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Time Management Game → The Happy Hereafter

Time Management

The Happy Hereafter
3 803 3.6

Welcome to The Happy Hereafter, a casual sim in which you guide the newly dead as they build an afterlife for themselves and their fellow lost souls. There will be no rest for the wickedly funny as you put them to work building a village to rival Paradise!

Time Management Game → Outta This Kingdom

Time Management

Outta This Kingdom
14 356 4

Outta This Kingdom combines awesome time management fun with a kicking fantasy twist to create casual gameplay the whole family will love! Rebuild a kingdom warring factions tore apart as you defeat Land Elementals, outwit an Ice Queen and go toe-to-toe with Gingerbread Barbarians!

Time Management Game → Among the Heavens

Time Management

Among the Heavens
3 828 3.5

Discover Among the Heavens and enjoy an amazing time management adventure! Meet Cid and Markus, two old friends who decide to bring an old tavern back to life. Help them satisfy their customers by serving delicious potions.

Time Management Game → Viking Heroes 4

Time Management

Viking Heroes 4. Collector's Edition
570 4.5

Join the Viking heroes and gods in a race against time to save the world from eternal darkness. As the sun and moon falter and Fenrir, the giant wolf, threatens to consume them, the Vikings must travel across realms to forge a new and magical chain that can capture him. So, another adventure begins!

Time Management Game → Burger Fiesta

Time Management

Burger Fiesta
260 3.7

Wanna become chef? It's easy! In “Burger Fiesta” you'll become a real chef at a snack bar! Fulfill orders accurately and quickly, get bonuses and awards! Conquer new cities, squeeze competitors and upgrade your bar! The game modes will allow you both to check your speed of reaction and accuracy as well as to enjoy the slower logic game.

Time Management Game → Virtual Farm

Time Management

Virtual Farm
3 773 3.6

Free! Turn a struggling farm into a booming success! With tons of upgrades to earn, plenty of customers to satisfy and easy-to-handle point-and-click fun, Virtual Farmer will have your entire family shoutin' YEE HAW!

Time Management Game → Robin Hood 4: Spring of Life

Time Management

Robin Hood 4: Spring of Life. Collector's Edition
1 288 2 3.6

Take Robin Hood to new heights of infamy as you steal from rich, give to the poor and make the sheriff of Nottingham sorry he ever took the job! As you overcome obstacles, gather resources and rebuild ravaged villages, you'll turn the pages of a fun and adventurous story packed with twists, turns and laughter!

Time Management Game → Youda Safari

Time Management

Youda Safari
2 960 3.5

Free! Give eager safari tourists a vacation they'll never forget! Choose the best photos, find rare animals and upgrade your parks with new vehicles, bigger facilities and better restaurants. Then provide your guests with the best tour possible!

Time Management Game → New Yankee 12: Karma Tales

Time Management

New Yankee 12: Karma Tales. Collector's Edition
2 875 1 3.3

King Arthur has another assignment of incredible importance for the brave and powerful duo that is John and Mary. A normally-steady stream of silk, spices, curiosities and resources has dried up and it’s down to John, Mary and friends to find out why! What has happened to the raja usually responsible for the shipping of these goods? Is he in danger or is there another reason for his disappearance?

Time Management Game → Youda Farmer 3: Seasons

Time Management

Youda Farmer 3: Seasons
12 907 4.4

Free! In Youda Farmer 3: Seasons, the big boss is gone and your farm is faring well. Then, during a stormy winter night, disaster strikes and reduces your farm to rubble. Once again, you face the challenging task of rebuilding your homestead.

Time Management Game → Youda Farmer 2: Save the Village

Time Management

Youda Farmer 2: Save the Village
1 535 3.1

Free! When Big Boss all but destroys your hometown, it's up to you to save the day! Earn and invest money wisely as you rebuild your farm. Collect wood and stone, prepare new dishes for your clients, and receive big rewards for making the best combos!

Time Management Game → Rescue Team 14: Magnetic Storm

Time Management

Rescue Team 14: Magnetic Storm. Collector's Edition
685 1 4.4

In Rescue Team: Magnetic Storm, you find your world in danger once again, but this time by unprecedented natural disasters caused by intense solar activity. As you navigate through a city in chaos, you'll act as the guiding hand for a team of rescue workers tasked with restoring order and helping the people in need.