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Casual Game → Kensho

Puzzle Games

1 431 10 4.4

Begin your journey through a surreal world where nature, time and space intertwine. Mysterious things happen in a ruined room. Doors inside that room lead to different worlds and beautiful landscapes...

Casual Game → Lost Grimoires 3: the Forgotten Well

Hidden Object

Lost Grimoires 3: the Forgotten Well
1 157 3 4.3

King Raphael returns victorious from the expedition against the army of the mysterious Elf Sylvanheir. While king's subjects are preparing for his triumphant arrival, his sister — startled by his strange letters from during the war — suspects that Raphael has been cursed and that a real war is about to begin.

Casual Game → Lost Grimoires 2: Shard of Mystery

Hidden Object

Lost Grimoires 2: Shard of Mystery
907 6 4.4

When Prince Fern goes missing just days before his coronation, only one person in the king's court can find him. Step in the shoes of the teacher, spy and advisor of House Griff and embark on a dangerous adventure to find the heir and save him from the clutches of dark magic!

Casual Game → Next Stop 2

Strategy Games

Next Stop 2
4 741 3.9

Next Stop 2 is your ticket to the railroad business! Margaret has once again borrowed money from the bank, and meeting her obligations will take some seriously clever resource management work. Can you help Margaret and company fix up the railroads, collect resources and build a city? Find out in Next Stop 2!

Casual Game → Quadrium 2

Puzzle Games

Quadrium 2
1 046 4.4

Quadrium is back with a new and exciting mash-up of marble popper and match 3 challenges! Discover new bonuses and antibonuses and develop new strategies. Use mines to clear the field with explosive chain reactions and encounter fun boss battles that pit you against exciting challengers. Are you a fan of difficult puzzles? Select Challenge Mode at any time and put your skills to the test!

Casual Game → Legacy: Witch Island 2

Hidden Object

Legacy: Witch Island 2
1 466 1 4.3

You are back on the mystery island and it’s clear your previous adventure wasn’t a dream. The island really exists, and the witch has regained her power. Use your knowledge and wits to break her hold on the island. Your path lays through dazzling island locations — a mystery forest, mountain, cave and lake. On your adventure, free bewitched islanders. You are going to discover the mystery of an ancient prophecy and figure out what made Peter betray you last time.

Casual Game → Paris Jewelry Shop

Match 3 Games

Paris Jewelry Shop
1 079 4.2

Audrey decided to buy an old jewelry shop. Let’s help her to renovate it. Paris Jewelry Shop is a Match 3 adventure filled with beauty and romantic potential.

Casual Game → City of Fools

Hidden Object

City of Fools
2 543 1 4.1

An UFO lands in a country town of Tundel. The local Mayor is huffing and puffing to withold the fact. You are a journalist who is to investigate and smoke the Mayor out…

Casual Game → Next Stop 3

Strategy Games

Next Stop 3
2 948 1 4.2

The eccentric Margaret is once again shocking all of her friends! She got approved for huge loans and started out to complete the most exciting of quests along with her shocked team. Fifty levels and a variety of quests aimed to restore the dilapidated railway and decrepit infrastructure await us.

Casual Game → Trito's Adventure

Match 3 Games

Trito's Adventure
1 501 1 4.4

Help Trito, son of Poseidon, to save his family and the entire underwater kingdom from the intrigues of sly Sea Witch. Wicked sorceress has charmed the Sea God, broke his trident and scattered its fragments across the ocean!

Casual Game → The Great Empire: Relic Of Egypt

Time Management

The Great Empire: Relic Of Egypt
2 855 8 4.3

Stop a fuming pharaoh from ravaging an island paradise and send his mummified army scrambling for safety as you rebuild and defend your land. Fulfill your destiny and claim the victory that is yours as the leader of the great empire!

Casual Game → Darkheart: Flight of the Harpies

Hidden Object

Darkheart: Flight of the Harpies. Collector's Edition
1 508 4.2

The legend spoke of an evil magician possessed the secret of eternal life by stealing the souls of several villagers. No mortal soul could stand against but there was a prophesy: One day, someone brave enough, would challenge the evil presence. The mage sent his Harpies to seize a fresh supply of souls. This time they took your parents! Only you can save them and defeat the dark mage.