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Here you can download the game “Beholder” on your PC without registration and for free. To download the official version of the game on the computer is very simple, you can do this by clicking the button Download Game. You can get the key to the game “Beholder” after starting the game by clicking the button Remove the time limit.

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Developer: Warm Lamp Games
Publisher: Alawar Entertainment
Edition: Standard
Release Date:
Publication Date:
Languages: English, Русский
Genre: Strategy Games

Carl Stein, a small cog in a huge and all-seeing state machine, got appointed to the post of a manager of an apartment building. Together with his family, he settles in an apartment given to them and takes up his duties: to settle the tenants, to collect residence fee from them, to repair breakdowns and to identify unreliable anti-state elements among these tenants.

That’s how this incredible story begins, and, depending on your actions, it can end at any time: you and your family can be killed, arrested, they can die because of lack of medicines or be destroyed for deliberate disobedience to the authorities. The world of Carl Stein is a permanent choice: to be honest or to be a traitor, to be an informer or a concealer, to support the revolution or fight it. Everything you do will affect the further story of the character and his family, and the end of this game depends only on you.

Upon an order of a government you will have to spy on tenants, to dig up dirt and write reports on them. You can take the initiative: to plant prohibited items on the tenants, to blackmail them or arrange secret searches. For each completed task you will be awarded by the state with money and reputation points, which you can use to purchase a new spy equipment. You will need money for more complicated tasks: depending on which course of conduct you have chosen for the character, you will need funds either for immigration, for bribes, or for maintaining the existing system.

A special feature of the game is a huge number of options for the development of events. Every action you’ve ever made influences the development of the plot, every decision of yours changes the world around you, every word can turn out to be fatal. Whom you will become at the end of the game depends on you, but remember that freedom of will in this world is punished in the most brutal way!

Beholder — the choice is yours...

  • In this gloomy totalitarian future all people’s lives belong to the State!
  • Your post is the manager of an apartment building!
  • Your job is to eavesdrop and peep!
  • Your duty is to report on unreliable citizens!
  • Will you stand the test of power?
  • And what if you have to choose between your debt and family?
  • Will you be able to report on a person who can save your loved ones?
  • All choices have consequences, so stay among those who could make the right choice!

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#11 Addams Гости
Loving the style and atmosphere of the game. Bleak and dystopian. you start thinking it's a simple point and click game but you do need to complete a lot of difficult tasks with good strategy and time management. The only problem I have with this game is how long it takes to figure out what you are supposed to do...once you get the hang of it you're all good to play! I'd give it an 4/5.
#10 ShiningBlack Гости
Beholder is a weird mixed game, with management, questing, and a lot of missunderstanding wtf is going on. Not gonna lie, it feels and plays like a polished game. You feel like it's good, but then most of the time you will spend wondering what are the consequences of what you're doing. The game never explain anything. It just tells you the bare minimum of what you can do, but never explain the actual mechanics. I couldn't get attached to this game, I gave it a 2 hour straight playthrough but I just didn't understand a thing, maybe I missed something maybe not. Either way this game wasn't for me.
#9 ofviolinstrings Гости
Are you the kind of person who stares out your window to inadvertently spy on your neighbors? Do you find yourself drawn to thin walls to listen to hushed conversations on the other side? Do you, too, hate Big Brother? Well then COME ON DOWN and become the worlds next NOSIEST LANDLORD. Honestly, this game is the most fun I've had in a long time, and billions of times better than it's second, Beholder 2.
#8 Timinator Гости
I am able to recommend this game but i can't call it a masterpiece. I really like the black and white artstyle but not the black and white decisions. Yes the government is evil and that's all. There is no reason in supporting the government. The pros; dystopian artstyle, glorious thoughtpolice work, good written tenants. The cons; you get stressed a lot, somewhat repetitive, pointless decisions.
#7 suriyothai Гости
A very intruiging and challeging game with a beutiful and sad story. With wonderful art and genreal aesthetic that feels unique. It let's you constantly make important decisions - will you go with your heart or your head? Are you empathic or self-gaining? These important decisions can drastically change your characters life and the life of the npcs. It's quite difficult to get the result you want and save the people you want (or yourself) so I would recommend to have patience.
#6 Cattaneo Гости
Beholder is as a game feels like a cousin to Papers Please, and since Papers Please is fantastic this game also comes with a lot of good qualities. In many ways it acts as a sort of foil to it though, as it shifts the focus from a quick glace at thousands of little stories into fewer closer looks into people's lives. Your job through the game is to collect information on people in your building for the government while trying to make enough money to keep your family fed and safe, and the apartment in working order. You spy and peak and prod while maintaining the facade of a friendly neighbor or trusted confidant while sending secrets back to headquarters. Slowly realizing that the world is moving beneath you and simply carrying on may not be an option forever, although unlike papers please your participation in this change is smaller, you're a low level cog in a machine so your abilities to cause change are narrow. The game has this wonderful loop where as you collect more dirty laundry on a person you want to cash it out less and less as their struggles become personal. Thus playing the game well ironically makes it harder to continue playing well and I think that's a mark of very good storytelling and gameplay intertwining. If you liked papers please but wanted to see what life may be life within the city, consider Beholder.
#5 Rust99 Гости
Big Brother, spying on tenants and report them to the ministry. Story line is very dark, the ministry in unforgiving, healthcare is cut throat expensive for a socialist country. The game tries very hard to kill off family members as they constantly need money (for healthcare/ school fees, etc). As money is very hard to come by early game. Despite its depressing setting, its quite enjoyable.
#4 Dawn Drake Гости
it is a great game doesn't get hard too quick love the variations in scenes i really enjoy and am challenged by it
#3 Alice Гости
What a great game. Everything about this game is perfect from the storyline to graphics. I'm so glad i found this gem it's already worth it.
#2 Chimchiminie Гости
This game gives you so much free will. I can’t recommend this game enough.