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Casual Game → 12 Labours of Hercules Ⅴ: Kids of Hellas

Time Management

12 Labours of Hercules Ⅴ: Kids of Hellas. Collector's Edition
2 530 1 3.9

Together with Hercules, save the kids kidnapped by god Ares, who is gathering an army to conquer the whole world. Can you craft your way through countless obstacles and save the kids in the fifth series of 12 Labors of Hercules?

Casual Game → The Curse of Montezuma

Match 3 Games

The Curse of Montezuma
11 390 3.5

Free! Make an amazing match-three journey to find the legendary Fountain of Youth and stop the spread of a deadly virus! It’s up to you to save millions of life. You are to match thousands of stones and get all glittering gems. Thanks to stunning artwork and captivating gameplay you will plunge into the depths of a forgotten jungle. The Curse of Montezuma is an exciting experience for the whole family!

Casual Game → The Treasures of Montezuma

Match 3 Games

The Treasures of Montezuma
16 540 4.4

Free! Step into the shoes of the intrepid Dr. Emily Jones as she scours the mountains of Mexico for the fabled treasures of Montezuma! Challenging new gameplay and awesome visuals set the stage for this dazzling color-matching adventure.

Casual Game → Shopping Clutter 15: Around the Campfire

Puzzle Games

Shopping Clutter 15: Around the Campfire
319 4.1

Spring in Animalville is amazing! Nature revives and blossoms; and no one wants to stay at home when the weather is so nice and warm. Especially the Walkers! So they decided to go camping! The perfect place to make a camp is already found but the family needs a lot of things to set it up.

Casual Game → Diamond Drop 2

Match 3 Games

Diamond Drop 2
28 396 4.5

Free! Gary the Mole faces the challenges of a diamond miner. He has to collect falling gems and toss them back up, to pave his road to success and into the heart of sweet Angela, his secret love. Colorful 3D Graphics and a compelling love story make this game stand out from the crowd!

Casual Game → Action Ball 2

Arcanoid Games

Action Ball 2
15 198 2 3.4

Free! The all-new Action Ball 2 is a no-holds barred arcade game that blends the hottest brick-busting action you've ever seen with the thrilling battles of space shooters. As you use one of four selectable paddles to hit one or more balls toward eye-dazzling arrays of destructible objects, you'll also have to battle four new robots that are out to foil your efforts.

Casual Game → Welcome to Primrose Lake 3

Time Management

Welcome to Primrose Lake 3
360 3.4

Explore Primrose Lake's lovely town and see if you can solve its mysteries. Will Rebecca discover the buried treasure? Jenny, will she follow her heart? What are the plans of those lurking in the shadows? Discover more in Welcome to Primrose Lake 3!

Casual Game → Clear It 8

Match 3 Games

Clear It 8
350 3.9

ClearIt 8 is the ultimate bubble shooter! There is a picture made of balls at the center of the field. At the field edges – up, down, right and left – are located the balls to shoot with. Fire balls of matching colors and clear the field!

Casual Game → Amelie's Cafe

Time Management

Amelie's Cafe
7 088 4.2

Free! Amelie's grandfather has taken a long-deserved vacation, and he left her in charge of his historic cafe. But the old site has fallen into disrepair, and it's up to Amelie to bring it back to its former glory. Get ready for a large serving of excitement in this zany Time Management game that will leave you hungry for more! Help Amelie take charge of her granddad's faltering business. Serve everything from solo burger orders to complex combo platters, then set up your powerup bar

Casual Game → Bengal: Game of Gods

Match 3 Games

Bengal: Game of Gods
12 839 1 4.6

Free! Travel across the Indian continent with a tiger in this exciting puzzle adventure. The friendly large cat will throw the balls wherever you point, so aim carefully. Group together three or more balls of the same color to make them disappear from the chain. Creative powerups will help you navigate each of the levels, which get more challenging as you progress.

Casual Game → Travel Mosaics 16: Glorious Budapest

Puzzle Games

Travel Mosaics 16: Glorious Budapest
397 4.3

The Walkers invite you on a tour along the historic streets of Budapest! Enjoy breathtaking views of the Danube River while exploring the city’s majestic architecture. This animal family will be your guide as you solve puzzles and learn fun facts about the area’s most famous landmarks!

Casual Game → Sprill: Aqua Adventures

Match 3 Games

Sprill: Aqua Adventures
15 859 4.4

Free! Strap into your mini-sub and dive in to a marble-popping adventure! Sprill challenges you to match colored marbles as they roll through underwater tubes. Earn powerful upgrades that can clear the screen in a spectacular display of visual effects. Do well, and you'll earn the ability to use your assistant, a cute tropical fish that can eliminate marbles with lightning strikes and more. Starring charming new characters, Sprill is sure to delight your entire family!