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Age of Adventure: Playing the Hero

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Here you can download the game “Age of Adventure: Playing the Hero” on your PC without registration and for free. To download the official version of the game on the computer is very simple, you can do this by clicking the button Download Game. You can get the key to the game “Age of Adventure: Playing the Hero” after starting the game by clicking the button Remove the time limit.

Developer: In Images
Publisher: Alawar Entertainment
Edition: Standard
Release Year:
Publication Date:
Languages: English, Русский
Genre: Time Management Games

Travel back in time to an age of not only chivalry and heroes, but also deceit and no-good, dirty backstabbers! When a captain in the king's army decides to seize the throne, he powers up the Machine of Time and plucks a mafia hit man from the future to handle the assassination. But the joke is on him because instead of transporting a killer, he captures a young actor from a mob movie!

Lost in time but ready for adventure, the actor joins a band of subjects loyal to the king and sets out to find the Crystals of Time, gems needed to power up the time machine and transport him home. As you guide the troupe, you'll gather resources, earn gold, build and repair villages, help travelers and natives, and fight off enemies. From feeding rocks to a talking statue, to battling giant spiders, to building a tavern that makes a stone-hearted warrior weep for joy, surprises abound in this deliriously fun time management romp! Capturing the traitor, restoring the kingdom and falling in love might sound like a tall order, but it's all in a day's work in the Age of Adventure!

  • 45 nail-biting levels
  • Three immersive settings
  • Learn-as-you-play tutorial
  • 36 achievements to earn
OS: Windows XP or later
Processor: 1.5 GHz or better
Memory: 1 Gb RAM
Graphics: GPU with at least 512 Mb of VRAM
DirectX: Version 9.0 or later
Storage: 100 Mb available space
Interface Language: English
File Size: ~39 Mb

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#4 Cam Lufkin Гости
This would be a fun game, except that it is impossible to get gold on some of these levels. It's impossible to get SILVER on some of these levels. The timer continues to click during character "conversations", which just isn't right, since you can't do any game play during that time either. Either the trophies goal times need to be increased or the build/gather times decreased. Also, just as a pet peeve, could "skip" options be added at the beginning of each level? Because when doing a replay, clicking through some of those rather long "instructions" is also tedious. This is definitely a "clicking" game more than anything else. Can't enjoy the game, too busy clicking.
#3 elares420 Гости
I like the game, but my fingers get tired of clicking to make jobs perform faster. I find it impossible to get the gold trophy.
#2 captainsherry Гости
Too bad for my slow fingers that this game is more about speed than strategy. I can never hope to achieve the gold trophies.
#1 Dilana Moonglow Гости
Great game, but the timer shouldn't still be ticking down while you're in conversation. Also agree that there is too much clicking. Maybe just make the build and gather times quicker to begin with?