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Time Management Game → Incredible Dracula 8: Ocean's Call

Time Management

Incredible Dracula 8: Ocean's Call
2 884 5 4.4

A giant creature of unknown origin has broken free of its icy prison and sparked chaos around the world! Join Dracula as he embarks on an extraordinary quest unlike any he has experienced!

Time Management Game → Zooworld: Odyssey

Time Management

Zooworld: Odyssey. Collector's Edition
1 922 1 4.4

Try yourself in zoo management! Kerry owns a network of zoos around the world, and your job is to help her develop her zoo empire while providing first-class customer service. Use the money you earn to hire staff, upgrade your zoo equipment and teach Kerry new skills!

Time Management Game → RugTales

Time Management

RugTales. Collector's Edition
2 153 16 4.3

Meet the funny carpet people and join two eager miniature heroes on a break-neck Click-Management mission!

Time Management Game → Hermes 2: War of the Gods

Time Management

Hermes 2: War of the Gods. Collector's Edition
2 477 5 4.4

As an evil force rises to shatter Earth, you must stand firm or the world will fall. Answer the call of Zeus and begin the adventure today. Help the mischievous god Hermes to save the people of Greece and Olympics!

Time Management Game → Argonauts Agency: Chair of Hephaestus

Time Management

Argonauts Agency: Chair of Hephaestus. Collector's Edition
2 214 1 4.3

Morningtime in the Argonauts Agency passed by like any other. But suddenly, a courier burst in and demanded the team go at once to famous artifact collector Pelias' manor. When they arrive, they see Pelias is in trouble. Someone secretly delivered a chair to his house, and when Pelias sat down for a rest, shackles burst out and chained him down. How is the team ever going to free him!

Time Management Game → Moai VII: Mystery Coast

Time Management

Moai VII: Mystery Coast
5 805 5 4.5

Hika-Ri is strong and brave and Kao-Ri is skilled in magic, but neither of them were prepared for what happened the day bandits landed on their uncharted shores. Guide Hika-Ri as he embarks on an epic adventure to save his sister from an unknown fate!

Time Management Game → Argonauts Agency: Golden Fleece

Time Management

Argonauts Agency: Golden Fleece. Collector's Edition
2 979 1 4.4

Jason, the head of the Argonauts Agency, has been contacted by an ancient artifact collector. It turns out that just this morning the Golden Fleece was stolen from his storeroom and his niece is missing as well! Without wasting any time, the Argonauts Agency is on the case.

Time Management Game → Golden Rails: Tales of the Wild West

Time Management

Golden Rails: Tales of the Wild West
2 680 4 4.5

Tame the Wild West as you build a railroad from coast to coast! All you have to do to earn your stars is think ahead and beat the clock! Download Golden Rails: Tales of the Wild West for free and make history as the king of the tracks!

Time Management Game → Incredible Dracula: Witches' Curse

Time Management

Incredible Dracula: Witches' Curse
2 015 3 4.4

Stop three witches from ending all magic in their quest for eternal youth! Dracula has his undead hands full in this all-new adventure that pits him against a truculent trio of aging witches who will stop at nothing to restore their youth. There's more at stake than their smooth skin and full-bodied hair; if the old hags succeed, they will have emptied the world of magic forever!

Time Management Game → 12 Labours of Hercules VIII: How I Met Megara

Time Management

12 Labours of Hercules VIII: How I Met Megara. Collector's Edition
2 011 3 4.1

Do you want to learn how Hercules looked like in his youth? How did he earn Megara's love and become a hero? What was his very first adventure? Play “12 Labours of Hercules: How I Met Megara”! On this way there are waiting for you mummies and minotaurs, Egyptian Pyramids and the ruined town of Thebes, glass labyrinth on the island of Crete and… lots of cats!

Time Management Game → Viking Brothers 6

Time Management

Viking Brothers 6. Collector's Edition
4 858 4 4

Enter the realm of gods and legends to guide the Viking brothers through worlds both steaming hot and icy cold to discover the cause of a mysterious illness that's befallen the Tree of Life!

Time Management Game → Rescue Team: Evil Genius

Time Management

Rescue Team: Evil Genius. Collector's Edition
6 577 22 4.2

Stop a mad scientist who's replicating the most destructive forces in nature! The Rescue Team has its hands full as it braves volcanoes, earthquakes, blizzards and more to save the people, animals and homes that lie in the path of utter devastation!