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Viking Heroes 2 + Collector's Edition

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Here you can download the game “Viking Heroes 2” on your PC without registration and for free. To download the official version of the game on the computer is very simple, you can do this by clicking the button Download Game. You can get the key to the game “Viking Heroes 2” after starting the game by clicking the button Remove the time limit.

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Developer: Yustas Game Studio
Publisher: Alawar Entertainment
Edition: Standard, Collector's
Release Date:
Publication Date:
Languages: English, Русский
Genre: Time Management Games
Franchise: Viking Brothers

Viking heroes rarely have quiet days. But when brothers Everand and Boromere and their sisters, Helga and Brunnhilde, finally had one, they decided to visit the fair in the neighboring village. They needed to sharpen their swords, patch their armor, buy seeds for medicinal herbs, swallow a few tankards of mead and commiserate with old comrades. But when they arrived, it appeared that the fair had ended prematurely…

Join the Viking brothers and sisters on an epic journey through a magical land as they come to the aid of the helpless and seek the one who's awakened a long-dormant volcano. Join forces with old friends (including the reliably unreliable Loki) to rebuild shattered villages, solve a perplexing mystery and complete simple quests for a multitude of colorful characters.

Your journey will place you at the feet of ferocious dinosaurs, take you through the visually dazzling realm of dreams and challenge you to plan ahead as you amass resources and race to beat the clock!

The stakes are higher, the rewards are greater and the gameplay is more fun than ever! Download and play the Viking Heroes sequel of the year today!

  • Dozens of super-fun levels to beat and rewards to earn
  • Easy, Normal and Hard game modes
  • Simple point-and-click gameplay
  • You will find a collection of owls, step-by-step guide, downloadable music and wallpapers only in the Collector's Edition!
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#5 Benitowaisa Посетители 2 September 2021, 20:11
“Viking heroes rarely have quiet days. But when brothers Everand and Boromere and their sisters. Helga and Brunnhilde, finally had one, they decided to visit the fair in the neighbouring village. They needed to sharpen their swords, patch their armour, buy seeds for medicinal herbs, swallow a few tankards of mead and commiserate with old comrades. But when they arrived, it appeared that the fair had ended prematurely. From here did the heated stones and pools of steaming lava come, they asked each other. “Did they fall from the sky?”

Starting a new game will ask you to Name your character, followed by choosing the Main Story, there is a Bonus Story with extra levels but you must first complete the main story to unlock the bonus story. Next you can choose the Game Mode, Easy, this is a game without any lime limit so you can play without any worries about racing against time. Normal, this is played with a moderate time limit, Hard is played with a much lower time limit and is for those who want a more challenging game.

There are fifty levels and another fifteen in the bonus story. The first level will have you help the victims of the disaster at the fair. Each level will have a set of goals which you will have to complete in order to finish the level. If playing against the time then you will have to complete all the goals as fast as you possibly can. Then upon completing you will gain one to three stars depending on the time it took you to finish the level. If you have gained enough stars in the prior levels then you will unlock the next level allowing you to continue on your adventure.

There is a tutorial which will help you as you progress, this can be turned if you don’t want the information to help you. You will start from a camp somewhere on the level, from here there are pathways leading around the level. In your way on the paths are resources and other obstacles, you will have to collect the resouces and get by the obstacles in some way. This will allow you to proceed further along the paths unlocking new areas and allow you to complete all the goals. Some items cannot be collected unless you have certain resources, hovering your cursor over and item or obstacle will give you some details on what is required.

Scattered around the level are some buildings which can give you some resources or allow you to perform some other function such as open another area. These buildings will require some work on them before they can start giving you some resources continuously over a small amount of time. You can gain resources from other places like trees, shrubs and chests. You also have a Booster Bar at the bottom of the screen, which will fill up over time. There can be multiple boosters at varying places along the booster bar. It’s up to you which booster you would like to select depending on your current situation.

As you move from one level to the next on the world map, there are some Jig-Saw pieces which will come available to you as you complete the main levels. These jig-saw pieces are a little bonus game where you can gain bonus stars. Also hidden around some levels there are some Owls which you can click on and collect.

In the settings there are options for Sound and Music Volume Sliders, System Cursor, Full Screen and Show Tutorial and that’s your lot.

Viking Heroes II is a fun little game which can be relaxing to play or you can play it with more of a challenge.

👍 Positives
+ Nice graphics
+ Fun and enjoyable for all ages
+ Has achievements

👎 Negatives
- No

After a mysterious disaster lays waste to magical lands, help the Vikings and their old friends in bringing back the lands to their previous glory in Viking Heroes II 💖 7/10
#4 Lakshmi Гости 15 August 2021, 22:55
I have a REALLY irritating problem with bonus level 4.I can not get passed that level. I don't know if I am doing something in a wrong way, or it this is a bug. I am about to quit, but that is a pity with 11 more levels to play... On level 4 it is all impossible to chase away any of the 2 raptors!! I have done everything else, but the raptors refuse to disappear! I have tried for uncountable hours, because I wish to play more! Would it be possible for you to fix this? At least look into it and give a report here? I do like these games!
#3 Support Посетители 26 July 2021, 20:41
Tina and Colleen Knichel, the bug was fixed, please reinstall the game.
Colleen Knichel
#2 Colleen Knichel Гости 21 July 2021, 20:51
I have played many Alawar games and really enjoy them. Purchased this game and disappointed not to be able to get past Level 8. No longer fun. Just frustrating. Challenging is fun. Next to impossible, not so much. This game needs a fix.
#1 Tina Гости 19 July 2021, 00:22
Please fix Viking Heroes 2 so we can get past level 8

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