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Pirate Chronicles. Collector's Edition

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Here you can download the game “Pirate Chronicles” on your PC without registration and for free. To download the official version of the game on the computer is very simple, you can do this by clicking the button Download Game. You can get the key to the game “Pirate Chronicles” after starting the game by clicking the button Remove the time limit.

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Developer: Nordcurrent
Publisher: Nordcurrent
Edition: Collector's
Release Year:
Publication Date:
Languages: English, Русский
Genre: Time Management Games

Pirate Chronicles is an addictive time-management game for brave adventure lovers full of treasure, gunpowder and even romance.

Captain! We've heard you can't live without the thrill of adventure? If so, Pirate Chronicles is the right game for you. Ready yourself to raise the Jolly Rodger and sail the Seven Seas this addictive time-management game! Find fortune, glory and last, but not least — true love. Meet new friends and fight vile foes on your journey. Build ships, gather trophies, load cannons and resist the Kraken. Confront the evil pirates of the notorious Black Armada, defeat its commander Edmund Rich and save your beloved from his clutches. Test your time management skills in more than 40 outstanding levels and 4 challenging mini-games.

Are you brave enough to accept this challenge and rescue your beloved?

  • 40 exciting levels in 4 diverse locations
  • New click-management gameplay
  • Many treasures and unique pirate artifacts to find
  • 12 new exiting levels to beat!
  • Only here, in Collector's Edition, you can find 5 gorgeous wallpapers for your desktop!
OS: Windows 7 or later
Processor: 1.5 GHz processor
Memory: 2 Gb RAM
Graphics: GPU with at least 512 Mb of VRAM
Directx: Version 9.0 or later
Storage: 500 Mb available space
Interface Language: English
File Size: ~86 Mb

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#5 Roger Гости
Dynamic game with really cute graphics. An interesting way to play the pirates theme. Enjoyable for the fans of pirates world!
#4 Kyle Гости
Great game but if the full game was for free it would be even better.
#3 Rose Sabina Hunte Гости
I would enjoy seeing more games such as this one.
#2 Hicks Гости
It would be nice if I could play full version for free ... the graphics are great, pirate chronicles is a pretty cool game
#1 Kim Malone Гости
Love this game so much, enjoyed playing every level and the challenges. When's the next one being released?