Viking Sisters

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Here you can download the game “Viking Sisters” on your PC without registration and for free. To download the official version of the game on the computer is very simple, you can do this by clicking the button Download Game. You can get the key to the game “Viking Sisters” after starting the game by clicking the button Remove the time limit.

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Edition: Standard
Publication Date:
Genre: Time Management Games
Franchise: Viking Brothers

The feast, arranged after the Vikings’ last feats, ended up as a great disaster: all men turned into stone statues. Two sisters, the druid Helga and the warrior Brunhilda, found out that it all had been spells of the wicked Sorceress. In order to defeat the powerful Sorceress and save the village men the Viking sisters have to visit many worlds, to get in touch with the gods, to obtain powerful artifacts and to experience many adventures.

Guide the sisters through an enchanted forest, over icy mountain peaks, and into Hell itself as they pursue the Sorceress to the ends of the Earth and beyond. Visit the dwarven kingdom to forge powerful weapons and then battle giants, scorpions, and other dark creatures. Finally, gather and produce the resources the sisters need for each step of their journey.

Along the way, you'll unlock mini-games, use boosters that enhance your workers, and earn achievements that will stand as a testament to your skills. You'll also enjoy a world bursting with color, imagination, and magic. With Casual, Normal, and Expert game modes, everyone can enjoy this instant classic that shows girls do want to have fun, but they can also kick a little you-know-what when they have to!

Only the Viking Sisters are able to protect the world from the danger and evil magic! Are you ready to help them?

  • Adventurous, fun-filled story of two sisters
  • Colorful worlds and amusing characters
  • Simple but challenging gameplay
  • Mini-games, hidden puzzle pieces and more
  • An untimed mode for kids and casual players
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#8 littlemsnoitall Гости 23 September 2020, 12:35
I really love the Viking Brothers series so was looking for something just like it. I guess this kind of qualifies. To me there is something missing but maybe I played it when grumpy? Still worth buying if you like the series and want to waste some time.
#7 AgletGreen Гости 13 September 2020, 09:11
A minor entry in the "Viking Brothers" series. The game is a standard time management sort: you have to run around and pick up wood, stone, gold, food and gems, then use them to build things or to clear obstructions. The big difference here is that you are playing two sisters of the Viking brothers, and since you are playing strong and proud women of the female persuasion, your first level is to do the dishes. I think the second level is you doing laundry.

If you think I'm kidding, there are screenshots of you doing the dishes. Astonishingly, there are no levels of you tricking the Viking Brothers into attending Ballet with you. Compared to the standard Viking Brothers games, there are various bugs and typos - but nothing game-breaking.

Now, here are some details of this game: There are 52 levels. Each level takes roughly 10 minutes to play. Some levels are either imbalanced or were never play-tested: for example, level 50 requires 20 food but doesn't supply you with a farm, so you have to wait on a magic-food-supplying-chest that dispenses two pieces of food at a time, and thus you have to wait for it to reload 10 times. Other levels curse you and thus demand twice the number of everything.

I must confess to wondering if the game went to market too soon. There are things you can do, such as upgrade the weapons of the two sisters but this has nothing to do with the game, as it is a time-management game, and not a RPG, FPS, roguelike, or anything else where you would need to upgrade the weapons. It is not even like Heroes of Might and Magic where the weapons are used indirectly by your other units.

Also, there are collectibles - every other level has you looking for a jigsaw puzzle piece. If you have ever play a Hidden Object game, you will NOT consider these puzzle pieces to be cleverly concealed or hard to find. Some might as well have neon green arrows pointing at them.

So, I recommend this game but only to that small subset of you that can't get enough of the Viking Brothers series and want to pay top dollar for an admittedly minor entry in the series.
#6 FrshVaBrez Гости 13 August 2019, 19:34
I really enjoyed this game. There were just enough twists and turns to make it an interesting time management game. I actually got almost all the way through all levels on the 'normal' mode before realizing I had missed something available to use so I really enjoyed the 'expert' level. Challenging and visually delightful! A good value.
#5 gocubsgo2016 Гости 10 August 2019, 01:23
This is a spin off of Viking Brothers except with girls building things in long flowing dresses with long flowing hair. Not much new here...same pound, run and grab game. It's not bad.
#4 finn Гости 28 May 2019, 23:17
Absolutely love this game! It's something that I've never seen before - and I would definitely recommend it to anyone!
#3 Gues Гости 27 February 2019, 09:46
I run out of life every time on level 36. I've tried using the +1 booster to collect all the life. I don't upgrade the house, or even build the forge/sawmill, and I am still short on life. Anyone have any tips? Please?
#2 pearl.mclaughlin Гости 19 February 2019, 09:46
no, I go back to each level to check and then when I find a puzzle piece, I just click to go back to the map. I try to find them each level, but I usually forget, so it's the only way I've found to get them all without having to replay the levels.
#1 no Гости 16 February 2019, 01:40
viking sisters: can the developers in future please indicate on the map level itself if there is a puzzle? I am missing many n its very frustrating!

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