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Time Management Game → Farm Frenzy Refreshed

Time Management

Farm Frenzy Refreshed + Collector's Edition
6 546 24 4.3

Slip into a pair of overalls and give us your best “Yee haw!” Enjoy all the thrills of running your own animal farm without dealing with any of the spills — or unpleasant smells! From sunup to sundown, Farm Frenzy is crazy, captivating fun!

Time Management Game → Magic Farm 3: The Ice Danger

Time Management

Magic Farm 3: The Ice Danger
5 290 4.3

Magic Farm 3: Ice Danger is a farming simulator game, with a simple-RPG system and quests. Take care of your farms and customize them as you see fit. Explore the magic world, solve quests, meet people and trade for the rare goods.

Time Management Game → Summer Rush

Time Management

Summer Rush
1 084 3.9

You are a FBI agent and will be working undercover. It will be your job as an owner of the beach. Your goal is to do everything to catch a criminal. You are awaited by interesting tasks, colourful levels and mini games.

Time Management Game → Claire's Cruisin' Café

Time Management

Claire's Cruisin' Café. Collector's Edition
4 813 13 4.5

Set off on a cross-country journey to feed the famished masses from your gourmet food truck! Packed with lively characters and addictive gameplay, Claire's Cruisin' Cafe will satisfying your craving for fun even as it leaves you hungry for more!

Time Management Game → Rescue Team: Planet Savers

Time Management

Rescue Team: Planet Savers. Collector's Edition
3 640 6 4.4

When global warming unleashes a rash of natural disasters, the Rescue Team swoops in to save the victims! With a few easy clicks, the player races against the clock to deploy helicopters to hilltops to rescue stranded tourists, send rescue dogs into churning waters to save people from drowning, and dispatch firemen to hose down burning buildings and debris.

Time Management Game → Fables of the Kingdom 3

Time Management

Fables of the Kingdom 3. Collector's Edition
2 448 2 4.4

It’s a new age for heroes as the very balance of nature is under threat! An urgent messaging from our friends in the elven lands tells of a terrible crystalline force that ascends from deep within the earth to drain power from the Tree of Life.

Time Management Game → New Yankee 9: The Evil Spellbook

Time Management

New Yankee 9: The Evil Spellbook. Collector's Edition
4 035 8 4.4

Travel back to the days of King Arthur to defeat an evil spell book with plans to claim Camelot as its own! As you race to remove towering obstacles, gather abundant resources and restore razed villages, each step will bring you closer to victory!

Time Management Game → Baking Bustle

Time Management

Baking Bustle. Collector's Edition
2 769 9 4.4

Join Ashley and Scott as they tackle the culinary challenge of their lives in restaurants that serve everything from scrumptious pancakes and gourmet burgers to tasty tacos and succulent soups! You'll have to hustle to keep this power team on its toes as it races around the kitchen to feed famished customers before they become impatient and leave.

Time Management Game → Argonauts Agency: Missing Daughter

Time Management

Argonauts Agency: Missing Daughter. Collector's Edition
2 321 2 4.2

The morning at the Argonauts Agency showed no signs of being special. Then suddenly, Pelias burst through the door and begged for shelter from enraged villagers. They accused him of ruining the harvest and causing a drought. Jason and Medea decided to get to grips with the situation, and set off to get answers from Demeter, the goddess of the harvest.

Time Management Game → Hermes 3: Sibyls' Prophecy

Time Management

Hermes 3: Sibyls' Prophecy. Collector's Edition
1 778 6 4.4

Fight to save to the gods as they battle to retain their immortality! Filled with bizarre and fanciful creatures of legend, Hermes: Sibyls' Prophecy is an epic adventure and a perfect escape for the young and the ageless alike.

Time Management Game → Robin Hood: Winds of Freedom

Time Management

Robin Hood: Winds of Freedom. Collector's Edition
1 757 2 4.4

Help Robin Hood and his merry men rescue King Richard from a cunning kidnapper! With its cast of timeless characters, rollicking story of heroism and addictive gameplay, Robin Hood: Winds of Freedom can turn hours of idle time into a quest for fun!

Time Management Game → Rescue Team: Danger from Outer Space

Time Management

Rescue Team: Danger from Outer Space. Collector's Edition
4 327 13 4.1

Stop an alien threat from wreaking untold devastation on Earth! After a meteor strikes Florida and releases strange spores, weird plants begin to grow and destroy entire cities! Only the Rescue Team has the skills to deal with this menace from outer space!