Doodle Mafia
Over 500 puzzles to solve and items to create as you play the role of Crime Boss or Cop. You decide how you want to play as you play through multiple hard-nosed storylines and play modes.
Solitaire Mystery: Four Seasons
Time has stopped in the City of Magic Cards. This curse is a punishment imposed by wise Mother Nature for the greed and avarice
Solitaire Mystery: Stolen Power
1 080
The oldest and most powerful deck of cards in the world has been stolen from the Museum of Ancient History. These mysterious
Shopping Clutter 4: A Perfect Thanksgiving
Help the Walker family find in the clutter everything they need to prepare their living room for a perfect Thanksgiving Day!
Doodle Devil
3 006
Discover the seven deadly sins and watch as the world crumbles at your fingertips as you create thousands of dastardly deeds. Combine fire, earth, wind & air to create demons, beasts, zombies... and much more. Being bad has never been so much fun!
Shopping Clutter 6: Love Is In The Air
1 032
The Walkers — a well-known animal family that loves to travel, solve mosaics puzzles and de-clutter things in shops — are now preparing for a double holiday: wedding anniversary and the Valentine’s day!
Travel Mosaics 9: Mysterious Prague
“Travel Mosaics 9: Mysterious Prague” is perfect for intrepid armchair travelers who like challenges and want to enjoy their
Travel Mosaics 11: Christmas Sleigh Ride
“Travel Mosaics 11: Christmas Sleigh Ride” is an amazing brain-jogging adventure for anyone ready to bring on the spirit of
Shopping Clutter 5: Christmas Poetree
The Walkers — the animal family of travellers well-known to all the fans of “Travel Mosaics” series — are preparing for Christmas. This year, they put up a magnificent, large tree. But to decorate it turned out to be not as easy as the Walkers thought, so they have to do a lot and clean up the
Travel Mosaics 8: Breathtaking Seoul
1 027
“Travel Mosaics 8 Breathtaking Seoul” is perfect for intrepid armchair travelers who like challenges and want to enjoy their leisure time. Improve your knowledge of Seoul as you play this colorful, brain-jogging puzzler!
Shopping Clutter 3: Blooming Tale
1 034
After moving to Animalville Auntie Sheep noticed there were not enough blooming flowers and plants hanging from the balconies of the apartment buildings, and so she decided to change it for the better and open up a flower shop. But decorating turned out to be not as easy as she thought, so her
Travel Mosaics 10: Spooky Halloween
“Travel Mosaics 10 Spooky Halloween” is perfect for intrepid armchair travelers who like challenges and want to enjoy their leisure time. Celebrate Halloween while travelling the spookiest places in the world with the Walker family, completing nonograms, and having fun!
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