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Here you can download the game “Antisquad” on your PC without registration and for free. To download the official version of the game on the computer is very simple, you can do this by clicking the button Download Game. You can get the key to the game “Antisquad” after starting the game by clicking the button Remove the time limit.

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Developer: InsGames
Edition: Standard
Release Year:
Publication Date:
Languages: English, Русский
Genre: Strategy Games

A squad of retired military and adventurers is getting into a dangerous scrape on assignment of Drug Enforcement Agency. They have to block the channels of processing and delivery of a new synthetic drug to the country. These channels are run by the all-powerful drug-lord surrounded and guarded by a horde of thugs.

Each member of the team has specific skills and a favorite weapon. Scout Rose prefers submachine guns and is able to effectively use the means of chemical attack to neutralize the enemy. Sniper Cactus was born with a rifle in his hands and can be accelerated for a quick change of position. Storm-trooper Teddy, the team leader, gets on well with a machine rifle and is able to bring a lot of trouble to the enemy with one knife. Machine gunner Sunny can’t be stopped by a crowd of enemies, especially if he has time to tuck himself up. Bomb-thrower Backet does not part with his grenade launcher, and he hides many unpleasant surprises for the enemy in his pockets.

All participants of this almost legitimate squad differ from each other in health status, physical training, protection capabilities and other individual characteristics. You can change them during a few minutes of rest, investing funds, earned during the missions, in ammunition, physical training and equipment. You have to control the actions of team members in turn if you want to achieve your goal, keeping within the allotted percentage of unavoidable losses. Always remember the tactics and individual abilities of each fighter — this can save not only their lives, but the outcome of the whole operation!

An unusual, dynamic strategy, full of really tough tests, will be to the taste of those who above all value their own contribution to the success, because the final of the mission will always depend only on you. You have to shoot, blow up, save hostages, run away from the enemy and catch up with their retreating forces. Authentic city slums and natural landscapes will better convey the aspects of work of the “soldiers of fortune”, and a beautifully selected soundtrack will turn the game into a real blockbuster!

Antisquad try to escape death!

  • Step-by-step tactics — everything is in your hands, lead the way!
  • 3D lush art — it will pleasantly surprise you
  • A breathtaking plot — you will have something to remember and tell about
  • Charismatic characters — you cannot pass by without paying attention
  • Specialization and development of fighters — choose your own path
  • A large selection of equipment and weapons — for any taste
  • An intriguing system of tests and achievements — it won’t be easy
  • Atmospheric music — it won’t leave you indifferent

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#2 SparkyGSX Гости
Seems fun at first, but soon you get heavily armored enemies with bazillion health that can walk half way across the map in a single turn (example: enemy has 160 health, you have 50, enemy deals 120 damage, you deal 50, enemy can move 8 cells per turn, you can move 3, enemy has 2 armor so your first two attacks deal no damage, you get none). Once you fail a mission once or twice, you've lost your healthpacks and money, which makes it impossible to buy new to try again, while the prices also steadily increases every time. The upgrades are insanely expensive for very small improvements and get you nowhere near the stats of your enemies. I don't mind games being hard, but being PERMANENTLY PUNISHED for failing a mission IS NOT FUN. This being a mobile game by origin, I strongly suspect they deliberately make it extremely frustrating to play without paying extra for in-game currency.
#1 kschang77 Гости
Antisquad looks to be a very good tactical combat game, but upon play, the art style is a bit off-putting. The challenge is constantly dealing with spawning enemies (and on some levels they spawn indefinitely), plus some levels require a very specific merc that if you brought the wrong team you are toast. It's just... too painful to play when there are better tactical fighters out there.
Antisquad details the series of missions when a few ex-military men decided to start their own mercenary force and invited others to join, and they are taking on various forces, from military dictators to drug cartel bosses. The tactical system is simple: every turn, you have some movement points you can spend to move or perform one of your actions, like special or shoot. And every merc has a different special move, like tossing armor-busting chems to spray down the area with chaingun. From planting landmines to rally troops for extra armor. The trick obviously is to not die while destroying all the enemies.
The game runs fine until you end up facing the campaign boss... who's so grossly overpowered it's a joke. He is on a jeep, with a mounted HMG that can kill anyone in the open. Every other turn, he shoots a rocket instead. And he has +4 armor, which means he can take FOUR shots without incurring damage (unless they are armor-piercing) (Your guys can only have max 2 armor) And he has like quadruple the hitpoints of everybody else. When he got hurt, he started to toss out 5 landmines every turn. AND he gets more spawned goons every turn.
After trying to kil that boss two dozen times, I decided enough is enough.