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Casual Game → Aquascapes

Hidden Object

Aquascapes. Collector's Edition
4 800 3 4.5

Explore the amazing underwater world of Aquascapes! Play through some extremely fun hidden object sequences, buy beautiful fish to fill your tank, and adorn their home with awesome decorations! The fish really come alive as you put them in your tank! Watch as they interact with the other fish and the environment around them. Keep the tank clean, the fish fed, and have fun today in Aquascapes!

Casual Game → Motor Town: Soul of the Machine

Hidden Object

Motor Town: Soul of the Machine
14 745 3 4.4

Explore the eerie depths of Motor Town in search of an inventor who plans to create cars with souls! With the fate of many souls and the life of the inventor on the line, you must not delay!

Casual Game → Chronicles of Vida: The Story of the missing Princess

Hidden Object

Chronicles of Vida: The Story of the missing Princess
3 540 3 3.9

Beauty, brains, and brawn join forces in a single, alluring heroine to win the age-old war between good and evil in The Chronicles of Vida! With you pointing the way, there will be no stopping her! Join Vida in her battles with vampires and werewolves in this thrilling Hidden Object adventure!

Casual Game → 300 Dwarves

Shooter Games

300 Dwarves
3 791 2 3.7

300 Dwarves is a tale of an epic dwarven mercenary band featuring beautiful hand drawn graphics, animations and a rich captivating storyline! As dwarven commander you will have access to five basic types of towers and three special powers, the use of which may be the key to victory.

Casual Game → Gnomes Garden

Time Management

Gnomes Garden
1 541 3.3

Dry summer withered the king’s beloved garden and the surrounding gardens of the kingdom alike. The ruler has fallen ill and the kingdom is in danger. Help the princess save the gardens and make the king better again.

Casual Game → Goblin Defenders: Battles of Steel 'n' Wood

Shooter Games

Goblin Defenders: Battles of Steel 'n' Wood
1 404 2 3.3

Tired of boring tower defense games? Goblin Defenders: Battles of Steel 'n' Wood breaks the mold with exciting and unique action! Ogres, spiders and evil spirits are coming for you, so answer their challenge!

Casual Game → Royal Defense: Ancient Menace

Shooter Games

Royal Defense: Ancient Menace
1 877 3.5

Become a part of an exciting story based on the dwarven kingdom's eternal struggle against the Ancient Menace, who only wants to crush the dwarves and claim their territory! Build towers, earn money, collect crystals and upgrade your spells – the enemy shall not pass! Repel the aggressor!

Casual Game → Roads of Rome: Portals 3

Time Management

Roads of Rome: Portals 3. Collector's Edition
305 2 4.3

The magical power of light and energy of the ancients helped us weaken Armagon. Lightotzar won in the battle of the magicians. And he already prepared a prison for the weakened enemy. The Romans' hopes of returning home were not destined to come true, and the portal that opened led them to yet another unknown world!

Casual Game → Azgard Defence

Shooter Games

Azgard Defence
1 761 3.8

Azgard Defence is a unique strategy game in which you're challenged to build a line of towers to protect your home from invading creatures. With addictive gameplay and great visuals, it's one of the best “tower defense” games around!

Casual Game → Ballad of Solar

Time Management

Ballad of Solar
3 676 3 4.2

Guide Solar and his band of helpers as they set out to stop the dark sorcerer Grogan from achieving eternal life and to rescue the fair Lumina. Ballad of Solar is a colorful, challenging and utterly unforgettable adventure for all ages!

Casual Game → Travel Cuisine 2: Sweet Life

Time Management

Travel Cuisine 2: Sweet Life. Collector's Edition
414 2 3.9

Matthew and Tammy own a prosperous restaurant. Although their wishes have come true, they still have a fresh trip and adventure ahead of them. To accomplish a new mission – to master the craft of confectioners and discover how to prepare the greatest cupcakes in the world – the heroes will not stand by and will embark on a new voyage throughout the globe.

Casual Game → Cave Quest

Match 3 Games

Cave Quest
2 873 3 3.6

Set off on a spellbinding journey of discovery! With its intriguing blend of match-three stages and adventure game challenges, Cave Quest can entertain you for a few minutes at a time or for hours on end!