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Rescue Team 15: Mineral of Miracles

Time Management

Rescue Team 15: Mineral of Miracles. Collector's Edition
480 2 4.1

The extraordinary discovery of a mineral named “Immortalite” has sent shockwaves across the globe. Now you are tasked with uncovering the secrets of this powerful mineral and ensuring it doesn't fall into the wrong hands.

Rescue Team 14: Magnetic Storm

Time Management

Rescue Team 14: Magnetic Storm. Collector's Edition
799 2 4.5

In Rescue Team: Magnetic Storm, you find your world in danger once again, but this time by unprecedented natural disasters caused by intense solar activity. As you navigate through a city in chaos, you'll act as the guiding hand for a team of rescue workers tasked with restoring order and helping the people in need.

Brave Deeds of Rescue Team

Time Management

Brave Deeds of Rescue Team. Collector's Edition
1 641 7 4.4

They're always ready to help. They're always at the heart of the action. They're daring, fearless and resourceful. They are the Rescue Team. Assemble a team of emergency response specialists and help people in trouble all over the world. With earthquakes, floods, industrial accidents and volcanic eruptions to deal with, there's plenty to keep you occupied!

Rescue Team 13: Heist of the Century

Time Management

Rescue Team 13: Heist of the Century. Collector's Edition
1 636 2 3.9

From Warhol to Van Gogh, priceless works of art are disappearing from galleries around the world! Even worse, devastating natural disasters are occurring in tandem with these heinous heists! Can you learn who's behind this calamitous crime spree?

Rescue Team 12: Power Eaters

Time Management

Rescue Team 12: Power Eaters. Collector's Edition
2 126 1 4.1

Embark on an electrifying adventure to save the world from a robotic menace! As the leader of the Rescue Team, you will guide your courageous crew as it attempts to shut down the Power Eaters before they turn Earth into a huge ball of lightning!

Rescue Team: Planet Savers

Time Management

Rescue Team: Planet Savers. Collector's Edition
3 749 6 4.4

When global warming unleashes a rash of natural disasters, the Rescue Team swoops in to save the victims! With a few easy clicks, the player races against the clock to deploy helicopters to hilltops to rescue stranded tourists, send rescue dogs into churning waters to save people from drowning, and dispatch firemen to hose down burning buildings and debris.

Rescue Team: Danger from Outer Space

Time Management

Rescue Team: Danger from Outer Space. Collector's Edition
4 413 13 4.1

Stop an alien threat from wreaking untold devastation on Earth! After a meteor strikes Florida and releases strange spores, weird plants begin to grow and destroy entire cities! Only the Rescue Team has the skills to deal with this menace from outer space!

Rescue Team: Evil Genius

Time Management

Rescue Team: Evil Genius. Collector's Edition
6 571 22 4.2

Stop a mad scientist who's replicating the most destructive forces in nature! The Rescue Team has its hands full as it braves volcanoes, earthquakes, blizzards and more to save the people, animals and homes that lie in the path of utter devastation!

Rescue Team 8

Time Management

Rescue Team 8. Collector's Edition
11 419 18 4.4

When a notorious poacher steals every animal off a reserve, FEMA calls in the Rescue Team to save the day! Lead the way to safety after disaster strikes as the Rescue Team faces dangers both natural and manmade!

Rescue Team 7

Time Management

Rescue Team 7. Collector's Edition
2 390 3 4.3

Mother Nature has met her match! When the Earth trembles, volcanoes rumble and thunder splits the sky, the Rescue Team is there to save the day. Guide this expert group of thrill-seekers, with a heart for helping people, as they dig through the rubble of one disastrous scene after another to save victims and rebuild towns. There is no calamity too big and no animal too small to keep the Rescue Team off the scene. Play Rescue Team 7 today and experience the adventure that waits on the other

Rescue Team 6

Time Management

Rescue Team 6. Collector's Edition
4 821 1 4.4

Guide the brave members of the Rescue Team as they save people in distress and rebuild a devastated infrastructure after earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions leave a once prosperous land in ruins!