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Casual Game → Farm Frenzy: Viking Heroes

Time Management

Farm Frenzy: Viking Heroes
3 232 1 4

Drop your axe and pick up your plow because there's farming to be done! Take the role of an 8th century Viking who'd rather run a farm than raid and pillage foreign lands. You'll work up a sweat as you raise ye olde animals, produce ye olde goods, and beat ye olde clock during tons of challenging Time Management levels. Packed with more thrills than a horn of honey beer, Farm Frenzy: Viking Heroes offers a fresh experience that will delight longtime fans and newcomers alike!

Casual Game → Amelie's Café: Summer Time

Time Management

Amelie's Café: Summer Time
7 942 3.9

Free! As Amelie headed for the tropics, she had three things on her mind: sun-drenched days, carefree nights and opening the best beachfront café Paradise had ever seen! Help Amelie turn a ramshackle hut into the classiest joint on the island as she caters to a variety of guests, keeps her cooks busy and racks up big money on more than 50 fast-paced levels

Casual Game → Hyperballoid 2: Time Rider

Arcanoid Games

Hyperballoid 2: Time Rider
3 646 3.8

Free! Hyperballoid 2: Time Rider is more than a sequel to one of the best old school Breakout games around, it's also a new high for the genre that pushes the boundaries of visuals, gameplay and user customization. If you want a Breakout game with superb high resolution graphics, outrageous new powerups and silky smooth controls, you've got it.

Casual Game → Farm Frenzy: Ancient Rome

Time Management

Farm Frenzy: Ancient Rome
4 168 4.4

A long time ago, a courageous young woman named Scarlett farmed her land in an effort to feed her country's soldiers and ensure the return of her beloved from the battlefield. Join her as she races to grow crops, raise animals and produce essential goods before time runs out. Be her guiding hand as she sends her products to market on a galley, dispatch her chariot to fetch the supplies she needs, and protect her farm against barbarian bears in Farm Frenzy: Ancient Rome!

Casual Game → Holly 2 – Magic Land

Hidden Object

Holly 2 – Magic Land
21 224 3.1

Free! Holly is back for an all-new hidden object quest! Look for more than 3,500 items, solve a variety of seek-and-find challenges and play several thrilling mini-games. Help reunite Holly with her daughter today!

Casual Game → Heroes of Hellas 2: Olympia

Match 3 Games

Heroes of Hellas 2: Olympia
1 362 4.2

A mix of addictive match-three gameplay and city building fun, Heroes of Hellas 2 challenges you to drag your mouse across chains of identical items to remove obstacles, activate bonus items and collect valuable objects.

Casual Game → Sprill and Ritchie – Adventures in Time

Hidden Object

Sprill and Ritchie – Adventures in Time
8 280 4.3

Free! Sprill and Ritchie are back in an all-new, time-tripping adventure that will tickle your funny bone as much as it teases your brain! Features fun mini-games, animated characters and challenging hidden object gameplay!

Casual Game → The Treasures of Montezuma 2

Match 3 Games

The Treasures of Montezuma 2
2 714 4.4

Return to the jungle in The Treasures of Montezuma 2, an all-new match-three game with more levels, more challenges and more fun! Features a redesigned Adventure Mode, a Puzzle Mode with 40 levels and an unlockable Endless Mode!

Casual Game → Farm Frenzy — Pizza Party!

Time Management

Farm Frenzy — Pizza Party!
2 386 1 4.4

Pizza lovers unite! It's time to return to the farm to create your favorite food. From China to Germany and from Italy to New York City, your mouth-watering creations will be enjoyed around the world!

Casual Game → Eternal Journey: New Atlantis

Hidden Object

Eternal Journey: New Atlantis. Collector's Edition
2 226 3.8

Travel from the deepest trenches of the Atlantic Ocean to the awe-inspiring wonders of Mars as you solve the greatest archeological puzzle known to man: the origin of Atlantis. Don’t miss a moment of this extraordinary adventure!

Casual Game → Viking Brothers

Time Management

Viking Brothers
1 766 1 4.1

Join two brothers as they set off across a battle-scarred kingdom to drive off savages, restore their land, and search for the magic items that will breathe new life into their once magnificent realm.

Casual Game → Darkness and Flame: Born of Fire

Hidden Object

Darkness and Flame: Born of Fire. Collector's Edition
3 582 2 4.4

An unusual find changes the life of a young girl forever. From that moment on, Alice is part of the eternal battle between Darkness and Flame. She will have to withstand numerous trials, avoid imminent danger, and solve dozens of puzzles!