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Here you can download the game “Varenje” on your PC without registration and for free. To download the official version of the game on the computer is very simple, you can do this by clicking the button Download Game. You can get the key to the game “Varenje” after starting the game by clicking the button Remove the time limit.

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Edition: Standard
Publication Date:
Genre: Puzzle Games

During a summer cottage getaway, the curiosity got the best of our hero — he had to try a mysterious berry that was growing by the stream! It was no ordinary treat: before he knew it, everything in the world around him became incredibly large as he shrunk to the size of a bug!

In attempts to figure out what just happened and how to return things back to normal, our hero begins his journey through the hidden world, which is invisible to the human eye. On his adventure he will meet beetles, worms and spiders, and get to see the secret life of tiny creatures.

New friends will help the hero find a special healing potion, that will bring him back to the human world. The quest won’t be easy though: in order to make our hero human-sized again we will need to gather enough raspberries to cook the Grandmother’s Jam. As we all know, it’s the remedy for all ills!

  • Dive into the new type of adventure
  • Eight unique hand crafted chapters
  • Outlandish puzzles and quests
  • Hours and hours of gameplay

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#24 CheeseCurdihara Гости
Great point and click game. Some mini games are not super intuitive but with a bit of clicking around you get through it. The overall story line is a little odd but the game part was pretty fun! Enjoyed my time playing it.
#23 -a- Гости
A cute puzzle combined with hidden object game. A nice relaxing game, you can get hint if you need them but you need to solve a mini puzzle to do so.
#22 anna Гости
A fun little game. I would describe it as an easy and relaxing point and click adventure. Easy interface, good enough graphics, good enough sound. With a bit of logic, every puzzle can be solved.
#21 graphixela Гости
If you love My Brother Rabbit and The Tiny Bang Story, you'll love this hidden object game. A few puzzles are pretty vague, but the game can automatically solve them for you if you get stuck. There's a lot of random raspberries in the game for some reason. There's also a hint system that you need to unlock via a fun puzzle consisting of, you guessed it, raspberries.
There's a story too, which is just bizarre. It didn't seem to make sense or go with the game. You can skip it, though. Play the game for the puzzles, not the story.
#20 BeancakeBeetle Гости
This game is utter poo. Sure it is a cute game and all, but this point and click game is heavily flawed, but I guess it is what you get for a free (1 hour) of the game. The hint system is creative, but rarely helps you, making a bonk noise when it can't help you, the game locks you if you don't click the thing during the cutscene, and frankly, the story is trash anyway.
#19 giv Гости
I liked the game because it didn't tell you how to play but gave you enough pieces to figure it out. Will have to buy the game since the free demo was so enjoyable.
#18 Hrolf Гости
Huh? Played the demo and enjoyed the cute atmosphere, object find and puzzles, so I bought the full game. It's not as easy as you think, so it gives a decent challenge. There's not much instruction, so it's mostly trial by error to figure out what you're supposed to do. The 'story' however, took a bit of a turn for the crazy. Like what's up with the floating moose head and cut scene with a murderer in a straight jacket - seems like an odd shift. Still fun.
#17 KrudlerTH Гости
A simple hidden object game with little mini-puzzles.
You'll see objects all over the place that you think you can pick up, but they don't become available to pickup until you complete the previous puzzles. It was actually good this way because you weren't overwhelmed with a huge inventory, and the game kept you focused on the mini-puzzle at hand. By mini-puzzle I mean searching for the right objects, then once you have them you "use" them on another object which progresses the "story".
There's a simple little mini-game that gives you hints when you're confused on what to do next. Sometimes I needed to do this because I couldn't find certain object that were tiny. Another time you have to find wires, but there's TONS of them in the background art so you get pretty confused clicking all over the place.
I'd buy the full version of this game. It was relaxing. Might even be a good game to play with my GF while we chill in bed. One person could play and the other could look for objects. Thanks for the trial game. I liked it quite a bit.
#16 MagicalRP Гости
Bizarre and creative game, which is right up my alley. Strangely addicting. There are no directions for the puzzles, so it took a little extra thought, which I didn’t mind. I liked the background music too.
#15 gwen Гости
Varenje is a colorful point-and-click games that is extremely fun to play. The first 5-10 minutes you'll need to understand how to play (there is a short tutorial and nothing else) but if you pick up the rules the rest comes easily. Reccomended to point-and-click lovers, casual gamers, and people who want something to play with their kids