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Casual Game → Darkness and Flame: Born of Fire

Hidden Object

Darkness and Flame: Born of Fire. Collector's Edition
3 593 2 4.4

An unusual find changes the life of a young girl forever. From that moment on, Alice is part of the eternal battle between Darkness and Flame. She will have to withstand numerous trials, avoid imminent danger, and solve dozens of puzzles!

Casual Game → Ethan: Meteor Hunter

Shooter Games

Ethan: Meteor Hunter
2 236 4.4

Ethan: Meteor Hunter mixes puzzles and platformers core action mechanics with an innovative mechanic: telekinesia. Ethan can pause time and move objects around in order to solve puzzles and get though 50 levels with dynamic use of physics giving multiple gameplay and solving possibilities.

Casual Game → Islands Defense

Shooter Games

Islands Defense
1 734 4.2

Get ready for modern battles! Defend your islands against evil invaders! Your team will consist of modern snipers, gunners, rockets, ice towers and other great things. A deep conflict has been brewing between you and the invaders.

Casual Game → Star Defender 3

Shooter Games

Star Defender 3
3 633 3.9

Star Defender 3 takes you back to a time when a quarter was all you needed to play a game, and the dim neon lights and analog soundscape of the arcades filled your every waking moment. Do you have it in you to save Earth one more time?

Casual Game → Toy Defense 4: Sci-Fi

Shooter Games

Toy Defense 4: Sci-Fi
4 390 3.7

Red Alert! The robots are invading, and only you can stop them from taking over the universe! Experience the ultimate in space warfare in the new tower defense game Toy Defense: Sci-Fi! Put your skills to the test as both a commander and a fighter in order to save the galactic empire from invaders. Repel waves of robots and enemy spacecraft as you defend your base. Recruit fearless soldiers, fortify your defenses, train cadets, and supply your troops with the best weapons. The future of the

Casual Game → Weeping Skies

Hidden Object

Weeping Skies
1 638 2.3

Puss in Boots just showed up at my office with a request. I agreed to investigate the kidnapping of his beloved — but I had no idea what I was getting myself into!

Casual Game → Barn Yarn

Hidden Object

Barn Yarn
3 236 4.2

From the creators of Gardenscapes comes a unique mix of hidden object and simulation gameplay featuring two of your favorite characters! Reunite with Joe and Tom to help them repair an old barn purchased from a neighbor and prepare for a harsh winter.

Casual Game → Hyperballoid Complete Edition

Arcanoid Games

8 803 4.2

Free! You've never seen a brick-buster like this before! Insane action awaits with Hyperballoid – an amazingly addictive, marvelously modern take on classic arcade fun! Strange brick types, real physics, and crazy bonuses keep you on the edge of your seat as incredible graphics, spectacular special effects, and a catchy techno soundtrack add to the thrill. Take to the next level with Hyperballoid!

Casual Game → Shadows: Price for Our Sins

Hidden Object

Shadows: Price for Our Sins
1 713 1 3.8

Dylan is heading to an awesome Halloween party at the old Stone farm. Once there, her friends discover an ancient artifact that releases the once trapped souls of the Stone family back into the world and out of the clutches of the Lord of Darkness Samhain! As revenge, Samhain collects the souls of those who were at the party. Help Dylan investigate the Stone family, and ultimately rescue her friends from the wicked Samhain in Shadows: Price for Our Sins!

Casual Game → Rooms: The Unsolvable Puzzle

Puzzle Games

Rooms: The Unsolvable Puzzle
1 980 1 4.3

Unique puzzle game in a fantastical mansion of legendary toymaker! Challenge yourself to solve a series of diabolical puzzles!

Casual Game → Natalie Brooks – The Treasures of the Lost Kingdom

Hidden Object

Natalie Brooks – The Treasures of the Lost Kingdom
3 271 4.4

Free! Famous teenage detective Natalie Brooks is back in an all-new adventure that will thrill players of the original and win new fans! This time through, the plot is more thrilling, the gameplay more exciting and the puzzles more challenging. In addition, the quest is nearly twice as long and includes several exhilarating mini-games.

Casual Game → 1001 Nights: The Adventures of Sindbad

Hidden Object

1001 Nights: The Adventures of Sindbad
1 713 1 4

Free! Become the legend in this new hidden object adventure! Help Princess Chalida locate the seven gems of her royal crown and break the curse that has trapped her in a body of wood. Features dozens of clever riddles and eight challenging mini-games!