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Casual Game → Rescue Team 12: Power Eaters

Time Management

Rescue Team 12: Power Eaters + Collector's Edition
1 949 1 4.1

Embark on an electrifying adventure to save the world from a robotic menace! As the leader of the Rescue Team, you will guide your courageous crew as it attempts to shut down the Power Eaters before they turn Earth into a huge ball of lightning!

Casual Game → Camelot: Wrath of the Green Knight

Hidden Object

Camelot: Wrath of the Green Knight + Collector's Edition
816 3.9

When the Lady of the Lake goes missing, her husband the Green Knight blames King Arthur, threatening the peace of Camelot for all… Step into a world of nobility and intrigue in this exciting Hidden Object game!

Casual Game → Invincible Cleopatra: Caesar's Dreams

Time Management

Invincible Cleopatra: Caesar's Dreams + Collector's Edition
1 186 4.1

Calm and peaceful days carried on as usual in beautiful and glorious Egypt. Until the Roman army wishing to conquer the whole valley on the Nile landed in the great city of Memphis. The last hope of Egyptian people is that their Queen Cleopatra will be able to convince Caesar to stop the war.

Casual Game → Persian Nights 2: The Moonlight Veil

Hidden Object

Persian Nights 2: The Moonlight Veil + Collector's Edition
989 4.5

Welcome to the fascinating, exotic world of Persian tales and legends. Tame mythical creatures, experiment with magical amulets, traverse through the Academy exploring all its secrets, and save your sister from a dire fate!

Casual Game → Looking for Aliens

Hidden Object

Looking for Aliens + Collector's Edition
689 6 4.4

Experience a close encounter of the fun kind as you search the planet for aliens that have hidden themselves just out of sight! Can you uncover every hidden E.T. and the objects they have stashed away?

Casual Game → Adventures of Megara: Demeter's Cat-astrophe

Time Management

Adventures of Megara: Demeter's Cat-astrophe + Collector's Edition
832 1 3.9

Megara is well-known as Hercules’ wife and brave companion. But her past hides great deeds and incredible adventures, too! Take a retrospective look at Megara’s story in “Adventures of Megara: Demeter’s Cat-astrophe”!

Casual Game → Pride and Prejudice: Blood Ties

Hidden Object

Pride and Prejudice: Blood Ties + Collector's Edition
1 182 4.4

When Lydia goes missing and Mr Darcy forbids you to come see him at Rosings Park, that is EXACTLY where you are going!

Casual Game → Alexis Almighty: Daughter of Hercules

Time Management

Alexis Almighty: Daughter of Hercules + Collector's Edition
1 058 4.1

Chronos — the merciless God of time — plans a devastating attack on Greece, but he knows that he cannot put his cruel plan in action with Hercules in his way! In an attempt to get rid of his adversary, Chronos casts a powerful spell on Hercules… Dark magic ages the immortal hero, taking away his might and vigor.

Casual Game → Chicken Attack Deluxe

Arcanoid Games

Chicken Attack Deluxe
3 099 3.9

Free! The zany chicken from Chicken's Revenge is back on the warpath! Defending her chicks in this Magic Ball style game, this mama bird won't put up with any fowl play when she's defending her brood! The madness continues for wild PC fun!

Casual Game → Hiddenverse: Tale of Ariadna

Hidden Object

Hiddenverse: Tale of Ariadna
433 3.8

Hiddenverse: Tale of Ariadna is a Hidden Object adventure in which you'll explore colorful, fictional worlds. The adventure begins… follow the trail of a mysterious disappearance.

Casual Game → Big Adventure: Trip to Europe 2

Hidden Object

Big Adventure: Trip to Europe 2. Collector's Edition
785 4

This is the biggest trip to 17 countries and 28 cities in Europe! You can search for interesting items in your favorite European cities and play new mini-games.

Casual Game → Legendary Tales: Cataclysm

Hidden Object

Legendary Tales: Cataclysm + Collector's Edition
761 3.9

A dreadful prediction came to the oracle — the cataclysm is coming. The renegade witch is about to save the world or ruin it…