's mishaps with a big-headed competitor and the identity of a mysterious food critic.
For the successes you have to get 3 stars and the golden heart in each level. The 3 stars are easy, especially when you are playing on the easiest difficulty level. The golden heart is rewarded for various tasks at each level.

+ Addicting gameplay
+ Solid graphics and sound
+ Lively characters
+ Many levels that offer a good number of hours of gameplay
+ Same, easy-to-understand game mechanics as in other games
+ Achievements

- Level design repeats itself over time
- At some point, tasks are no longer surprising

Claire's Cruisin 'Cafe brings you some lively characters, with a combination of addicting gameplay. Clear purchase recommendation for this genre.
#6 basemen Гости 30 October 2020, 21:45
Love this game! Could play for hours!
#5 missiloon Гости 28 October 2020, 18:39
My favourite type of Time-management game is this type where you have to fulfil orders. I can't explain why I like those so much more than the ones with blocked roads, but it might be because I work in a store and love to help out our customers.

This Claire's Cousin Cafe has 60 levels and every 10 levels you switch locations to a new restaurant. Each new location starts with a few items but adds more while playing through those 10 levels that are part of that location. There is a story of Claire who wants to grow as a chef, her brother has a plan and so they start their own company. You don't have to follow the story to play this game if you're not interested in it, it is not anything special but also not bad.

For the achievements, you have to get 3 stars on every level and get the golden heart. The 3 stars are easy, especially if you play on the easiest difficulty. The golden heart is rewarded for different tasks at every level. Sometimes for serving a specific customer, sometimes for cleaning trash, other times for finding a ferret. Talking about the ferret, for a while I have wondered where to find him because there is an achievement for finding him 30 times, but he only shows up at 3 specific levels (29, 42 & 53). If you haven't found him 30 times after beating the game you can, thankfully, replay those levels.

After beating the game, I got all the achievements except the one for serving 1500 patrons (I missed around 100) and missed the ferret 9 times. I only had to replay a few levels to get those two missing achievements, I wouldn't call that grinding, especially compared to how much grinding some of the other GameHouse games have.
#4 Support Посетители 17 October 2020, 19:47
Vee, the game is updated, please download and reinstall it on your PC.
#3 Vee Гости 16 October 2020, 00:59
Level 7 is bugged. There's no way to get a full heart because not enough customers order steaks, and the first couple that orders them don't offer gold heart for it.
#2 Support Посетители 15 October 2020, 23:00
Ryan, No, this part of the game will not be available on iOS / Android. Next year we are going to release the second part of the game, which is also scheduled for release on mobile devices.
#1 Ryan Гости 15 October 2020, 18:02
Incredibly fresh release! Hopefully they develop more of these regular time management games 'cause the time management fanbase is here for that! Any plans to have Claire's Cruisin' Cafe released on iOS/Android?

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