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Gems of Magic 2: Father's Day

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Here you can download the game “Gems of Magic: Father's Day” on your PC without registration and for free. To download the official version of the game on the computer is very simple, you can do this by clicking the button Download Game. You can get the key to the game “Gems of Magic: Father's Day” after starting the game by clicking the button Remove the time limit.

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Developer: Graphium Studio
Publisher: Denda Games
Edition: Standard
Release Year:
Publication Date:
Languages: English, Русский
Genre: Match 3 Games

Gems of Magic: Father's Day – it's a fun and simple match-3 puzzle.

I'm just a father, and together with my son we a little bit naughty boys… That say my lovely wife, off course! But this Holiday journey onto local mountain with my son on Father's Day turned into failure! I need to save him! Or my honey will will beat us both… And she will be right, I swear! Sorry, no time to talk, I need to climb up this mountain and save my son!

  • Beautiful hand-drawn graphics
  • Sweet nostalgic family atmosphere
  • Real camping based music themes
  • You need to move the Father up each level, and this is pretty hard quest!
  • 100 challenging levels
  • Powerful boosters
  • Simple economic model and booster shop
  • Family game, suitable for children!
OS: Windows 7 or later
Processor: 1.4 GHz or better
Memory: 1 Gb RAM
Graphics: GPU with at least 512 Mb of VRAM
DirectX: Version 9.0 or later
Storage: 150 Mb available space
Interface Language: English, Русский (Russian), Deutsch (German), Français (French) + 8 more
File Size: ~92 Mb

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#1 Fletcher Гости
It's mostly a typical match 3, except:
1. On some levels there are squares of dirt, that you can not see behind, but nonetheless there are gems behind them. The only way to figure out what is behind each one, and if they will match with other gems is by systematically going through and swiping each obscured gem in each direction until you get a match. It's really clunky and annoying, and a BAD design choice.
2. Each mission requires you to move a tile from the bottom to the top, as well as get a particular score. This is quite difficult, and it's definitely one of the more difficult match 3's I've played.

Unfortunately, I did not enjoy this game.