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The Promised Land

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Here you can download the game “The Promised Land” on your PC without registration and for free. To download the official version of the game on the computer is very simple, you can do this by clicking the button Download Game. You can get the key to the game “The Promised Land” after starting the game by clicking the button Remove the time limit.

Developer: Boolat Games
Publisher: Alawar Entertainment
Edition: Standard
Release Date:
Publication Date:
Languages: English, Русский
Genre: Time Management Games

Become a true leader, a chosen one, a father of nation! Who says it would be easy?!

An untamed land of plenty lies before you, but the path to glory lies within you in The Promised Land, a casual strategy game for the adventurous at heart. Take charge of a small group of settlers and build a thriving colony that rivals the splendor of the Old World. Gather resources, erect buildings and establish trade as you explore a vast wilderness teeming with surprises!

Over the course of an epic quest to find the Spring of Eternal Happiness, you will befriend natives, battle pirates and increase the skills of your colonists. In the open world of The Promised Land, every mission, upgrade and trade is yours to choose. No matter how you play, you will be treated to vibrant graphics, extraordinary character animation and over 24 hours of intensely rewarding gameplay. Tame the New World before it tames you in The Promised Land!

We collected all the best that is in games of this genre, arched by exciting mini-games and carefully turned it into the deep and breathtaking adventure!

What is ahead for you in The Promised Land?

  • Complete freedom of play
  • More than 24 hours of gameplay
  • Up to 50 player-controlled characters
  • Huge, untamed world to explore
  • Step-by-step tutorial

Checked: no viruses!

OS: Windows XP or later
Processor: 1.5 GHz processor
Memory: 2 Gb RAM
Graphics: GPU with at least 512 Mb of VRAM
DirectX: Version 9.0 or later
Storage: 650 Mb available space
Interface Language: English
File Size: ~166 Mb
Standard Edition

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#10 whiteswart Гости
Casual town-building game from Alawar studio. Good cartoon visuals, mild music and relaxed gameplay. There's zero challenge for hardcore gamers. You just gather resources, build new facilities to be able to gather and produce some more resources, to be able to build more facilities... until you finally climb the mountain and open the ancient temple with the well of eternal happiness inside. Some mini-games on the way. Happy end! I repeat, there is no real challenge for any serious gaming time. Therefore, buy it for kids under the age of 10 or for somebody who is tired too much for anything with brain activity requirements.
#9 raysdustbin Гости
Cute cartoon style graphics and animations. Relaxing game, not frantic at all. Farm, build, trade and fight pirates. It is quite addictive, I found myself playing from breakfast to well past midnight. You can complete it in a few days if you wish but you can drop in and out any time you wish. Saving the game is automatic so you never lose your position. I've played it through three times now and I'm still looking forward to playing it again. If you like first person shoot 'em ups or mind bending puzzles then this is NOT for you but if you like to chill out then it's worth a lot more than you will pay for this enjoyable little game.
#8 EatMoreCheese Гости
A dull but functional casual game on rails. You need to manage your settlers to juggle production so that you can produce the next item on the list. Since you don't make many decisions (nearly everything needs to be done in a pre-determined order at a pre-set location), it's pretty easy and straightforward. Ultimately, if you want a strategy game that requires minimal thinking, this might be for you. I really enjoyed the little character animations and graphics. The game seems well balanced and delivers exactly what it promises, yet because of the lack of complexity, it feels very unrewarding. I'd give this game a "meh". It might be perfect for a certain audience, and it's addictive like most clicker games, but I wouldn't buy it again.
#7 Archaeen Гости
Ein recht simples Aufbau / Management Spiel. Man übernimmt die Kontrolle über eine Handvoll Siedler und baut nach und nach die Siedlung aus. Dazu schickt man die Siedler zum Sammeln von Nahrung, Holz, Steinen und einigen weiteren Rohstoffen aus. Einmal mit einer Aufgabe betraut führen die Einwohner diese solange aus, bis man ihnen eine Neue zuweist. Unterbrochen wird die Arbeit nur, wenn der Magen zu sehr knurrt oder ein Schwätzchen nötig ist, um die Motivation wiederherzustellen, danach wird aber sofort weitergearbeitet. Ein rotieren von Aufgaben ist aber immer wieder nötig, da es meistens zu wenige Siedler, aber zu viele Aufgaben gibt. Überschüssige Rohstoffe kann man verkaufen, mit dem Geld kann man neue Gebäude errichten, neue Siedler anheuern oder besondere Gegenstände erwerben, die für bestimmte Ausbauten oder Forschungen nötig sind. Aber Geld ist nicht Alles, auch Ruhm wird benötigt, den erhält man zum Beispiel fürs Absolvieren von Aufgaben. Aufgelockert wird das Aufbauen der Siedlung mit einem Minispiel, das an Angry Birds erinnert, nur dass es hier Piraten sind. Man muss sich keine Sorgen machen, dass irgendwas schief geht und man das Spiel verliert, man wird dann nur länger brauchen und es wird somit mehr Zeit kosten. Dies ist auch der Knackpunkt bei dem Spiel, man kann die Geschwindigkeit leider nicht erhöhen, so dass man viel Zeit mit Warten verbringen muss. Sofern man die Geduld mitbringt, ist das Spiel dennoch recht unterhaltsam und es macht Spaß der eigenen Siedlung beim Wachsen zuzusehen.
#6 games Гости
LOVE THIS GAME! Wish I could find another or others like it. You have customers from 2014 and here it is 2020 BEGGING for a sequel and yet you haven't made one yet. Let people go on the boat to a new island and start again!!! ANYTHING to continue... let us decide WHERE to build and get rid of that doggone pop up to move the colonists around. don't need it to move six inches!!! pain in the neck!!! so PLEASE get us a sequel... the graphics are amazing.
#5 Grenade Lawnchair Гости
On sale it's a fun, simple colony builder. It might be good to play with an older child to learn about management sims. It includes an Angry Birds style mini game which you need to win at to advance the story. There is a neat mini game for buying and arranging rooms in the houses to maximize occupancy. The placement of buildings is preset and some of the methods for getting things done is not explained well like how learning and teaching works at the school or what character class is best for what jobs. There are a few online resources you can search up though. You don't get warnings when resources are running out or when food production stops so you have to be watching for clues all the time. You can only produce one thing at a time at a factory, even if it has multiple workers, and they won't switch production automatically when supplies run out. There is a lot of micro management involved if you don't balance your resource extraction and industries properly. You may end up with hundreds of nails but no tool kits to use them with. It's not for the serious simulation buff but it's still fun.
#4 dawood Гости
A fun strategy adventure game. It is possible to finish in about 15 hours. In this game you manage a colony through research, gathering raw materials, creating finished products, feeding your colonist, trade with the old country, trading with the natives, and fighting pirates. There are a few mini-game puzzles to do along the way, such as a variant of angry birds with pirates and a puzzle game where you have to purchase rooms for your houses and puzzle them together to maximize space for your colonists. There is no pressure, because there aren't any real time limits on anything that matters in this game. It is just a relaxing way to spend some time solving puzzles and strategizing where to place your colonists to maximize resource acquisition. Thumbs up.
#3 ljoneshav Гости
I've played quite a few time management games, and this one is by far my favorite! I've played it dozens of times and never get tired of it. The story line is fun, and I enjoy the graphics. Many of the time management games are great entertainment, but the similarities of so many of them tends to make them boring after awhile. This game allows more opportunities for planning how to achieve your goals, and there are many ways to do it. The overall goal is to build a colony. You plan housing and jobs for your workers. There are a variety of jobs in the community, including farmers, workers, builders, craftsmen, and scientists. Putting people in jobs they like makes them more productive. You can also build a school and provide training for your colonists. The game provides some goals that are timed, and you get extra money for completing them within the timeframe. I really, really hope they do a sequel to this game!
#2 LH422 Гости
I was delighted to discover this game. This game is a bit different than other time management games. This game has several objectives. One has to earn enough money to bring new settlers to the colony. One has to assign workers to tasks to gain necessary resources. One also has to manage those workers to fulfill short-term orders for goods. Each worker has preferred tasks, and can learn and specialize so that they work faster. The gameplay is long, which is always a bonus. The only part I did not like was the Angry Birds-style pirate fights, that are required from time to time. If I wanted an arcade game I'd play an arcade game (or I'd play Angry Birds). Overall, though, this is a great game!
#1 Swizzle Гости
This game was absolutely awful. I was hoping for an interesting, albeit simplified, city(village) building sim. Unfortunately this game is extremely dull and provides the player with absolutely no control over anything. All the buildings have preset placements, and the only interaction between the player and the villagers is choosing which jobs they are assigned to. The trading function is a joke, and consists entirely of one ship from which the player can choose which of their supplies to sell and the option to buy new villagers, which is the only way to increase the population by the way, and a few 'special' items with the sole purpose of throttling the speed at which one finishes the game. The one mini-game provided is a pirate themed "Angry Pigs" type of game that would be more enjoyable if it had more than 12 levels and the cannon had more than just the basic cannonball type ammo. At the very end of the game, there is a "Move all the colored beads to the proper quadrant" type of puzzle. Fortunately it was skippable. The only positive thing about the entire game is that the graphics are decent. I especially enjoyed the graphics of the Pirate mini-game. I really regret buying this game.