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Zarya-1: Mystery on the Moon

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Here you can download the game “Zarya-1: Mystery on the Moon” on your PC without registration and for free. To download the official version of the game on the computer is very simple, you can do this by clicking the button Download Game. You can get the key to the game “Zarya-1: Mystery on the Moon” after starting the game by clicking the button Remove the time limit.

Zarya-1 is an interactive thriller set on the dark side of the Moon. Monitor a team of specialists that have been sent to investigate a strange signal, and let your decisions shape the events that will unfold. Can you dig out the truth?

We always thought that we were alone in the universe. But when in 2021 a signal is received from the dark side of the Moon, everything we accepted as norm is put under question. Lead a team of four hand-picked United Nations specialists as they unravel the deep, black secrets of the first decades of human space exploration.

Zarya-1: Mystery on the Moon is an interactive fiction (IF) game that takes place on the far side of the Moon. You are tasked with supervising a team of four specialists in an effort to locate and explore the source of a mysterious signal. Your decisions will matter — but the consequences aren't always clear, and sometimes disaster will happen. Every choice you make will give you a slightly different perspective on the events that will unfold — and with it, another grain of the truth. Will you be able to piece together the whole story?

And even when everything ends — will you be sure you know exactly what happened?

  • A mix of atmospheric sci-fi and horror
  • Communicate with the astronauts in real time
  • Influence the story, making your own choices
  • Multiple endings that all help tell the story
  • Rewind time if the mission ends in disaster
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#5 Jason Гости 14 May 2020, 19:51
Best horror game ever! 5 stars!
#4 Dryeet Гости 24 March 2020, 01:39
I absolutely enjoy this game! I agree with a earlier reviewer that it has a Dead Space / Alien feel. I'm a huge fan of both! The amazingly written dialog paired with visuals, and music keeps everything creepy and compelling. I think the team working on this game obviously deserves recognition for all their passion and hard work. All in all, very good game.
#3 Mike Гости 17 December 2019, 02:23
Game is great, it makes you think about the decisions you made before, and it's interesting on each new path you find
Grazed Death
#2 Grazed Death Гости 15 December 2019, 17:42
It is a unique take on a text based adventure. Adding pictures, a good reason for text only, and a team of well bonded members, adds an air of realism that greatly improves immersion.they also clearly did their research as everything makes in a logical way. This was done by a team of passionate, intelligent people. Definitely worth playing.
#1 mia Гости 13 November 2019, 01:47
The game is interesting, it's a pity there are not enough levels. It would be nice if they did a sequel.

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