Travel Mosaics 6: Christmas Around the World
1 795
Celebrate Christmas while travelling around the world with the Walker family, completing nonograms, and having fun!
Travel Mosaics 5: Waltzing Vienna
1 645
“Travel Mosaics” is an absolutely brilliant edutainment game series for all ages! This time, join the Walker family on their
Travel Mosaics 4: Adventures in Rio
1 533
“Travel Mosaics 4 Adventures in Rio” is perfect for intrepid armchair travelers who like challenges and want to enjoy their
Shopping Clutter: The Best Playground
1 367
The Walker family is back with an all new puzzle adventure game. You know the Walkers from the Travel Mosaic series. This time, they are looking to create a perfect playground where children of all ages and their parents can spend quality time together. As it turns out, this will not be an easy
1 344
SpellKeeper is a unique logic game filled with dozens of mind-challenging puzzles. Take on the role of the Chosen One and save butterflies trapped in magic cocoons. Enjoy lovely hand-drawn graphics and relaxing music in a surreal atmosphere.
Mosaic: Game of Gods II
1 810
Enter a world of magic and wonder to save the Goddess of Creation from the grip of Darkness. With stunningly beautiful art, 150 puzzles, and a heartwarming story of love and redemption, Mosaic: Game of Gods 2 will captivate you for hours on end!
Cat on a Diet
1 299
A cat can only eat so many cookies... right? Let’s put it to the test. While the owner is asleep, help our clueless pussy cat,
1 274
A large and bright game that includes multiple levels of various complexity. Fill the empty cells with figures along the edges
Legendary Slide
1 464
Clear away the tiles, solve unique Mahjong puzzles and collect gems to restore ancient temple of Air. Continue your journey through the Legendary world!
1 510
Dive into the magical world of underwater Mahjong and discover new challenges! Test your skills again and again on more than 100 levels. Customize your tiles and backgrounds. Take a load off with the game's relaxing music and meditative gameplay.
1 315
A large and bright game that includes multiple levels of various complexity. Pass the multiple levels of the game, control the green character using special green zones. The character can fly from one green zone to another. Your goal is to destroy all the robots. Hit the robot to destroy it. If a
Travel Mosaics 3: Tokyo Animated
1 689
The latest Travel Mosaics is here! Experience this beautiful and brilliant edutainment game for all ages. Join the Walker animal family during their sight-seeing tour through the most famous Tokyo attractions. Complete colorful nonogram puzzles and learn a lot of curious facts while answering
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