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Developer: Cheerdealers
Publisher: Alawar Premium
Edition: Standard
Release Date:
Publication Date:
Languages: English, Русский
Genre: Strategy Games

Strange and frightening events occur at a distant Arctic station where regular scientific experiments on observing weather and natural phenomena are performed. Something or someone drives people crazy, and some scientists disappear into thin air, as though they were absorbed by unknown and unseen force. A helicopter with a rescue team, sent to save Arctic explorers, loses control and crashes as a result of a mysterious accident. There are only 2 survivors out of the whole team, and it is up to them to find out with your help what is going on!

You will control only two characters (survived team members). You have 15 characters to choose from, each of them has their own characteristics and features. The mission outcome will largely depend on your choice of two characters out of 15 members. At the very beginning, there will be only three people available for you, but, as you progress, the choice will increase. Combine different options to collect the optimal set of characteristics and survive in the bitter cold!

From the first minute after their unsuccessful landing your characters will start freezing, getting tired and feeling hungry. Besides, they can get hurt, get sick or experience unpleasant feelings in the proximity of abnormal objects. All these factors influence the behavior of your characters, so you have to carefully monitor their characteristics and notifications on the screen. In addition, do not forget about the simplest ways to save lives, for example, to wear a jacket and to close windows to keep warm!

Do not be upset if the mission fails: Arctic cold weather, meagre resources, mysterious anomalies — this is just a short list of reasons that can end the life of game characters. The good news is that each new mission will not be the same as the previous one, because all levels are created randomly on the fly, so with every new attempt you get a new chance for success. Choose another characters, try different tactics, find other ways to stay alive — there are no people at this Arctic station, and it means that everything is in your hands!

Distrust is an icy insanity!

  • Help the survivors escape the abandoned base. Strike a balance between exhaustion and falling into a sleep from which the explorers may never awake
  • Be aware of how each character is perceiving reality. Swap between survivors to observe, compare and analyze
  • Decide what's real, even as you understand you can no longer trust your senses. Remember: what you see is no longer what you get

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#16 Witiko Гости
Distrust ist ein wirklich großartig gemachtes Sci-Fi Survival-/ Roguelike Game. Die Story erinnert sehr an die, wie in der Beschreibung angegebene, Vorlage von John Carpenter's "The Thing". Aufgabe ist es ein bis zu dreiköpfiges Forscherteam durch insgesamt 6 Zonen einer Polarwissenschaftsstation zu bringen. Dabei ist nicht nur die Kälte euer größter Feind, sondern auch eure Ausdauer, euer Hunger und die Werkzeuge die ihr während eurer Reise findet. Zum einen müsst ihr die Werte eurer Wissenschaftler im Auge behalten, zum anderen müsst ihr in jeder Zone zusehen, dass ihr soviel nützlichen Kram wie möglich findet, da ihr ansonsten sehr schnell Probleme bekommen werdet. Auf dem hohem der zwei Schwierigkeitsgrade ist das schon echt knackig schwer. Macht dementsprechend aber auch verdammt viel Spaß. Von mir eine klare Kaufempfehlung!
#15 Sundowner Гости
This is a neat little recipe: a chunk of rogue-lite, a bit of strategy, some survival and crafting, and lots of vibes from The Thing and also HP Lovecraft. You start with a pair of characters in a third person view and must advance across six levels while gathering resources and surviving.

It sounds like a great premise and the game looks good and performs well. But even on the lighter "adventure" mode I found it too tedious to play, at least in single player mode. The game looks like it was really meant to be played in multiplayer co-op mode. You have limited time to cover each level and to maximize efficiency you have to be able to split the characters up and search multiple locations simultaneously. It's just too much busy work for a single player to do this. In co-op it might be great, but some of the reviews from others that have tried it are not promising.

So unfortunately, I quit after a couple hours. Nice try, but frantically jumping around the screen is something I quit doing after playing all those RTS games in the 90s. And digging for inventory and crafting items has been done in less cumbersome and more fun contexts in other games.
#14 eoal Гости
I really want to like this game. The concept is really good, and the availability of different survival items is reasonably well balanced - yes, a bad run can easily leave you without the items you need to survive past the forth (out of six sections), but in general, it's just the right side of encouraging you to be careful with your resources without being frustrating. So that core gamplay is pretty solid.

However, there are many ways in which game seems to lack polish. Puzzles are randomized, which I like, but it feels like a huge missed opportunity not to have at least a little randomization in the story itself. Sleep triggers the monsters, but what if something else did, and you didn't know at the start of each gameplay what it would be? But no, the monsters and notes you see in each section are set, so once you've seen them once, you know exactly what to expect on the next playthrough. With the exception of a few puzzles, there is no point in reading notes a second time. In addition, there's not a lot of flexibility in the way that you play. Once you've figured out the optimal play style, you pretty much just do that robotically, with perhaps some small adjustments depending on the characters you choose. Taken together, this severely limits the replayability of a game which is meant to be played several times. However, the *fatal* thing for me are the occasional game-breaking bugs, like a building suddenly failing to be warm even though it was warm before and the furnance is lit, or a character who is dead magically being resurrected but not fully functional (a sort of in-game zombie). Bugs push this game over the challenging threshold into not being fun anymore. I got some enjoyment out of this at first, but I can't recommend it.
#13 Jan Гости
A very bad designed survival game. Graphics are good, but there isn't better to say. Its main drawback is frecuency of needs, is very short. Characters can do very few actions after each time they sleep or eat, and too soon requires more food and rest again. There are many rooms to visit, but are quite similar, full of empty forniture, with resources illogically scarce ( in a base with at least two dozens of people barely has food supplies, and althougth has a lot of forniture, books or papers barely are few materials to burn... ). Food is specially really hard to find, and actually gameplay turns in a fight against starvation and fatige, player spend more efforts searching meals, beds or something to heal sicks and injuries than searching for other things or do any other activities more suggestive or just funny. As explore is frustrant by the dull scenaries with poor, stingy and random rewards, and investigate is uninteresting because plot remembers too much the "The Thing" films, and neither have combat action actually, game degenerates in boredom.
#12 GasuGaz Гости
This game has potential and is like the movie "The Thing", set in the cold winter ice labs, the helicopter crashes (unknown reason) and you crash at an abandoned base (unknown reason). Of course aliens appear (when you sleep) and trying to find food and resources (randomly generated) to keep people alive (party of 2 minimum, can increase to 3) is nearly impossible. I played this on the difficult level and killed my 1st player to save resources for the 2nd player, this worked up to level 5 (six levels in all) by which point my man died of a cold (no first aid kit, lol) for some reason you need first aid kits to cure colds. I was enjoying this game but the idea of running out of stuff to burn when you can't burn junk or books in the furnace (just wood, coal and rotten wood) this game gets silly. At one point I had two saws and an axe and your not allowed to dismantle a wooden shelf or a wooden desk for wood, but you can dismantle wooden small crates?
Game doesn't make sense and objects are random, started well then went down hill.
#11 Coma Гости
Distrust gra o pomocy która przyszła za późno.

Jesteśmy ekipą ratunkową która dostała wezwanie o pomoc z placówki badawczej. Jednak w próbie dotarcia do bazy coś się stało że nasz helikopter spadł i została nas dwójka. Nasz cel pozostaje ten sam dowiedzieć się co się stało poprzez eksplorację stacji badawczej.

Gra jest gatunkiem połączenia survival/zarządzaniem zasobów i strategii na początku rozgrywki. Poziom trudności jest normal/easy i hard/normal gdzie normal/easy pozwala wprowadzić gracza do gry to nie pozwala mu zdobywać zbytnio postaci a normal/hard to jest dla zdobywania wszystkich postaci. Wybieramy 2 osoby które przetrwały wypadek, a każda z nich posiada sprzęt lub umiejętności które pozwolą na przetrwanie pierwszych których mamy odblokowanych to jest kobieta która może przez długi czas nie jeść nic, eksperta od rozpalania pieców startującego z paliwem oraz człowiek który może przetrwać na zimnie. Wraz z wybraniem ekipy zaczynamy rozgrywkę przy rozbitym helikopterze i zaczynamy szukać zapasów które są w bazie od węgla, kanistrów z benzyną, grubszych kurtek, narzędzi, jedzenia, po medykamenty lub broń palną która jest rzadkością.Każde przeszukanie może doprowadzić do skaleczenia naszego członka załogi a to do wykrwawienia jeżeli nie zabandażujemy. Podczas rozgrywki może się pojawią się 2 typy eventów, pierwszy doprowadzi do rzutu monetą która powie czy dostaniemy pozytywny efekt lub negatywny, drugi że jeden z naszych ocaleńców dostanie negatywną rzecz która może działać wizualnie: czarno-białą szata kolorów, dźwiękowe-dźwięk telewizora który czeka na włączenie kasety wideo oraz inne.Każda postać ma 3 rzeczy które musimy zadbać sytość/na jedzenie, ciepło oraz staminę/sen. Sen pozwala naszym towarzyszom zregenerować się oraz pozbyć się wszystkich złych efektów wymienionych powyżej.Przeciwnicy są i [ocenzurowane ze względów na powiązania z fabułą i możliwości spoilerów ich działania]. Przedmioty i część urządzeń będzie się psuła i będziemy je musieli naprawić przy stacji naprawczej lub własnoręcznie.

Muzyka mroczna tajemnicza a wiatr nam dogrywa sprawiając że czujemy że gdzieś niedaleko może czaić się coś.

Jest odpowiednią

Wado/zaletą jest ekwipunek towarzyszy który jest globalny na przykład jeden jest w budynku i ugotuje jedzenie to druga osoba po przeciwnej stronie bazy może go zjeść.
Część rzeczy które robimy będzie się powtarzać

Nie znalazłem podczas 4 godzin rozgrywki

Gra jest cenowo okay i jak ktoś chcę taniej kupić to śmiało

Komu mogę polecić grę?
Fanom gier survival, osobą które lubią próbować kilkanaście razy przejść grę, strategom i osobą które lubią klimaty beznadziejności.
#10 grimby Гости
You look at the title, screenshots, description, and think it'll be like "The Thing", right? Wrong, it's nowhere close to being similar; there, I just saved you $7.
#9 Asbestbrezel Гости
Ein absolut wunderbares Spiel. Das ist ein Spiel mit einem hohem Spaß und sucht Potential, Ich glaube ich habe schon sehr lange kein Spiel 3x hintereinander durch gespielt, und nach etlichen Fehlschlägen noch genug Ehrgeiz gehabt um dran zu bleiben. Also die Entwickler wissen wie man fesselt. Dieses Spiel setzt in einer wunderbaren Atmosphäre auf das Motto "In der Kürze liegt die Würze" und das ist eindeutig gelungen.

Man muss als Forscher mit seinem 2-3 Personen Team 5 Zonen überleben, durch das sammeln von Resourcen, leichten Rätseln, und Reperaturen um in Zone 6 das Spiel zu beenden.
Ist halt ein Survival Strategie Spiel, Ihr könnt mit jedem Spieldurchgang weitere Forscher freischalten (12 Stück), einige haben besondere Eigenschaften, die eure Chancen auf einen Erfolg bis Zone 6 erhöhen.

Aber vorsicht, gewöhnt euch nicht an die Maps, denn diese sehen sich zwar oft ähnlich sind aber immer im Wandel und anders, auch muss man immer seine schritte überlegen zwecks Resourcen verwendung, denn diese sind mehr als knapp bemessen, und fehler werden absolut nein, nie, nie, nicht, verziehen. (Ist absichtlich so geschrieben evt erkennt ja wer die anspielung)

Eines noch Der Schlaf ist euer größter Feind, und kann euch unter Umständen töten, so richtig fängt es erst an wenn ihr in einer Zone paar mal schlafen musstest.

Fazit: Absolute Empfehlung.
#8 Pseudo Гости
A real time strategy game where you manage a small team of arctic explorers who are investigating an arctic base beset by weird anomalies. You have to manage your team's warmth, stamina, and satiety as they try to work their way through the base to figure out what's going on and maybe put a stop to it. You scavenge for food and keep furnaces and generators running, and try to find a way to sleep safely (though sleeping is what attracts the dangerous alien creatures to you.) I found myself stymied by some of the anomalies you run into later in the game, but the foundation of a solid game is here. It's mainly about managing resources, the most important of which is time. Try to keep your explorers always doing something because they're always getting hungrier, colder, and more tired and the more you have to address those needs the more the anomalies threaten you. Good luck.
#7 Kool Гости
Only took me 40 minutes into the game after playing the tutorial to know that this was going to be a boring game! You point and click to move and swap between 2 characters (up to 3) and move from building to building until you reach the exit. The point of moving from building to building is to search them for supplies (food, meds, clothing for warmth and fuel). You need to manage each characters 3 stats (warmth, hunger and stamina) to survive and reach the exit that will start the next series of buildings that need to be searched.