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Casual Game → Shopping Clutter 13: Mr. Claus on Vacation

Puzzle Games

Shopping Clutter 13: Mr. Claus on Vacation
665 2.5

The Walkers were decorating their Christmas tree without a care in the world, when a phone call broke the peace. On the other end, they heard the anxious voice of Dasher. The reindeer was nearly hysterical as he tried to explain the situation.

Casual Game → Christmasjong

Mahjong Games

813 3.4

Feel the atmosphere of Christmas with Christmasjong. Customize everything you need to: the background, set, color and shape of tiles.

Casual Game → 12 Labours of Hercules XI: Painted Adventure

Time Management

12 Labours of Hercules XI: Painted Adventure. Collector's Edition
1 419 1 4.4

Join Hercules and Emma on their amazing quest through Ancient Greece. Meet gods and heroes, reach Olympus and prepare for the athletic competition, escape from the jail and save kidnapped Megara, defeat the wicked king Eurystheus and find the way back to Emma’s time. Everything is possible when you paint your adventure by yourself!

Casual Game → Hiddenverse: Rise of Ariadna

Hidden Object

Hiddenverse: Rise of Ariadna
635 3.3

You work as a regulator, the one responsible for keeping various worlds from falling into chaos. Explore colorful fictional worlds and play more than 100 challenging levels!

Casual Game → Baking Bustle 2: Ashley's Dream

Time Management

Baking Bustle 2: Ashley's Dream. Collector's Edition
1 093 2 4.2

Grow a single restaurant into a chain of popular eateries that span the world of food! There are no boundaries to the culinary wonders you can create and no limits to how far you can expand your empire!

Casual Game → Daydream Mosaics: Juliette's Tale

Puzzle Games

Daydream Mosaics: Juliette's Tale
591 2.9

Explore the twin worlds and help Juliette restore the balance between them. Use intuition and logic to solve the 120 nonogram levels and build 3 gorgeous sanctuaries. Meet an exciting cast of characters and find out their stories.

Casual Game → DragonScales 7: A Heart of Dark Flames

Match 3 Games

DragonScales 7: A Heart of Dark Flames
473 2.4

Darkness lies hidden in some hearts, a darkness that only awaits the propitious opportunity to reveal itself and devour everything. Brace yourself for a heroic adventure full of epic challenges, use your wits to defeat cunning enemies over a series of tricky match-3 levels.

Casual Game → A Tale for Anna

Hidden Object

A Tale for Anna. Collector's Edition
1 175 6 4.3

“A Tale for Anna” is a beautifully designed hidden objects game, which will send you into a mysterious magical world. You will go on an unforgettable journey searching for magical items, unraveling mysteries and creating magical spells.

Casual Game → Faircroft's Antiques: Treasures of Treffenburg

Hidden Object

Faircroft's Antiques: Treasures of Treffenburg. Collector's Edition
1 830 1 4.3

Join Antiquities expert Mia Faircroft as she uncovers the secrets of the Treffenburg Crown Jewels in this exciting Hidden Object game.

Casual Game → Daydream Mosaics

Puzzle Games

Daydream Mosaics
514 3

Daydream Mosaics invites you to build your own magical haven full of tranquil sanctuaries. Solve logic based nonograms and unlock gorgeous wallpapers along the way!

Casual Game → Shopping Clutter 9: Perfect Wedding

Puzzle Games

Shopping Clutter 9: Perfect Wedding
650 3.4

“Shopping Clutter 9: Perfect Wedding” includes 140 “clutter” puzzles where the player has to find the necessary objects in the mess. In addition, the patient and attentive players will get the access to 20 additional levels of different puzzles.

Casual Game → Legendary Mosaics 3: Eagle Owl Saves the World

Puzzle Games

Legendary Mosaics 3: Eagle Owl Saves the World
568 3.6

The Dwarf was going to spend another happy day in Enchanted Forest when near his mine appeared a strange bird. It was Eagle Owl Alchemist who brought with him some disturbing news. The Great and Terrible Cat fell into a kind of trap, and what is more, the whole Forest is in grave danger!