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Rescue Team: Evil Genius. Collector's Edition

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Here you can download the game “Rescue Team: Evil Genius” on your PC without registration and for free. To download the official version of the game on the computer is very simple, you can do this by clicking the button Download Game. You can get the key to the game “Rescue Team: Evil Genius” after starting the game by clicking the button Remove the time limit.

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Developer: Alawar
Publisher: Alawar Entertainment
Edition: Collector's
Release Year:
Publication Date:
Languages: English, Русский
Genre: Time Management Games
Franchise: Rescue Team

The Rescue Team has been around for years, but the guys have not yet had to perform their duties in such difficult conditions!

In the ninth part of this game, the rescuers are up against a mad scientist and his inventions, which cause natural disasters. Tornadoes, sandstorms, earthquakes, heat wave, bone-chilling cold... The choice of acts of nature is wide and versatile, but the consequences of their severity are always just as terrible!

And now Ron, Pete and their colleagues have not only to save people and animals, but to chase a mysterious evil genius. A special agent from Emergency Response Unit Aidan Clark comes to the assistance of the rescue team, he provides help in words and deeds and completely blends in by the end of this dangerous mission.

The player will also have to remove obstacles, reconstruct buildings, put out fires and destroy all inventions of an evil genius which generate more and more obstacles or furious natural disasters. Download Rescue Team: Evil Genius today and join the greatest group of heroes to ever battle nature's fury!

In the Collector's Edition of this game you get an access to a bonus consisting of 20 new levels where the Rescue Team will have to confront malicious but ingenious Jack Ross again.

  • A fun and gripping story with the famous rescuers
  • 50 diverse Time-Management levels
  • Elaborate animations and a quick-to-learn tutorial
  • The most evil part of the successful Rescue Team series
OS: Windows XP or later
Processor: 1.5 GHz processor
Memory: 2 Gb RAM
Graphics: GPU with at least 512 Mb of VRAM
Directx: Version 9.0 or later
Storage: 700 Mb available space
Interface Language: English
File Size: ~484 Mb

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#22 CaptainTP Гости
This Rescue Team game, in all of it's versions over the years, has always been a favorite. And this latest one is such fun! It has three levels of difficulty which I appreciate. There are so many different kinds of catastrophes on each level that it makes the rescue scenes interesting. There is an evil guy who keeps making weather catastrophes and an inspector who searches for clues about the evil guy. It's fun helping people and fixing things and conquering the evil guy. What a great and fun game.
#21 Captainsam Гости
This Rescue Team is my favorite out of all the previous ones. Great story, great graphics, achievable goals. I didn't finish some of the previous Rescue Teams due to the fires being faster than me...this episode was more fun than all the others!
#20 FROGGY Гости
Jack Ross is a genius inventor, but at this year’s Annual Conference of Inventors, the board has decided to cut the funding of his latest project. “My latest invention will save the world,” he proclaimed as he was escorted out of the conference. Soon after, nature seemed to have declared war against us. Earthquakes, tornados, floods, fire and other disasters struck, one after the next. This can’t be right, and it needs to be investigated! The best agent and his colleagues are on the job in Rescue Team: Evil Genius!

Rescue Team: Evil Genius is a casual indie game developed by Platinum Games. The game consists of 50 levels and an additional bonus of 20 levels when you finish the game the main story.

At the start of each level, you’ll be given a small description of what is going on as part of the story. In the top right corner, you’ll have tasks to complete as fast as you can in order to finish the stage and earn yourself three golden stars. There are four tasks to complete per level, with some variation between each one. You might need to restore a communication tower, rescue animals and residents, put out fires, repair airports or train stations and something else entirely.

The countdown will start as soon as you order one of your workers to do something. They will be located in a big blue tent somewhere within the stage. You’ll usually start with 3 to 4 workers at your disposal, but you could end up with up to 7 seven in some levels. You see, some workers might also need to be rescued before joining the team, as an obstacle might be between them and your tent (headquarters) and as soon you clear the obstruction (trees, rocks, holes etc.) they will join your team. However, each time you give an order to one of your workers or vehicle operators (helicopter and boat) it will cost you a certain number of resources. It might be 30 foods and 30 planks to clear a hole on the road, for example, and if you use a helicopter or boat, you’ll need to have enough oil. Depending on the map, you may have hamburgers, planks, money, barrels of oil and bones on the side of roads to pick up and add to your resources, as long as you clear any of the obstacles between the objects and your workers. You’ll also have construction sites where you can build a hamburger joint, sawmill, gas station, apartment, kennel or pet store, but it will also cost you a certain quantity of wood to construct. You’ll see buildings to repair, such as hospitals, police stations and fire stations. If the level includes arresting marauders, you must restore the police station, for example. On some occasions, as soon as you repair the station a police officer will instantly be there, but in other circumstances you might need to clear obstacles from the road that links the station with the officer to be able to use him. It’s the same for the fire stations and hospitals. You can purchase important and unique items at the department store, but before you can buy any of items, it will need to be repaired.

There are strange machines to de-activate as well, and you will need the help of the agent Aidan Clarke in this instance. You can’t miss him; he is always hiding under a blue cover. What a hero (lol)! In any case, you’ll have to get to him, take the cover off, and yes, it will cost you resources and you’ll have to clear the paths between his hiding spot and the machines.

Blueprints will also be laid out on the side of the road and can be picked up to boost a few things for a while. It might be to increase the production of planks, foods, money and even make your workers run as fast as Speedy Gonzales - Arriba… Arriba - which is always good!

Try to complete a level before the time limit reaches the golden stars. That way, you’ll receive 3 stars, and you’ll be able to purchase all 12 upgrades quicker.

If you are like me and own a few (or all) games in this series, you’ll definitely like this one! The graphics are nice, and the soundtrack suits the game perfectly.

+ Nice graphics
+ 70 levels
+ Fun story and enjoyable game
+ In-game achievements

Defeat the Evil Genius and his devastating invention in 70 fun levels! Probably the best game of the series so far!
#19 EgoTempest Гости
In RT: Evil Genius you play as the rescue services after a mad professor has unleashed the forces of nature with a crazy machine. If you like these casual games then you gotta take a look at this title and if you don't then this title might be the one to change your mind. They have really packed in the features on this one, there are all sorts of tasks to complete and you play as a variety of different emergency services. There is also upgrades you can buy with the stars you earn for completing each level. As usual it's very well made and gave me the "just one more" itch while playing. At under well under $7 this is a great game to occupy a rainy afternoon.
#18 faeriepatch Гости
I have had no technical issues. Great game. Part of the Rescue Team series and one of the best. There is new and interesting game play and the music is epic. I have played the bonus levels several times just to listen. The plot lines of the previous games seem to have been lost in this one. I kinda miss that, but the new characters could develop their own stories. After the so-so effort of game 8, this game is not to be missed. Well done Devs. I recommend this game!
#17 Alanuz Гости
ottimo gestionale/punta e clicca/raccogli risorse/casual game, tutto incentrato su singole missioni di soccorso! costruisci e potenzia i tuoi edifici, raccogli risorse (cibo, legno, denaro, benzina, ossa).. utilizza aerei, funivie, treni, barche etc. per salvare le persone in pericolo, utilizza i veterinari x salvare animali selvatici e cuccioli intrappolati.. salva le persone in difficoltà o ke stanno x annegare con i cani di salvataggio..
poni fine a disastri ambientali.. doma incendi con l'aiuto dei pompieri.. arresta pericolosi criminali con l'aiuto della polizia..
smaschera i piani del malvagio scienziato con l'aiuto dei tuoi agenti segreti, e salva l'intera umanità..
grafica ottima e rinnovata rispetto ai predecessori della serie.. buon sonoro..
2 modalità di gioco e tanti extra.. ..
voto 8/10, consigliato ai fan della serie!
#16 auroraline Гости
I have a deep love for the Rescue Team series so I bought this as soon as I saw it. This was a great new game, although not as challenging as some of the original games. It is better than the last two games, though, in terms of challenge.
#15 Debby Гости
Rescue team game is awesome and perfect
#14 RobNshelia Гости
A good game however way too glitchy.
#13 H-K Гости
I love Rescue Team, played it non stop, which i never did with any another game.